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The Lonely Princess Written By Cydni Woods Written By Cydni Woods Story ©2007 Cydni Woods.

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2 The Lonely Princess Written By Cydni Woods Written By Cydni Woods Story ©2007 Cydni Woods

3 . Once upon a time in a magical country there was a Princess named Isabelle. Princess Isabelle was the most beautiful woman in the whole land. Her hair was golden and her skin was a peachy color. She lived in a huge castle with only her animals as her company

4 Princess Isabelle became very lonely because she had no friends and nobody would come and talk to her because she lived so far away. So everyday she would sit in her room and look out the window a wish that she could have a friend or even somebody too talk to her.

5 One afternoon she heard a knock at the door. When she came to the door it was a woman at the door with long black hair and a long dress on. She looked like she had been out in the woods for a long time. So Princess Isabelle invited the women in to her castle.

6 She asked the woman, “Where are you coming from?” The woman replied, “I’m from the town of Asylum west of Rockwell.”

7 “Well what are you doing all the way over here?,” asked Princess Isabelle. “I had word that my dad was in the town of Winston.,” the woman replied.

8 So they talked some more over a cold glass of drink. As the days went on and the nights grew near they realized how much of friends they have become over these last couple of days. When it was time for the woman to leave Princess Isabelle became lonely again.

9 Princess Isabelle once again sat in her room and looked outside her window wishing she had a friend to talk too. She became a mean and angry person as the days grew on. People would come to her castle from far any places just to laugh at Her and make fun of her because she was so lonely

10 One day prince Charles rode up to her window on a horse. He was from the town of Asylum. He yelled up to the princess’ window and said, “How is your day Princess Isabelle? I’ve come too ask for your hand in marriage.” Princess Isabelle said, “I don’t think you would be a good match for me.”

11 Prince Charles kept coming by each afternoon at the same time and asking for her hand in marriage. Each time the princess tells him no. After a month or so Princess Isabelle finally accepts his offer. They fell madly in love.

12 Now Princess Isabelle is not lonely any more because she has a special prince. Princess Isabelle and Prince Charles lived happily ever after. The End

13 About the Author Cydni Avriel Woods Cydni is 14 years old and is from Harker Heights, TX. She will be and incoming Freshman at Harker heights High School next year and is an active volunteer in her community thanks to AVID. When she graduates she wants to go to college at University of North Texas or University of Texas at Austin. When she grows up she wants to be an accountant because she likes to work with money and she loves math, but most importantly because they make lot of money.

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