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College of Agriculture College of Art & Design College of Humanities & Social Sciences College of Science College of Engineering College of Human Sciences.

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3 College of Agriculture College of Art & Design College of Humanities & Social Sciences College of Science College of Engineering College of Human Sciences & Education E.J. Ourso College of Business Manship School of Mass Comm. College of Music & Dramatic Arts Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Human Ecology Animal Sciences Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences Renewable Natural Resources Human Resource Education & Workforce Dev. Agricultural Business Nutrition & Food Sciences Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising Forestry Natural Resource Ecology and Mgt Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences Colleges Schools/Departments and Majors Environmental Management Systems Plant and Soil Systems Agricultural Education Food Science Nutrition & Food Sciences


5 DO NOT go to University Center for the Freshman Year (UCFY) for help The College of Agriculture is your senior college You are directly admitted into the College of Agriculture!!

6 Scholarship Opportunities Hands-on learning Small student-to-faculty ratio Advising with faculty members Diversity of majors Ag 1001 Undergraduate research Direct Admission into your senior college Benefits of the College of Ag (COA)

7 Need Help? Student Services Office Faculty Advisors

8 Agriculture Residential College Apply online! Ag Leadership theme “ Mini Campus” atmosphere Peers with same interests Academic Tracks Classes in the hall Reserved spaces in classes Faculty office hours on- site

9 Agriculture Residential College Save the date: Welcome event, morning of Friday, August 17th

10 Get to know – Faculty – Staff – Fellow students Join clubs and organizations Attend Burger Bash Participate in Ag Week Get Involved!

11 Recruiting – Career/College Fairs College of Agriculture events University wide events National Conferences Les Voyageurs (College of Agriculture Ambassadors)

12 Online: Your BEST FRIEND!! The General Catalog

13 Fall semester – Monday, December 3 rd – Saturday, December 8 th Spring semester – Monday, May 13 th – Saturday, May 18 th Saturday Finals

14 Read your e-mails! Sent from the Student Services Office – Associate Dean Garrison Important information – Due dates for applications – Final dates to drop classes/withdraw from the university – Scholarships/Internships/Employment – Event dates and locations IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE

15 The Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS) is designed to help you reach academic success at LSU and make sure that you are progressing towards graduation each semester. Each major and concentration has a RECOMMENDED PATH that is the optimal path to graduate in four years. Within each RECOMMENDED PATH are CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS. These are specific courses or other performance measurements that each department has identified as mandatory for progression in their major. CATS checks your progress each semester by tracking you on the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS needed, and gives you feedback when you are not meeting these requirements. If you are off-track 2 times in the same major, you will be forced to change your major. This process will be completed with the assistance of counselors and career services. CATS Comprehensive Academic Tracking System

16 Just before scheduling for the upcoming semester, and again after final grades are posted, CATS checks your progress on the current semester’s CRITICAL RERQUIREMENTS for your major. If you meet the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS from your RECOMMENDED PATH, you will not receive an email notification. If you are not meeting the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS from your RECOMMENDED PATH, you will receive an email containing a link to your CATS STATUS screen on your myLSU account. This will give you detailed information regarding your unmet CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS, as well as contact information for your counselor. A flag will be put on your registration that requires that you see your counselor before you may schedule for the upcoming term. Students are tracked during the fall and spring semesters only. Summer terms and intersessions are periods students can use to complete missing CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS. HOW DOES CATS WORK?

17 Dear Student, The Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS) has found critical criteria that have not been met for your degree program. Please follow the link below to view these requirements through your PAWS account: For additional information about CATS or assistance with viewing your CATS Status screen please visit: Thank you, Office of the University Registrar Louisiana State University CATS NOTIFICATION EMAIL Off-track notification will contain a link to your CATS Status Screen on myLSU. CHECK YOUR LSU EMAIL REGULARLY!

18 Your journey with CATS begins by reviewing the RECOMMENDED PATH for your chosen major at START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY!

19 ALEKS Calculus Readiness Assessment ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) Test – Online assessment – Only needed if you have a major that requires MATH 1550 (Calculus I) – Must score 70% to take MATH 1550 or 75% to take MATH 1551 (Honors Calculus I) – Questions:

20 Making your schedule

21 Pre-requisites Placement sheet Catalog – BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors I (3) Prereq: minimum ACT composite of 23 or a C or better in CHEM 1201. Primarily for students in science, agriculture, or education. Credit will not be given for both this course and BIOL 1001. General concepts in cellular structure, cellular metabolism, cellular communication, and genetics. – CHEM 1201 General Chemistry I (3) Prereq.: credit or registration in MATH 1022, 1023, 1431, 1550, or 1551. Credit will not be given for this course and CHEM 1421. For science/engineering curricula. Modern chemical theories and principles; quantitative approach and problem solving; descriptive chemistry of selected elements and compounds.

22 Choosing courses

23 Scheduling Form 2012 We will do our best to get you the exact classes you want!

24 Ag Res College Scheduling If you are in the Ag Res College, you have been pre-scheduled with as many courses as possible that apply to your major Add to those courses May choose to delete courses, but must keep a minimum two ARC courses, including AGRI 1001 If you want to delete an ARC course, write the course that you want removed on your purple scheduling sheet

25 Majors and Concentrations Agricultural Business – Agribusiness finance – Agribusiness management – Rural development – International business Agricultural Education (grades 6-12) Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences – Animal science – Dairy foods technology – Dairy production – Poultry science – Science & technology – Pre-veterinary medicine Environmental Management Systems – Environmental analysis & risk management – Policy analysis – Resource conservation Forestry (Forest Management) – Ecological restoration – Forest enterprise – Forest resources management Natural Resource Ecology & Management – Conservation biology – Fisheries & aquaculture – Wetland science – Wildlife ecology – Wildlife habitat conservation and management – Wildlife law enforcement – Pre-veterinary medicine Nutrition and Food Sciences – Dietetics – Food Science and technology (with pre-med option) – Nutrition, health, and society – Nutrition science/pre-med Plant & Soil Systems – Ag pest management with entomology emphasis – Ag pest management with plant pathology emphasis – Crop science – Environmental horticulture – Horticultural science – Landscape management – Soil science – Sustainable production systems – Turfgrass management – Urban entomology Textiles, Apparel, Merchandising – Apparel design – Merchandising – Textile science

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