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Sonia Rinaldi EXPERIENCIAS DE AMIGOS Fiorella Lattaruli When Dr. Hernani Guimaraes Andrade started to release material about the recording which took.

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2 Sonia Rinaldi EXPERIENCIAS DE AMIGOS Fiorella Lattaruli When Dr. Hernani Guimaraes Andrade started to release material about the recording which took place during the 80’s in Europe, with the news that used to come to the reader through the writer Elsie Dubugras (who, by the time, used to work in the Planeta magazine), we started in parallel with our own recordings. This was within the IBPP (Brazilian Institute of Psycbiophysics Researches), in 1988. Few years later, we heard that Fiorella used to record too. By then, our reader realizes that she is one of the pioneers. She constitutes, nowadays, a super particular case because she still keeps her way to record just like the old pioneer way, that means that she doesn’t use background noises. By our personal experience, this kind of procedure requires some kind of energy, in general, bioenergy, which has to be donated by the one that records. In other words, it requires a kind of mediunity of physic effects, which is different of our case, because we do use background noises. But it’s good to listen to Fiorella’s own considerations and examples about her audios. Sonia Rinaldi Presentation In this bulletin, we continue to present transcommunicators friends, so our readers can observe that the recording of voices is a phenomenon that is more and more spread and without mystery. Here we gathered three friends, with different experiences: Fiorella, who works in the area since TCI’s introduction in Brazil, during the 90’s. Divina, who has less time in the area, but with the same dedication. And, in contrast with the experience of both, the freshman from Porto Alegre, Nelson, who, in his first sent recording (in august 2007), brought great audios with unbelievable quality. So, we are getting richer in our record of information for our visitors. We hope that the experience of each of those friends can bring something to the ones that, who knows, would like to start their own recording. Hugs

3 2 - How long have you been recording? A: I started recording in May, 1992 and stopped in June, 1994, but I re-started in February, 2006. I spent 12 years away from TCI, I mean, away from any contact via electronic machines, but along these 12 years I was taken towards the spiritual world by three special beings sent to me, and one of them, who I call Antariano, is my faithful friend, who stays by my side until now. 3 - When did you start to get results? It started from the very beginning, in May 24 th 1992. 4 - What’s your recording goal today? I’d like to talk to the interdimensional world, to re-enforce the faith that life continues and, somehow, to bring hope both to our dimensional world and to the interdimensional. 5 - Describe in a few words your method of recording. I use just a computer, a simple microphone, two amplifiers from the computer and a good earphone. 7 - Do you have some kind of mediunity? I think my mediunity has somewhat psychics’ capability. 8 - Do you realize some kind of change in the environment when you start to record? Yes, many and different changes, for example, I see multicolor lights, I hear steps where I am, uncommon sounds, sweet smell, increasing in the temperature. Her recording equipment Getting to know FIORELLA... 1 - Why did you start to get interested about TCI? A: It started with my father in this life, in May 20 th 1992, and the fact that, during his ceremonies, he laid his hand on my shoulder and said in Italian: “My daughter, death does not exist”.

4 9 - Is there something in particular that you would like to talk about? A: The motherboard of my computer burned twice in two years. Maybe the energy of the environment has been the cause. 10 - What kind of being you have contact to? A: Beings of all kinds of conscience and graduation. 11 - In one of the transcontacts you say the word “space-ship”. What kind of evidence you have to prove that you have contact with Extra-Terrestrial? A: They are not evidences, but it’s themselves that say: spaceship. 12 - Are they the same beings that used to communicate with you from the very beginning? A: No, they are habitants of many and different levels of conscience. 13 - Why do you receive these messages in Italian? A: Because I am Italian born in Egypt, but with Italian citizenship. 14- What’s the content of the contacts? A: I send some of them so the readers can listen to. 15 - Tell us an event that has been such a surprise for you. What was surprising for me was the fact that, since when I re-started the practice of TCI in 2006, most of the voices recorded by me were low and with a lot of static, but from august of this year on, after I have complained many times, I started to record voices without sounds or noises. After a different sound, a probably member of the special crewship answers: Paranormal Voice: “We’ll make a contact with the public” “Faremos com o público um contato” I ask about the location of the spaceship and a voice answers: -Paranormal Voice: - “We are on Earth!” - “Estamos na Terra!” I ask about the astonishment which the humanity will fall in with the coming of the spaceships and the voices say: -Paranormal Voice: -“The entire world will like it – no, it won’t like it!” O mundo inteiro vai gostar - não vai não!” I started the recording by reading a beautiful part of one of the books written by Chico Xavier (“Missionários da Luz“). As soon as I finished reading, I realized that the graphic of the program continued to move. So I said to the author: “I wish God has you in the total light”, so I let the program record a little more and then I stoped it. After that, a voice says: BY THE YEARS OF MY BOOKS, then another voice says: “CHICO XAVIER”, and after I hade complimented the author, a voice says to me: - “THANKS”. -Paranormal Voice: : - ”By the years of my books - Chico Xavier - Thanks!” - ”Pelos anos de minhas obras - Chico Xavier – - Agradecido!” I complain about the strong energy around me and a strong voice answers me back: - Paranormal Voice: : -”Cope with it!” ”Conviver com ela!” Fiorella’s captions:

5 This stubborn from Porto Alegre has always being skeptics, but already on his two recordings, he surprised everyone with by the quality of the voices. It’s true that he was the most surprised of all, because he could not believe he had recorded something. Now that’s him who explains: Nelson’s captions NELSON KORB Paranormal Voice: -”I’m kidding!” ”Tô brincando!” Nelson: -”Anybody there?” Nelson: -”You can be there, since you were very spiritualist?” Paranormal Voice: -”You send to me!” Paranormal Voice: -”Testing!” ”Um teste tchê!” Paranormal Voice: -”This habit!” Paranormal Voice: -”Just so grandpa doesn’t get desperate!” Paranormal Voice: -”And it came bake!” Paranormal Voice: -”This way it helps, I will die trying!” ”Assim ajuda, eu morro de tentar!” Paranormal Voice: -”Better test, I have cried!” Paranormal Voice: -”Answer, listen!” ”Resposta ouvi!” Nelson: -”I will listen!” Nelson: -”A very cold day!” Paranormal Voice: -”I am in pain!” ”Eu sofro!” Paranormal Voice: -”Again???” Nelson: - I ask if there’s someone that can leave me a message Paranormal Voice: -”That was God that healed!” ”Foi deus que curou!” Nelson: - Waiting! Nelson: -...a message to me! Voz Paranormal: -”You have it!” Nelson: - Thank you! Paranormal Voice: -”Speaking with you!” I’ve roamed through Brazil to find mediums to answer to get contact with the unknown and to answer to my questions but all I got was the increasing of my doubts. After then, I stared to get interested in TCI and I tried to do my own recordings – but I thought that I recorded absolutely nothing. I contacted Sonia and sent my recordings, but I knew that there was nothing there. For my astonishment, she contacted me and pointed voices and sentences which I hadn’t noticed before, but I could certify that they were my own recordings. Until it hade happened, I was about to leave TCI behind, but now I don’t know what to believe in. I was depressed because after all I hade seen in my life, people that I couldn’t trust in, so many religions, politics, ufology, etc., I started to doubt about the immortality and soul. Now I see that I was possibly wrong. That’s why I look up to Sonia who works hard in her researches to prove that life goes on. I hope that she is right, because if it’s proved, a lot of people just like me will find a way out of the pain because they will know that death is not the end.

6 Divina’s captions: Divina: -”I miss you!” Paranormal Voice: -”I miss you!” ”Com saudades!” “Everytime I say to Rogério that I will always miss him, and this feeling just increases and when he speaks he confirms: “I miss you! Divina: -”Rogério, where is grandfather Zezé?” Paranormal Voice: -”Answered!” ”Respondeu!” Grandfather Zezé is my dear Father and sometimes I talk to him too. Divina: -”Rogério, my dear son, are you in the station?” Paranormal Voice: -”Call me” ”Me telefona!” Sometimes I talk to him on the phone, that’s why he answered that. Divina: -”Rogério are you in the station?” Paranormal Voice: -” I’m here already!” ”Já tá aqui!” When I ask if Rogério is in the station the answer “I’m here already” comes, so it means that he can speak. Divina: -”You’re gonna help me if some mother sends recordings, ok?” Paranormal Voice: -”Ok, let’s talk!” ”Tá certo, vamos falar!” We plan to have a mothers meeting and we are gonna start to try it so we can comfort them. Divina: -”Friends, Divina Moraes, good morning!” Paranormal Voice: “Total party!” “Festa total!” All the time FI call the Transcommunicators Group that take part of the recordings with us from their side to my side, they like it. I’ve med Divina in Goiás when she looked for us due to the lost of her beloved son Rogério. She came specially to São Paulo to learn to record. Since then, she gets good results, what came to be a relief to her hurted heart. She tells us her what she’s been trough: I met Sonia face to face in 2000. Rogério, my dearest son, died in 1996. In may, 7th, 1998, he sent me a message through my answering machine (occurence wich was talked about in two books written by Sonia). Through a friend who lives here in Goiânia, I contacted Sonia, I sent the recording and it was proved to be a paranormal fact. I bought all the books and magazines edited by her until that date. Already in July, 1998, I heard my sons voice who said: “I LOVE YOU”. By that time it was more difficult – with a lot of noise. In February 2000, I was invited and I took part of a Meeting of the ANT – Transcommunicators National Association in São Paulo. Then I went many times to São Paulo to meed my Transcommunicators friends and learn more and more with Sonia, who welcomed me in her house. Up tp now, I have contacted not only with Rogério, but with other relatives and dear friends that already live on the “upper floor”. I thank God for everything. I thank all of them that supported me, with so little sense of selfishness and so much love. That was how I got my relief... And now I have got the chance to help other mothers that have lost their kids. My labour was not easy because I have difficulties with these tecnology things, but I never give up... And I’ve been motivated by my friends and by my son. Today, I am another person. Divina Moraes

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