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Beyond the Basics – Using the NCRC to Align to Mandates and Career Preparation Requirements Translated … How to take this back to “the ranch” and build.

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1 Beyond the Basics – Using the NCRC to Align to Mandates and Career Preparation Requirements Translated … How to take this back to “the ranch” and build your career development system with new partners Cathy McCafferty-Smith Regional Consultant, Career Development National Career Readiness Advocacy Board October 21, 2010

2 Google Search …changing assumptions
Search Results Is a college education worth the money? : The New Yorker Jun 7, The skip-college advocates' contention—that, with the economic downturn, a college degree may not be the best investment—has its appeal. ... Devaluing a College Degree - Feb 2, Article Excerpt. What's a Degree Really Worth? BY MARY PILON. A college education may not be worth as much as you think. ... html – Is a college degree worth it? Jul 14, BOSTON (FOX 25 / - No degree no respect? Not anymore. A study shows that college degrees may not be worth it

3 So many are saying we need to change our thinking and create new systems....
Most Young People Entering the U.S. Workforce Lack Critical Skills Essential For Success - October 2, 2006 Ready for Work, Ready for College: Are they the same or different? Systems Thinking and 21st Century Education: A Case Study of an American Model for High School Educational Reform- Anthony Chow

4 Let’s look at our separate programs then a system look
Let’s look at our separate programs then a system look...and actions we can take How can we map out what we already have to do into a system Big idea: When there is too much to do integrate/consolidate, teaming Show each “player” in the system the benefits Show them how it fits their work

5 Another new thinking integrating “into”…Can you think differently?
First The Slow Cooker “Family Dinner” Smells good Tastes good Vitamins- all in there Healthier Faster prep Faster cleanup Next The components of the “system” cooking in the same pot….

6 Career Cruising – one part of our career readiness system
Educational Development Plan (EDP) - e-portfolio storage cabinet Self Assessments - Career Pathways Career Exploration Goal Setting Planning Researching postsecondary institutions Virtual Job Shadowing Resume Development

7 Career pathways: a “Map” to help students begin
An excerpt from Cathy’s EDP –

8 Student Data Tools English, Math, Reading and Science
World of Work Map- Career Matches Predicting WorkKeys scores 8th grade test 10th grade test Find info at

9 ACT EXPLORE …& Don’t Forget ACT PLAN

10 ACT EXPLORE - Student Career Interest report
Step #1 World of Work - Step #2 Interests - Step #3 Career Options

11 ACT EXPLORE: Academics & “World of Work” Map
Let’s take a look at the ACT World of Work map … ACT EXPLORE report There are hidden goodies in there to motivate students! ***ACT World of Work Map

12 *ACT EXPLORE- Interactive “World of Work” Map

13 Looking at a slice of the “World of Work” Map

14 Career Area Example: Financial Transactions
WorkKeys Scores levels found here

15 WorkKeys Occupational Profiles

16 (look … a “pair of dime” we shifted!)
A paradigm shift to 24/7 online learning KeyTrain tracks online time and provides other skills data

17 KeyTrain has a feature inside to search for careers based on
student score levels!

18 Recap: Integrating a System!
Michigan Pathways Educational Development Plan’s (EDPs) Michigan Merit Exam Integrated Curriculums: Academic & CTE, Technological Literacy, online learning

19 KeyTrain US Dept of Ed. 16 Career Clusters, Career Cruising 6 MI Pathways, ACT WOW Map
US Department of Education/ KeyTrain Career Clusters Michigan Career Pathways ACT Explore and ACT Plan Career Areas (from the World-of-Work Map) Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Arts & Communications J. Computer & Information Specialties * L. Crafts & Related* T. Applied Arts (Visual) U. Creative & Performing Arts V. Applied Arts (Written and Spoken) Business, Management & Administration Finance Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology Marketing, Sales & Service Business Management, Marketing & Technology B. Marketing and Sales C. Management E. Communications & Records F. Financial Transactions G. Distribution & Dispatching Architecture & Construction Manufacturing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Engineering/Manufacturing & Technology K. Construction & Maintenance M. Manufacturing & Processing N. Mechanical & Electrical Specialties O. Engineering & Technologies Health Science Health Sciences Q. Medical Technologies R. Medical Diagnosis & Treatment W. Healthcare Education & Training Human Services Law, Public Safety & Security Government & Public Services A. Employment – Related Services D. Regulation & Protection * H. Transport Operation & Related S. Social Science X. Education Y. Community Services Z. Personal Services Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Natural Resources & Agriscience I. Agriculture, Forestry, & Related P. Natural Science & Technologies

20 KeyTrain Suggested Map for Integration into High School
Grade Level Learning Focus KeyTrain Michigan Content Standards/ WorkKeys Content Areas Suggested 9th grade Pre assessment and applied skills learning Determining the students base line scores for the WorkKeys Michigan Merit Exam Assessments and postsecondary/career readiness Based EDP career pathway choice student chooses what career fits pre-assessment scores – create a student target Reading for Information Applied Math Locating Information ELA/Social Studies/Science CTE, Non core Math/Science Math /Science/ Social Studies/ non core Career Courses 10th grade Pre assessment and applied skills learning for study and success in the High School courses and postsecondary /career readiness Also Skill Acceleration - WorkKeys MME test Reading for Information, Applied Math and Locating Information Listening Writing Observation Applied Technology ELA Science CTE/Science Math Math/ Science 11th grade Skill Acceleration - WorkKeys MME test Reading for Information, Applied Math and Locating Information from Sept to Feb (before MME) Goal- 5 WorkKeys scores in each to increase National Career Readiness Certificate level / passing of passing of the MME Post – MME April – June in the junior year Pre assessment of career employability skills Teamwork Business Writing MME Prep Courses Academics/CTE/ Careers Course 12th grade Career and Employability skills/ Prep for Postsecondary training Skill- ing up for WorkKeys retesting and higher level NCRC score ( community college testing process for a fee) Career Skills ELA/ Career Course/CTE

21 Proactive Academic, Career Choice, MME Preparation
Readiness Career Readiness Portfolio Evidence 8th Grade ACT EXPLORE Academic Scores English, Math, Reading, Science ACT World of Work Career Cruising Matchmaker 1 Career Path Goals ACT EXPLORE – Report EDP NCLB Tech Literacy 9th Grade Key Train pre-assess Reading for Info. Applied Math Locating Info. Career Cruising Interests/Skills Career Pathways/Goals KeyTrain ONET Matchmaker cont’.. Key Train Student Report EDP Activity,uploads Post Secondary/ Career Readiness! 10th Grade ACT PLAN English, Math, Reading, Science Key Train accelerate ACT World of Work Career Cruising and KeyTrain DOT Career Exploration Activities ACT PLAN Report Key Train Student Report EDP 11th Grade Key Train MME Prep March 2010 – MME HS Coursework Post MME- KeyTrain remediate Career Cruising- Postsecondary Goals Employability Skills Workbased Learning MME Results Resume Post-secondary Info. EDP 12th Grade HS Coursework Key Train / remediate WorkKeys re-test at OCC Career Cruising- Postsecondary Goals Employability Skills Exit Portfolio EDP NCRC Certificate Senior Exit Portfolio Post-secondary Plan C Smith/AJB - Oakland Schools, 2009

22 Helping our School & Community Partners Understand How They Fit
Michigan School Improvement Framework Michigan Merit Curriculum Michigan Merit Exam Counselors and Building Leaders Dept Chairs and Teacher Leaders Technology Leaders Parents and Students Business and Community Partners

23 School Improvement - 12 Standards

24 How to Connect to the Leaders in Your School
“EDP Have to Haves” EDP/Career Cruising School Improvement Education Yes! School Improvement Framework Career and Employability Standards- MI Content Standards Portfolio- Counselors/Principals “EDP Good to Haves” EDP/Career Cruising Measure of career and employability curriculum as students’ record activities Can inform curriculum/ instruction Student assessment record over time (if a process and not an event)

25 ACT EXPLORE / ACT PLAN- Connections to Leaders in Your School
“Good to Haves” ACT EXPLORE/PLAN Measures curriculum successes and needs for improvement Student assessment at a point in time 8th grade and 10th Able to intervene before student get too far Track all students over time for (PLAN is a predictor of MME) Richer guidance conversations College & Work readiness Parent and student dialogue “Have to Haves” ACT EXPLORE/PLAN Building Leaders MI School Improvement Framework - Teaching for Learning Strand - Data Management Strand Counselors - Michigan Comprehensive Guidance Model – Career Development Domain

26 What are the “MI Merit Curriculum” and “Career System” Alignments ?
MI Content Expectations- KeyTrain and WorkKeys alignment (State match) Educational Development Plans (7th – 12 th grade)- Student Portfolios Online learning, technology integration, and tech literacy Michigan Merit Exam (WorkKeys) = eligibility for the NCRC (& AYP measure) Student achievement - data driven decision making for adjusting teaching for learning

27 Connections to the Final Assessments
Key Messages … MME Connections to the Final Assessments Good to Haves ACT/ WorkKeys/MME All11th graders have an opportunity for a college and workforce readiness check up before graduation We can still skill up with KeyTrain before and after the MME test before graduation The National Career Readiness Credential (measure of skills) Have to Haves ACT/ WorkKeys/MME Day 1 and Day 2 of the Michigan Merit Exam all 11th graders AYP school measure Michigan Merit Curriculum

28 One Strategy: Freshman Transition A Proactive Intervention
Kids are dropping out Drop Out Prevention Build HS skills (KeyTrain) Data baseline Create excitement about the connections Catch me before I struggle! Academic scores – How am I doing in early 9th grade in : English Math Reading Science Helps me want to be in school Career choices!!!

29 Talking With Parents - Freshman Transition Orientation
Career Interest Assessment Interest assessments Career Cruising Matchmaker (8th grade) + ACT UNIACT (8th grade) = Career Interest - Possible pathways Skills Assessment + ACT EXPLORE (8th grade) + KeyTrain - Pre assessment = What skill level am I at + Career Interest = an Educational Development Plan- starting 9th grade

30 Other Suggested Intervention Examples _
Building good high schools skills - Observation, Listening & Writing (all in 24/7 in KeyTrain) MME prep (you have the handout map) Senior retesting if MME WorkKeys score was lower than needed (local community college? ) Seniors learning workplace/postsecondary prep skills - Teamwork & Writing (in 24/7 KeyTrain)

31 Summary: Using Data in Your School for Reporting Requirements
EDP/Career Cruising Education Yes! Student Portfolio- Mich. Merit Curriculum Required for Counselors/Principals Student Teachers/Parents KeyTrain Academic pre-assessment/curriculum high school skills Pre-data MME WorkKeys Teachers/Counselor/Principal ACT EXPLORE/PLAN Academic skills levels check Curriculum Improvement Predictor for ACT 10th grade and 11th grade MME Teachers/Counselor/Principal WorkKeys Michigan MME (Day 2) Part of MME/ AYP scoring process

32 Bottom line: A Career Readiness System- NCRC/MME Intersects Everybody’s Work!

33 Influencing Change You Social Motivation People + Message

34 Working with partners…may feel risky at first….
But you might just win them over with a little help!

35 How do we get them to the table?

36 Two Part Team Exercise - 10 minutes
Part One Find a partner Back in your organization, who has influence with others as an opinion leaders Others follow them but they do not necessarily have authority On the front of the Influencing map write down 4 key champions in the four center boxes Part Two Talk with your partner(s) on what are the 3 key messages you heard that would say to them Give each other feedback on the best way to deliver the message We will talk about the messages at the end of 10 minutes

37 Open the Door Invite your colleagues through the door of their work
Show them the connections to their work Take your opinion leader partners with you A small group of committed people once created a nation!

38 May you always make the right moves.
Be an NCRC Influencer, Be Strategic May you always make the right moves.

39 To have a copy of this presentation ...

40 Thank you! Cathy McCafferty- Smith, M.A., L.P.C.
Thank you for your partnering with us! Cathy McCafferty- Smith, M.A., L.P.C. Know U. L.L.C. Regional Consultant- Career Development Systems National Career Readiness Certificate Advocacy Board

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