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Trails of Southern Idaho. Trails into and through Cassia County, Idaho.

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1 Trails of Southern Idaho

2 Trails into and through Cassia County, Idaho

3 Order presented 1843 California Trail established by Chiles later called Ft. Hall Road 1848 Hensley or Salt Lake Cutoff 1848 Mormon Battalion opened the Carson River route over Sierra’s & improved route from Twin Sisters to SLC 1949 Hudspeth Cutoff from Soda Springs to Malta

4 California or Applegate Route The Granite Pass Route had been used by Peter Skene Ogden and his Hudson’s Bay Company Snake Brigade in 1826. Joseph R. Chiles rediscovered this route in 1842 and in 1843 he led a small group to California via this route. At Ft. Laramie he engaged Joseph R. Walker to be their guide. Walker had been in Raft River Valley in 1825. At Ft. Hall they split into two groups; Chiles was to go to Ft. Boise and obtain supplies, then head southwest looking for a northern route around the Sierra’s. Chiles was to send supplies from California back to Walker. Walker would go over Granite Pass and get to the Humboldt River and continue west. The connection was not made. Walker had to abandon the wagons and get around the Sierra’s through Walker Pass on December 3, 1843. In 1844 Elisha Stevens open the Sublette Cutoff and took wagons via the Walker route into Nevada & over Donner Pass to California.

5 California Trail or Ft. Hall Road Separation at Raft River Alternate route below bluffs

6 California Trail from lower Raft River to Idahome Lane Visible ruts

7 From Idahome Lane to a little south of Malta

8 South of Malta to merge of Hudspeth and thru the Elba Basin

9 California Trail from Elba over summit into Grape Creek area

10 California Trail Elba Almo Summit to Twin Sisters

11 California Trail from Junction Valley to Granite Pass

12 California Trail West Side of Granite Pass to Goose Creek

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