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© 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Pathway Program.

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1 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Pathway Program

2 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Welcome to the Pathway Fireside 2 Among you or your friends that have not gone to college, what do you think are the top three reasons for not going?

3 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho The Importance of Education 3 “For members of the Church, education is not merely a good idea—it’s a commandment.” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Ensign, October 2009.

4 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Activity Indicator No College Some College College Degree High religious commitment50%75%84% Current temple recommend46%67%85% Pay tithing66%80%91% Subscribe to all Church doctrines66%81%86% Positive outlook on life80%89%92% Importance of Education cont’d 2011 Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life National Survey 1 The Pew study concluded that this tendency toward faithfulness as education increases is not common among other religious groups, making education particularly relevant to Latter-day Saints. 1

5 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Laying the Foundation 5 “…we must also find ways for this college to serve young people whose needs are shaped by a great variety of cultures and situations, and who may not be able to come to this campus…we will find direct ways to move the blessings of education—the struggle for perfection—from this campus out into the lives of men and women everywhere.” President Henry B. Eyring, Inaugural Response, December 1971.

6 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Laying the Foundation 6 “…reaching out to bless the lives of tens of thousands of young Latter-day Saints throughout the world. We must learn to assist and bless institute students and other LDS youth in Rhode Island and Rome while effectively serving our students on campus in Rexburg.” President David A. Bednar, Inaugural Response, February 1998.

7 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Laying the Foundation 7 “…we will find new ways to use information technology to reach more students and to deepen the learning experience of those we touch. In a day not far from now, we will be able to break down the barriers of time and space and…create outstanding, interactive educational experiences. In these experiences students will teach one another in new and powerful ways.” President Kim B. Clark, Inaugural Response, October 2005.

8 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho What is Pathway? 8 BYU–Idaho and Seminaries & Institutes have partnered to provide access to a flexible, low- cost Church-based education. BYU–Idaho courses online Online Instructors Institute classes Weekly gathering Mission couple support

9 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Key Aspects of the Pathway Program 9 Gathering at the Institute or local meetinghouse Significantly reduced tuition costs Church missionaries Academic Start (low barriers of entry)

10 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho 10 Pathway Map ACCRA United StatesInternational PUEBLA 55 sites in the US & 10 International locations

11 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho 11 Pathway Locations Moses Lake (2012) Pasco (2011) Spokane (2011) Tacoma (2010) Brazil Sorocaba (2012) Ghana Accra (2011) Accra (2012) Mexico Merida (2012) Monterrey (2012) Mexico City (2011) Mexico City (2012) Oaxaca (2012) Puebla (2012) Peru Lima (2012) Alaska Anchorage (2011) Arizona Glendale (2010) Mesa (2010) Phoenix (20) Tucson (2010) California Chula Vista (2011) Gardena (2010) Glendora (2012) Huntington Beach (2011) Northridge (2011) Riverside (2011) San Diego – Grossmont (2011) San Diego – CYA (2011) San Marcos (2012) Santa Maria (2012) Victorville (2012) Colorado Colorado Springs (2012) Littleton (2012) Connecticut Hartford (2012) New Haven (2011) Idaho Boise (2010) Coeur d’Alene (2012) Idaho Falls (2012) Nampa (2009) Twin Falls (2012) Massachusetts Boston (2012) Cambridge (2012) Hingham (2011) Lowell (2012) New Hampshire Concord (2012) New Jersey Maplewood (2010) New York Manhattan (2009) Newburgh (2010) Illinois Chicago (2012) Schaumburg (2012) Oregon Gresham (2012) Ontario (2010) Portland (2012) Rhode Island Providence (2012) Texas Arlington (2012) Allen (2012) Denton (2012) Edinburgh (2012) Houston (2012) San Antonio (2012) Utah Sandy (2012) Washington Auburn (2011) Bellingham (2012) Cheney (2012)

12 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Pathway Program Student Profile 18 to 30 years old (30+ program in some locations) Has daily access to computer with high-speed internet Comfortable using computer programs including the internet Proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English* Strives to live by BYU-Idaho’s Honor Code Attends weekly gathering Married or single Member of the Church *Language proficiency assessment may be required for non-native English speakers. 12

13 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho How do the Online Classes Work? 13 Schedule Each course is approximately 14 weeks long and has a start and end date tied to BYU-Idaho’s calendar Highly Structured Several activities and assignments are due throughout the week—it is critical that you watch due dates and plan properly Online Instructors Facilitate online discussions and provide weekly feedback through the online learning platform as well as via email Time Commitment It is recommended that you dedicate around 15 hours per week working in the class

14 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Thursday Night Gathering 14 Typical Class Schedule: Institute class: 7 – 8:15 p.m. Weekly reading/writing assignments Pathway class: 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. Student-led discussions and structured group activities Participation is at the heart of the Pathway experience.

15 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Bachelor’s Degree Associate’s Degree The Pathway Program 15 Academic Start 1 st Semester (5 credits): GS 120 Pathway Life Skills Book of Mormon 2 nd Semester (5 credits): ENG 106 Basic Writing BYU-I Online Religion Course 3 rd Semester (5 credits): Math 100G Personal Finance Book of Mormon Certificate 1 st year 15 credit hours 60 credit hours 15 credit hours 120 credit hours Maintain “B” average during Academic Start Complete full application for online associate’s degree including ecclesiastical endorsement. Show Disciple Leadership qualities Advancement (matriculate) Academic Start 1 st year 15 credit hours

16 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Degree Options Bachelor Degrees: Business Management Web Design & Development University Studies Applied Management Health Care Administration Marriage & Family Studies Public Health Associate Degrees: Administrative Assistant Web Design & Development General Studies Medical Assisting Family History Research 16

17 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Academic Support 17 How Do I Get Help with Coursework? 1. Online instructor 2. Other students in your Pathway group 3. Other students in your online class 4. Tutor Sessions Pathway students can sign-up for FREE tutor sessions through BYU-Idaho’s website − Tutor sessions are available via or, or through email

18 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Pathway Missionaries Work with local leaders/Institute Directors to identify potential students Interview all potential students & submit applications Participate in gathering discussions as appropriate Monitor student progress and academic success Submit weekly updates, including attendance 18

19 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho How Do I Sign Up? 19 Online application – Non-native English speakers may be required to take language proficiency assessment Application Meet with Pathway Service Missionary Review BYU-Idaho Honor Code and Dress & Grooming and prepare to live standards Interview Watch for email from Admissions Setup username/password Follow all registration instructions Admissions Process No application fee No ACT/SAT required No ecclesiastical endorsement No essays What’s Not Required?

20 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Next Steps? 20 When can I apply? June 1 st at When is the application deadline? August 1 st When are the start and end dates for Fall semester? Monday, September 10 through Saturday, December 15 First gathering Thursday, September 13 – every Thursday thereafter When do I have to pay tuition? Be prepared to pay tuition in full by the 1 st day of class – Monday, September 10 Invite friends/family to participate Be sure to get Pathway missionary contact information Where can I get more information?

21 © 2008 Brigham Young University–Idaho Questions?

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