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High School 101: I’m here! Now what? Session 1 A Freshman Myth.

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2 High School 101: I’m here! Now what? Session 1 A Freshman Myth

3 Give Me 5 Class of 2009 1.Eyes on Speaker 2.Mouth Closed 3.Listening 4.Hands Free 5.Body Still

4 A Freshman Myth He was a great god; the envy of all. Could he be cloned? The people would say the more the merrier. He held the future of all in his power. He determined success and careers. Without him, money would be hard to get. It was mere power! Those who worked hard had no problem experiencing his power and success. Those who did not take work serious lost his presence. The gifted sought him and quickly rose to his challenge. He could be easily identified. He dressed in a robe and wore a flat board on his head. He was so popular that all of his followers dressed in his attire to show that they had perseverance and responsibility. He represented true achievement. Celebrations were held to display his character.

5 Meet Carnegie …The god of Credits You need 22 of them. Carnegie units are the credits that go on your transcript. You have to have certain credits in certain areas depending on your diploma. Credits are given for any grade above a 70.

6 And The TRUTH is…… This is not a myth. YOU MUST CLONE CARNEGIE! START NOW…. HERES HOW!

7 Mr. Law’s Guide 2 Success Get organized! Keep up with your stuff. Make lists and check it off. Manage your time! Plan ahead. (Meet deadlines) Have a schedule. Study! Ask for help when you need it!

8 Understanding your Honor’s Class Taking honors classes does not make you an honor student. Taking honors classes does not mean you make the honor roll. There is no seal on your diploma to show you had honors classes. In order to be eligible for AP, you must take the honors class and be successful in that particular subject consecutive years. You may change to college prep at any time during registration. Make the change before you fail and ruin your Grade Point Average (GPA).

9 Honor’s Criteria: This is how you got here? Must be in gifted program or Have been in gifted classes in 8 th grade or Have earned an “A” average in the college prep subject area or Have a combined “A” average in the four academic areas at level 3 or 5 for 8 th grade AFTER 9 th grade…have a 4.0 GPA in the academic area and be recommended by a teacher and counselor. (WAIVERS ARE OFTEN GRATED WITH FULL RESPONSIBILITY LEFT TO THE PARENT AND STUDENT)

10 Are you willing to meet the challenge? You must be an excellent READER and enjoy it. You must be an avid WRITER and enjoy it (using correct Grammar). You must be SELF MOTIVATED. You must turn work in on time. You must be able to do a lot of work in little time. You must have home support for your success.

11 The past is gone. Your future starts NOW! It does not matter what mistakes you have made. It does not matter what unavoidable, detrimental experiences have occurred in your life. You are starting out FRESH…Go FRESHMAN. GET CARNEGIE!!!!!! Got Carnegie?

12 Get to know your Counselor! Mr. Law is here and he cares. 333-8550 I am… Always…for the children,

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