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TASK FORCE CALL TO ARMS Henninger High School 2012.

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1 TASK FORCE CALL TO ARMS Henninger High School 2012

2 Henninger HS Task Force Initiative Objectives  Determine the academic focus and direction of the school  Monitor initiatives and make appropriate adjustments, supported by evidence and regular review of organized data that will lead to informed decisions  Determine a course of action or present appropriate options to stakeholders; making decisions that are supported by data in an ongoing cycle of collecting, organizing and synthesizing information

3 Professional Development Five Participants  Identify professional development needs through qualitative and quantitative data analysis  Identify professional development opportunities for teachers  Develop a two-year professional development plan for the school  Develop schedules and budgetary recommendations to provide professional development to staff

4 Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions Seven Participants  Evaluate and improve the current PBIS plan  Monitor plan and implementation  Maintain, and communicate with staff data that is directly related to student behavior

5 Curriculum Implementation One Participant per content area  Identify and/or create courses that meet the needs of students, aligned with the mission and vision of the school  Identify and/or develop current curriculum  Determine best practices with regards to time, pedagogy and technology to deliver the curriculum

6 Master Schedule Department Chairs  Identify curriculum needs through the use of student data  Identify staffing needs  Develop the master schedule

7 English Language Learners Four Participants and Three ELL staff  Determine current status of ELL program  Research and identify effective ELL programming that should be implemented at Henninger  Design and align the ELL program into the master schedule

8 Special Education Five Participants  Determine current status of special education programs  Research and identify effective special education programming that should be implemented at Henninger  Design and align the special education program into the master schedule

9 Instructional Data Five Participants  Organize data from benchmark, state and other assessments  Schedule and organize data meetings  Communicate with the Professional Development Task Force  Identify RTI needs  Expand graduation initiatives

10 Henninger Spirit & School Culture Seven Participants  Develop and administer surveys to identify specific cultural needs within the school  Develop and organize events (freshman orientation, parent nights, staff celebrations…)  Communicate and recruit staff to participate in organized events  Revise and coordinate volunteer program at Henninger

11 Budget & Finance Three Participants  Maintain financial records  Administer grant monies accordingly  Communicate budget and finance information to staff

12 Crisis Management Seven Participants  Maintain and implement crisis management plans

13 Technology Advisement Five Participants  Organize and evaluate current technology needs  Create a two-year technology implementation plan  Communicate routinely with each task force to determine needs and plans for implementation

14 On Track Seven Participants  Develop plan for groups and/or individual students to graduate in four years  Communicate with staff those plans and needs of students

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