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Community Service Report. LOOM $54,000,000 WOTM $ 17,000,000 Total $ 71,950,565.49 This is Great and we can do even better.

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1 Community Service Report

2 LOOM $54,000,000 WOTM $ 17,000,000 Total $ 71,950,565.49 This is Great and we can do even better.

3 After Funding the Yellowstone Conservation Corps for years we are ending our partnership but thanks to the generosity of our members we have enough left to fully fund the program for 2 to 3 years. Fraternal units can continue to donate direct to the program if they desire. NEW We have now partnered with Virginia Based Safe Surfin’ Foundation and a new focus on Special Olympics. As well as a new drive for our Tommy Moose. Another Major Change is that the reports will no longer be mailed out to the Units. The forms are available in a fillable format through the members only portion of the website under Community Service.

4  There are 3 basic functions of this foundation and they are as follows:  Apprehend and prosecute criminals and sex offenders, which is handled by the Federal Task Force.  Work with State Legislatures to enact mandatory laws for Internet Safety Education.  Educate students and parents utilizing the NetSmartz software program. This is an exclusive partnership and the foundation has already begun co-branding all of their products with our logo. Built in fundraiser to help raise a $100 donation per year.

5  Local Level – The obvious way to help is to volunteer at the local games and fundraising opportunities.  State Level- Volunteer at the State games or offer services to teams participating.  National- Our goal is to become a sponsor of the National Games which will result in having our LOGO included on all promotional items.

6 It is our goal to have our Tommy Moose to become our Fraternity’s version of Ronald McDonald, Smokey the Bear or McGruff the Crime Dog.

7  Mooseheart/Moosehaven Includes all donations in support of the Mooseheart / Moosehaven campus.This includes Endowment fund and Gimme 5.  Youth Awareness Program Includes participation in Association Student Congress and the follow-up Moose Kids Talk Presentations, made by Moose Trained teens to groups of children 4-9. It also includes Lodge participation in programs such as DARE,P.A.C.E.,RED RIBBON and PRIDE  Moose Youth Sports and Special Olympics  Scouting; Tommy Moose and Safe Surfin’: Includes Lodges that are Chartered partners with a Boy or Girl Scout unit or provide financial support for the same. It also provides credit for Lodge Donations of $50 or more in a fiscal quarter to Mooseheart Scouting Program  Moosealert; Food & Shelter  Other Locally-Directed Volunteer Service Includes all programs and projects that are locally tailored such as Adopt-a-Highway, Meals-on- Wheels, VA Medical Center etc.

8 Superior Rating Six or more Community Service Projects of which one being part of the Moose International 6-Point Program Excellent Rating Four or Five Projects completed in a Quarter with at least one from the 6-point program Good Rating One to Three projects completed in the quarter.

9 District 1: Montesano 1210 Shelton 1684 Olympia 1759 District 2: Snoqualmie 1666 Mt. Vernon 1640 Arlington Service Center District 3: Morton 1144 Enumclaw 1543 Lakes 1865 Nisqually Valley 1905 District 4: Camas 1042 Vancouver 1774 Peninsula 2362 Dollars Corner 2423 Cowlitz Valley 530 District 5: None District 6: Grand Coulee 504 Qunicy 1925 District 7:Lewis and Clark 751 Moscow 871 Pullman 943


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