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Welcome to V. Sue Cleveland High School Home of the Storm!

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1 Welcome to V. Sue Cleveland High School Home of the Storm!
CLASS of 2019 Welcome to V. Sue Cleveland High School Home of the Storm!

2 Welcome Student Body President: Feliz Romero CHS Cheer CHS Dance team

3 CHS Fight song Cleveland High, Cleveland High! Our loyalty is true. There is none above The power of The Silver and Electric Blue! They will feel the jolt Of the Lightning Bolt And the roar of the Thunder too! We’re The Storm! The Storm is Rolling Through!

4 you are the future of Cleveland High School
Special Thanks to Ms. Galindo’s Film and Video Production class for creating the following video!

5 Graduation Rate 91.1

6 2019 Storm Support Team Principal
Scott Affentranger Vice Principal Renee Saucedo Assistant Principal /Counselors / Secretary Assistant Principal – Dr. Sue Carley Counselor – Jessica Sanchez (A-L) Counselor – Josh Garcia (M-Z) Secretary – Sherri Overman Activities Director Stacy Salinas Athletic Coordinator Larry Chavez

7 Get Caught in the storm! Clubs and activities
Academic Decathlon Key Club Yearbook Marching Band Art Club Mock Trial See the on-line Activities Handbook for club descriptions! Associated Students National Honor Society **Bowling (2) Native American Club Chess Club Drama Club School of Rock Poetry Slam DECA Science Olympiad FFA Guitar & Band Club **State Championships Show Choir Speech and Debate Jazz Band

8 Get caught in the storm! athletics
BOYS GIRLS Baseball Basketball Basketball **Cheer (1) **Cheer (1) **Cross Country (1) **Cross Country (2) Dance Dance Golf **Football (1) Soccer **Golf (1) Softball Soccer Tennis Tennis **Track & Field (1) **Track & Field (2) **Volleyball (1) **Wrestling (2) Swimming Swimming **State Championships

9 Director’s cup

10 Freshman Core Classes English (Eng 9 or Pre-AP Eng 9) Math
(Algebra 1 / Geometry / Pre-AP Geometry) Science (Earth/Space & Conceptual Physics or Pre-AP) Social Studies (World Geo/NM Hx or AP Human Geo/NM Hx) Physical Education Pathfinder or World Language

11 Plus 1 Additional elective
As a freshman you may choose one elective CHS Program of Studies is located on our webpage (see handout) hhtp:// or

12 Possible Freshman electives
Film and Video Production I Introduction to Ag Science Introduction to Visual Art World Languages: Acting 9 French, German, Italian Mandarin, Spanish Associated Students Intro to Theater Technology Army JROTC / Leadership Education Introduction to Dance / Dance Yearbook 1 Pilates Introduction to Technology Introduction to Music Appreciation Digital Photography Choir (Mixed/Women’s/Concert) Graphic Arts Show Choir Marketing / DECA 1 Piano Keyboarding Wind Symphony Pottery and Sculpture Symphonic Band Stagecraft Concert Band Topics in Engineering Marching Band (after school) Guitar See our on-line Orchestra Program of Studies CADesign for course descriptions! Introduction to Robotics

13 Upcoming Registration
CHS Counselors will be on your campus Parents must have a PARENT portal account prior to registration dates. (check with your current school if you are not sure if you have an account) Feb 10 Eagle Ridge MS Feb 19 Rio Rancho MS Feb 24 & 25 Mountain View MS

14 Graduation Requirements
Please see the back of your handout for graduation requirements. (credits and testing) Counselors will introduce requirements to students when they visit the middle schools There are two types diplomas. The specific requirements for each can be found on the back of your handout. Diploma of Distinction (28/28 credits + 2 AP courses + no grade below a C) Standard Diploma (26/28 credits)

15 Freshman Jump Start Come back to Freshmen orientation right before school starts for tours, to learn the fight song and the Cleveland Shuffle and important information about CHS. Date and times will be available at summer registration. Cleveland Shuffle Come to our athletic events – chances are you will see it! Look for it on YouTube (ex. Cleveland shuffle at Cleveland High School)

16 Web Page or
You will find information Announcements and events Virtual tour of the school Registration Program of studies Teachers / Coaches

17 Questions ?

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