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WELCOME to the University of Phoenix, Idaho Campus.

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2 WELCOME to the University of Phoenix, Idaho Campus

3 We know that you may be feeling  Excited  Anxious  Full of Questions

4 Your Job at University of Phoenix is Graduation

5 On Campus Support Team Enrollment Advisor Finance Advisor Academic Advisor Academic Affairs Department Technical Support Student Resource Center

6 Finance Advisors  Holly Roggow:  Financial Aid Students Last Names: A-C, T-Z Cash, Corporate Reimbursement, Direct Bill  Luke Fulkerson:  Financial Aid Students Last Names: D-S  Phil Varrick:  VA and GI Benefits Here to help you with questions regarding account status and payment options.

7 Academic Advisors  Lisa Bray:  Last Names A-K  Courtney Colby Bond:  Last Names L-Z Here to help you with questions regarding schedules, degree completion options, and other general assistance

8 Academic Affairs  Instructors  Your first contact whenever you have a question or concern regarding your class  Ron Moser:  Oversees University College, Health Administration, MAED courses  Wade Larson:  Oversees Business, Information Technology courses  Bill Bach:  Oversees MBA courses

9 Student Resource Center Computers, learning team rooms and meeting areas are available for your use Main Campus: –M-Th: 9:00am-10:00pm, Fri: 8:00am-4:00pm Magic View Campus: –M-Th: 4:30pm-10:00pm

10 Online Resources  Student Website  rEsource  Library  Center for Writing Excellence

11 Student Website

12 rEsource

13 Online Distribution of Your Text PDF Files of your textbook. Be sure to utilize the copy and search functions Links of articles and web-searches in the library Simulations help you to learn new concepts in a fun and exciting new way rEsource is your textbook and more!

14 Library

15 Library Resources Access to over 17,729 periodicals, reports and books. Be sure to use these resources in getting the most out of the library.

16 Center for Writing Excellence Have your paper corrected for grammatical errors prior to submitting. Use the tutorials to brush-up on your writing skills

17 Overview of your Degree  Degree Completion  Schedule

18 Degree Completion 120 Credits: Lots of Combinations

19 Degree Completion Options Prior Learning Assessment Center –Use past trainings, licenses certifications or essays to earn credit – National Testing Programs: –CLEP: –DANTES: –Berlitz

20 Schedule Your Academic Advisor creates your schedule to:  Create consistency in your life  Let you have an opportunity to create strong learning team relationships  Keep you in compliance with your financial option. They need your help to make sure that it is correct and meeting your needs. Always check your schedule from your student website under services/schedule and grades

21 Just let us know… Your support team is here to help you to graduation. Let us know how we can help. Return to the beginning

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