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ISYS Search Software Personal Edition for CJA Attorneys.

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1 ISYS Search Software Personal Edition for CJA Attorneys

2 Using ISYS Creating Indices Maintaining Indices Searching Indices

3 Creating Indices Create A New Index

4 Creating Indices Select Index Type

5 Creating Indices Select Index Sub-type

6 Creating Indices Select Files/Folders That You Want Indexed

7 Creating Indices Add Directories As Needed

8 Creating Indices Name The Index

9 Creating Indices Select Types Of Files To Be Indexed

10 Creating Indices Set Update Schedule

11 Creating Indices Pick Location For Index Files

12 Creating Indices Confirm And Create Index

13 Creating Indices Index Creation Status

14 Maintaining Indices Tools  Active Index –Update Include documents added after creation of index –Reindex Takes longer, but more thorough than updating

15 Maintaining Indices Index Options –Compensate for OCR errors Looks for misspellings and words that could have been misread by OCR software –De-duplicate documents Removes documents that are exact copies of others in the index

16 Searching Indices Open Index/Indices –Catalog –Disk Directory

17 Searching Indices Quick Search

18 Searching Indices Menu-Assisted Query

19 Searching Indices Enter Additional Search Terms If Needed

20 Searching Indices Results

21 Searching Indices Narrow Results By Date Modified –Drag markers to set beginning and end dates

22 Searching Indices Select Documents By Relevance –Document appears in previewer

23 Searching Indices Preview Document –Search terms are highlighted

24 Searching Indices Refine Results

25 Searching Indices Number Of Matches

26 Narrowing Your Search Refining Results

27 Narrowing Your Search Query Within Results

28 Narrowing Your Search Filtering

29 Index Files Files Created By ISYS –These will be in the folder you selected in step 7 of the index creation process (where you chose to store the index)

30 Questions?

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