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Idaho State Department Of Agriculture. Bob Spencer Agriculture Program Manager (208) 332-8613 Division of Agricultural Resources.

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1 Idaho State Department Of Agriculture

2 Bob Spencer Agriculture Program Manager (208) 332-8613 Division of Agricultural Resources

3 Container/Containment Section 19(f)

4 ISDA Container Recycling Program

5 Funding Initial Start-up –EPA Grant –Partnership with Industry Ongoing Program –Dedicated Funds Through pesticide registration, licensing, enforcement Funds received from recycling of chips FY 2007 –Increased pesticide registration $15/product (~$140,000) Purchase of new chipper unit & 1 FTE



8 Assurance from Contamination NW Ag Plastics –Conducts routine sampling and analysis of chips ISDA –Considering taking samples and analysis QUESTIONS –What is an acceptable scan for residues? –What is an acceptable level of residue? –What funding is available?

9 ENFORCIBILITY The pesticide label –Container must be triple rinsed or equivalent Idaho Statute and Rule –Containers shall be disposed of as prescribed by Idaho Department of Environmental Quality –No person shall handle, transport, display, or distribute pesticides in a manner to endanger humans and their environment –Empty or partial containers shall be stored in a secured enclosure and posted –Any person applying pesticides shall be responsible for the proper disposal of such empty containers.

10 CROP History Year – Containers 1994 – 9,000 1995 – 12,326 1997 – 39,000 1998 – 69,000 1999 – 86,000 2000 – 77,315 2001 – 87,348 2002 – 83,642 2003 – 103,657 2004 – 130,120 2005 – 116,000

11 Secondary Containment

12 Mix/Load Pads

13 What’s the status in Idaho? In 1992 - 1994 the ISDA drafted secondary containment rules –Fertilizer –Pesticides The rules were pulled due to controversy with the IAAA Secondary Containment

14 In July 2003 the DEQ attempted to develop a guidance for aerial applicators on containment using Technical Bulletin 702 IAAA was called in to participate w/ISDA, DEQ, SCS & NRCS Technical Bulleting 720 drafted to address all agrichemical applicators and dealers Secondary Containment

15 Farwest Agribusiness Association was consulted Decision was made to have Technical Bulletin 720 apply only to farmers On October 23, 2003, Farwest Agribusiness Association sent a letter to the Director of the ISDA to resubmit rules for Secondary Containment for agrichemicals Recommendation that the Agriculture Fertilizer Advisory Committee take the lead Several meetings held from June 2004 – March 2006

16 Secondary Containment

17 Committee agreed to use Washington Rules as a guide Pesticide Rules have been drafted – March 2006 Fertilizer Rules to be drafted – June 2006

18 Secondary Containment Committee Industry Representatives Scott McKinnie – Far West Agribusiness Assoc. Rex Schorzman – Paul Chemical & Fertilizer Rex Schorzman – Paul Chemical & Fertilizer Paul Derig – Simplot Grower Solutions Ken Mingo – Primeland Cooperative Bill Follett – Green Valley Fertilizer Service Ed Burnett – Environmental Care Association Brandon Visser – IAAA President, Visser Ag Leif Isaacson – IAAA, Desert Ag Larry Pennington – Idaho Water Users Association Jonathan Parker – Idaho Water Users Association Dennis Tanikuni – Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Brian Wilbur – Ada County Weed & Pest Control

19 Secondary Containment Committee Government Agencies John Brueck - DEQ Dave Hovland - DEQ Gary McRae – EPA Mike Cooper – ISDA Plant Industries Ann Brueck – ISDA Plant Industries Rick Killebrew – ISDA Plant Industries Dick Lawson – ISDA Plant Industries Bob Hays – ISDA Ag Resources Ben Miller – ISDA Ag Resources Bob Spencer – ISDA Ag Resources

20 Bob Spencer Division of Agricultural Resources (208) 332-8613 THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS?

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