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Liberal Studies 101 An Introduction to your future at NYU.

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1 Liberal Studies 101 An Introduction to your future at NYU

2 Are you ready for NYU? You’ve studied your whole life I mean, that’s 14 Years of studying You’ve gotten scores of “A” grades You’ve aced countless exams Time management may as well be just another pop song Yeah. after all,

3 What else is there to know? You got into one of the largest elite institutions in the world You are capable You are ready Aren’t you?

4 Great, here’s your ticket to Hayastan! I’m sure you know what to pack I’m sure you know the: Well, you at least know what the name means, right? The language The landmarks The system The currency դր The people The style Transliterated Armenian

5 Hmm … Going to Armenia is starting to sound a lot like going into LS at NYU …

6 Here’s what to do: Take everything you think you know Have you got it? Good. Now throw it out Because at NYU & in Liberal Studies, you are walking in unfamiliar territory

7 don’t worry, we have some tools for you! But first, let’s introduce you to your new Family.

8 LS Great Works Curriculum:

9 The LS Core: Rationale and structure Global: “In and of the city, In and of the World” Great works from around the world across time Interdisciplinary: exposure to multiple modes of study Writing Intensive Small courses

10 The Freshman Year Writing I Social Foundations I Cultural Foundations I Elective (language or London course) Writing II Social Foundations II Cultural Foundations II Elective (language or London Course) SpringFall

11 Freshman Great Works Curriculum The rationale: Foundational connections Skills-Building Exploratory Relationship- building

12 Registration for Freshman courses Fall semester: Varies by site LS Registers London & Florence/Based on Academic Profile questionnaire Paris Students: Register themselves in July

13 Registration for Freshman courses Spring Semester Students register themselves Pre-registration Advising visit in October Registration Week: early to mid-November

14 Here are the tools we have in place for you and your success: Advisors Faculty Mentors Newsletters Twice yearly advising visits Beth Senti Yoko

15 Professional Advisors by site Professional Advising in the Freshman Year - Florence: Sentienla Toy Advising Visits - London: Beth haymaker - Paris: Yoko sasaki They stay with you through to transition or graduation - Pre-registration each summer - Individual appointments and group sessions -Available by Skype

16 Faculty Advisors by site Additional Advising in the Freshman Year - Florence: Professors Nina D’alessandro & Luis Ramos On-site Academic Support - London: James Polchin - Paris: Christopher Packard - Additional support in London, Paris, & Florence - Learn more during orientation

17 Who to go to for What? Major, minor, concentration planning Registration clearance AP, IB, International Maturity exams Exemption examinations Additional credits/overloads Questions of internal transfer/transition or choosing your concentration Larger questions about academic disciplines, success in the classroom, doing research Questions about grad school for the Ph.D, MA, or MFA Professional advisorsFaculty Advisors

18 Looking ahead: Sophomore Year SF III/CF III Elective or SF III/CFIII (for GLS- bound students) Elective Core program - SF III/CF III- Elective- Elective GLS -Approaches -Sophomore topics - Elective SpringFall

19 For beyond sophomore year Here are your options at the GNU:

20 The Core Program direct transition to GLS College of Arts & Sciences The Gallatin School of Individualized study Steinhardt The College of Nursing The School of Social Work SCPS – Preston Tisch Center

21 Global Liberal Studies Politics, Rights and Development Contemporary Culture and Creative Production Arts and Literatures Science, Technology and Society Histories, Philosophies, and Worldviews Identities and Representations Florence Berlin Buenos Aires Paris Tel Aviv Shanghai A Four Year degree

22 The GLS Difference Global Students – Who we are; who you are – Key moments for decision making: site choice and transition Hallmarks of the GLS degree – Global study: freshman & junior year – Advanced language work – Experiential learning: learning by doing – Small classes, big world – Senior thesis and independent research

23 Let’s talk about what you’ve Already done AP, IB, A-level, Abitur, and other Advanced standing – How credits are awarded – What NYU needs to review your credits – What credits are “good for”: with a special note on the sciences – Where to go with more questions: your academic advisor College coursework Note: How to tell us you want credit for your college coursework or advanced standing

24 Thinking ahead: requirements for your BA school Universal Requirements – Credits for graduation: 128 – GPA requirement: (and note on Good standing) Common requirements – Language – Sciences: Physics-based and bio-based – Math/quantitative reasoning – Major requirements

25 Skills for success Know your resources: The Moses center The wellness center The LS advising center Writing support Student activities center

26 Skills for success Write an effective email: Change your personal email to something nice Something Professional Ex: Include your “N” number under your signature

27 Skills for success Understand the constraints of the work world: Faculty & Staff work 9-5 Monday-Friday Give Them a chance to respond Politely Follow up within 72 hours if you haven’t heard back

28 Life beyond the classroom Wasserman Clubs & Activities Work & Internships

29 Questions? or Comments?

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