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Please View this presentation and consider sharing your Pharmacy Stories, Pictures or Artifacts. Jim or Russ Howell

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1 Please View this presentation and consider sharing your Pharmacy Stories, Pictures or Artifacts. Jim or Russ Howell E-mail:

2 History of Idaho Pharmacy Allen Frisk RPh, M.S.

3 Idaho’s “Mr. Pharmacy” Herb Fitz 1930 Graduate of the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho, Pharmacy Division. 15 years on Board of Pharmacy, 6 years as president. Named Honorary President of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. (showed what the country thought of pharmacy in Idaho and the great school we had here). President of ISPA twice, served in Idaho Legislature for many years.

4 There are bits and pieces of a Pharmacy Museum in Halls of ISU College of Pharmacy. Much, much more in closets and the basement of Leonard Hall. Cardboard boxes marked “Idaho Pharmacy Museum” are stacked to the ceiling….many donations just waiting to be put on display.

5 Our first donation. The Wyeth Collection. Most items over 100 years old. Mrs. Stan Dilley provided us with this long time sales rep’s prize possessions. Stan was the godfather of Big Pharma sales reps.

6 More of the Wyeth Collection

7 When ISU began planning the 90 th Reunion last fall, it was discovered nobody was saving the long and rich history of Pharmacy in Idaho.

8 During the reunion, we started talking about beginning an institute, and who knows, perhaps when we get together for the 100 th Anniversary, we might have our very own museum in place and history well- preserved.

9 In addition, we want to bring out some of the history in conjunction with the opening of the ISU Meridian Center. Perhaps become a part of health care corridor Grand opening of ISU Center is September 17, 2009.


11 We are starting a 501c organization with our mother organization being the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy. We will hopefully gain some grants.

12 Most of our history stored to date is in the Leonard Hall. $175,000 to build in 1947 on campus of Idaho State College.

13 That history, confined pretty much to the ISU Campus, was documented by Frank P. Cosgrove, Dean of ISU from 1968-1979. Dr. Frank Cosgrove 1914-1994

14 Dr. Frank Cosgrove’s book, “History of the College of Pharmacy 1918-1990”, is nearly 20 years old already.

15 Pharmacists are one of the most respected in the health care professions… also respected by Idaho legislature: Three at one time. We are now in the process of taking “Oral Histories.” We want yours now! Fill out your own History of Pharmacy in Idaho Data Sheet and send it to us.

16 Our first Oral History … a behind the scenes look at College of Pharmacy through the eyes of Bob Endo, retired pharmacist from Bannock Memorial (now Portneuf Hospital). Trained hundreds of hospital pharmacy students and precursor to modern day student site rotation.

17 Silver City 1900 cira

18 Idaho is one of only 2 states which has a Silver Mining town pharmacy. The other is in Colorado. We want to help preserve that history. It is being restored as we speak. Many items from Silver City are in basement of Leonard Hall.

19 This is what Silver City Pharmacy looked like before restoration started.

20 Welcome to Silver City.

21 Silver City – Current Pharmacy


23 To shift gears … in Boise, we had a Chinese Pharmacy until 1964 … Ah Fong family handed it down for nearly 70 years. Portions of the pharmacy are on display on the 4 th floor of Idaho Historical Museum in Julia Davis Park. The rest of the pharmacy, donated to the Historical Society is in secret storage.

24 A look at some famous Boise Valley Pharmacies … The first Eagle Drug Store 1906

25 The newer Eagle Drug Store … the one we all know and love.

26 Wayne Crosby is the owner and pharmacist at the Orville Jackson Drug Store in Eagle. Crosby has seen the community change over the past three decades from a sleepy Boise suburb to a well-to-do community made up of people from other places as reflected by the latest Census data. Kim Hughes / The Idaho Statesman: Idaho remains mostly a state of natives - but just barely. Story, page 7. Plus: A look at how educated Idahoans are, and where we were born; and a notebook of information from national census figures, including America's richest cities. The late, great Wayne Crosby. He kept the old store open for its 100 th anniversary as promised to Orville Jackson.

27 Other old Pharmacies in Boise The Overland Pharmacy - “The Busy Corner”

28 Believed to be the first Whitehead Drug Store at 8 th and Main.

29 John F. Ridenbaugh Pharmacy

30 Ballou-Latimer Pharmacy … 9th & Idaho, Boise, Idaho There used to be underground tunnels connecting pharmacies … see Bill Lee oral history.

31 Ballou-Latimer Pharmacy





36 Whitehead Drug Store

37 Whitehead Drug Company


39 Whitehead Drug Store


41 Potter Drug Store before it moved out to Orchard

42 Early Boise parades … a drug store in every picture.

43 Piggly Wiggly … but there is a pharmacy in the picture.

44 Walgreen’s in downtown Boise

45 Road Trip: McGill Drug Store in Eli, Nevada

46 Just as it was in 1965

47 Our Institute plans to include the Pharmacy of Lewis & Clark Expedition in Idaho … we got it covered!

48 Join Now

49 The End?

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