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Guess the occupation!. Christian Jessen - Doctor.

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1 Guess the occupation!

2 Christian Jessen - Doctor

3 Ellen Page – Hollywood Actor

4 Nick Grimshaw – Radio 1 DJ

5 Clare Balding – TV Presenter

6 Derren Brown - Magician

7 Lucy Spraggan – Singer/Songwriter

8 Gareth Thomas – ex International Rugby Player

9 Mary Portas – “Queen of Shops” Retail Consultant

10 What do these celebrities all have in common?

11 GAY Gay is when a person is attracted to other people of the same gender – men who are attracted to men and women who are attracted to women.

12 GAY “Gay” is not a good way to describe something as bad, broken, stupid, pathetic, pointless, annoying etc, etc.

13 17 May is International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) Let’s stop saying “gay” in a negative way!

14 LGBT Youth North West – for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people across Manchester and beyond

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