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Eastern Idaho National Fire Prevention Education Team Final Report.

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1 Eastern Idaho National Fire Prevention Education Team Final Report

2 National Fire Prevention Team Organization HR “Punky” McClellan (USFS, retired) – Team Leader Dan Battreall (USFS, retired) – Fire Prevention Specialist Jim Pickering (BLM,CA) Fire Prevention Specialist Rainey Marshall (BLM,ID) Fire Prevention Specialist – Public Affairs

3 Support Team Dave Howell, Public Affairs Faye Christiansen – Fire Prevention Fred Judd – Fire Prevention/Administration Rick Belger – Fire Management Sky Huffaker, Public Affairs The Buying Unit The Office Staff Dispatch Center

4 Team Assigned Objectives Elevate the fire prevention awareness for the area. Increase one on one contacts with all visitors. Address rural area concerns Develop long term materials Work with rural fire departments

5 Initial Assessment Existing Fire Prevention Efforts Evaluation of Fire Prevention Media Activities Fire Prevention Support Initial Attack Capabilities

6 Team Action Plan Objective # 1 – Provide for adequate organizational functions and communications Objective # 2 – Develop public awareness campaign to increase individual contact with homeowners and the public Objective # 3A – Provide for internal/external communications- coordination

7 Team Action Plan Objective #3B – Increase Fire Prevention skill and knowledge for Rural Fire Department’s Objective #4 – Develop a public awareness Arson Prevention campaign

8 Team Action Plan Objective # 5 – Inform the hunting and sporting public of fire safety requirements and restrictions Other Assignments: –Develop a Hunter Fire Safety program –Develop a Scouting Fire Safety program –Complete field reviews of Sun Valley

9 External Relations - Rural Areas  Clark County Commissioners, prepared a fire prevention fact sheet, and attended a Commissioner’s board meeting with the U.S. Forest Service addressing key fire prevention issues  GIFF – Gateway Interagency Fire Front - Wildland Urban Interface project review

10 External Relations Idaho State University  Dan Battreall, Team Fire Prevention Specialist conducted a class to graduate students at Eastern Idaho Technical College on Fire Management and Rural Fire Departments.

11 The Wildland Urban Interface  Developed a homeowner Survivable Space campaign –Homeowner CD –Community Poster –Homeowner checklist brochure

12 Beware & Prepare Brochure and Poster

13 Wildfire Beware & Prepare Remember-- Maintain a “Survivable Space” Gateway Interagency Fire Front

14 Wildfire, Beware & Prepare Introduction The Wildfire Problem The Wildfire Environment Community Assessment The Principles of Wildfire Prevention Fire Safe Fundamentals Returning Fire to the Land Beware - Prepare Developing Fire Safe Councils Beware & Prepare Checklist

15 Rural Fire Departments  Homeowner CD  The Fundamentals of Wildland Fire Prevention for Rural Fire Departments  P-101, Intro. To Wildland Fire Prevention Training Program  Misc. Fire Prevention material  Homeowner Guides

16 Rural Fire Department Coordination  Develop a program to enhance Rural Fire Department skill and knowledge of wildland fire prevention.  Develop a campaign to inform homeowners on fire safe practices that can be utilized to the RFD’s and agency personnel.



19 Fire Clipart Fire Prevention Tips Idaho Guide for News Media Fire Prevention Ad Masters Web Sites

20 Hunter & Public Sporting Fire Prevention


22 Public Education

23 Arson Prevention Program Continue with # F-I-R-E Hotline Develop and publish Arson Awareness Tips Monitor fire activity daily Consideration of public service announcements Consider a reward system



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