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© 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho 1 Fall 2013 Recruiting, Application & Registration.

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1 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho 1 Fall 2013 Recruiting, Application & Registration

2 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho STEP 1: Build Relationships with Ecclesiastical Leaders Agent Stake President All Other Stake Presidents Stake Education Specialists Institute Directors Relief Society & Elders Quorum Presidents Why build relationships? Help leaders catch the vision of Pathway Use as leverage when contacting other leaders Achieve greater success when recruiting Recruiting & Relationship Building

3 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho STEP 2: Utilize Effective Recruiting Tactics Which scenario is effective, and why? Scenario 1: Elder and Sister James Hung up 20 posters on ward bulletin boards Left 100 brochures with 5 bishops Sent personalized letters to each stake president and bishop Scenario 2: Elder and Sister Jacob Presented at 7 combined ward RS/priesthood meetings Visited 10 ward council meetings & 3 stake council meetings Handed pass-along cards to prospective students after presenting at a YSA activity Recruiting & Relationship Building

4 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho  Shepherding the students  Being a force in retention  Following up from recruiting efforts Missionaries’ Role in Application & Registration

5 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho * Students should have transcripts submitted to BYU-Idaho Admissions Office 120 Kimball Rexburg, ID 83460-1615. ^ English Proficiency Exam will be required for non-native English speakers.  High school diploma or GED is required if students want Federal Financial Aid when they become an online degree-seeking or on-campus student. Admission Requirements What’s Required? Member of the Church Reside near Pathway sitePathway site Daily computer access with Internet Weekly gathering each Thursday Online Application Official college transcript(s)* (new) Proficient in English^ Strive to live Honor CodeHonor Code What’s NOT Required? NO application fee NO ACT/SAT scores NO high school diploma or GED  NO ecclesiastical endorsement NO admissions essays

6 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho Interviews are required for new students being admitted. To know which students were admitted, go to the Applicants List on Sharepoint.Applicants List Interviews achieve three objectives:  Help the student feel cared for  Allow the missionary to get to know the student  Ensure the student has a basic understanding of Pathway’s requirements Getting to Know Students

7 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho STEP 1. Students apply for Pathway at STEP 2. Application status page shows if English Proficiency Exam is required. STEP 3. BYU-Idaho Admissions office will contact missionaries letting them know which students need to be tested. STEP 4. Missionaries will reach out to those students and schedule times to administer the exam. STEP 5. Missionaries score the exams then send scores to STEP 6. Missionaries receive email notifying which students may proceed to register and which cannot. Admissions will also be notified. English Proficiency

8 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho COMPLETE the application process, including an application tutorial and an online application, at CHECK your personal email regularly after applying. You will receive an email directing you to your acceptance decision at ACCEPT OFFER (extremely important) at 3-4 days after receiving acceptance offer. REGISTER for courses. Learn which courses you need to register for at Refer to this tutorial to Application Process

9 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho  1 st Semester Students Students will receive reminder emails with information on how to accept their offer and register for courses.  2 nd & 3 rd Semester Students Students will be assigned a peer advisor to ensure they are aware of deadlines, classes to take, and how to register. BYU-Idaho Registration Outreach Efforts

10 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho $65 per credit Calculating Tuition Example: $65 per credit x 5 credits = $325 tuition cost per semester Paying Tuition Pay online at by clicking on the "Finances" tab; or mail a check to Bursar’s Office, BYU-Idaho, 525 S Center St, Rexburg, ID 83460-1625. Financing Your Education

11 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho Before Being Admitted 1.Go to 2.Click on Status 3.Withdraw Application After Being Admitted 1.Go to 2.Decline admission offer After Accepting Offer 1.Contact the BYU-Idaho Admissions Office at 208-496-1332 or 2.Ask to withdraw your application Withdrawing Application

12 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho After Registering for Courses 1. Go to 2. Click on Student 3. Scroll down and click on Add/Drop Courses 4.On the bottom of the new page, click on Drop All Courses 5.You will have two options to withdraw. Choose “Drop all courses for this term and withdraw me completely from BYU–Idaho. I understand that if I want to take courses again in the future, I will need to re-apply for admission.” 6.Click on Submit Reason and Withdraw Withdrawing from Semester

13 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho  Application Deadline August 14 th  First Day to Access and Start Classes Online September 16 th *  First Thursday Gathering September 19 th  Registration Deadline September 23 rd  Tuition Payment Deadline September 23 rd *Students are strongly encouraged to register and pay tuition by September 16 th. Fall 2013 Deadlines in a Snapshot

14 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho Continuing Student Registration List This list allows you to track which students at your Pathway site have registered for their courses and to see which courses they have already registered for. You can access the list from the Applications and Registration > Course Registration folder in Mission Control or from the link below. You will be asked to provide your username and password when opening the link. If you have trouble logging in, try putting “byui\” before your username. g/Path/SitePages/Registration%20List.aspx?IsDlg=0 Registration Schedule Missionaries should visit to learn which courses are being offered for their cohort type. Missionaries’ Resources

15 © 2010 Brigham Young University–Idaho BYU-Idaho Online Support Center Phone: (208)496-1800 Toll Free: (866)672-2984 Email: Skype: onlinesupportcenterbyui Instant Message at Live Chat Chat Open: M-F, 7am-7pm MST Questions?

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