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HOLY CROSS SCHOOL 11 th Grade PARENT PRESENTATION (2014-2015) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mr. Charles DiGange – Headmaster Dr. Joseph Murry, Jr. – High School.

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1 HOLY CROSS SCHOOL 11 th Grade PARENT PRESENTATION (2014-2015) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mr. Charles DiGange – Headmaster Dr. Joseph Murry, Jr. – High School Principal Mrs. Teresa Billings – Middle School Principal/Director of Studies Mrs. Patricia Hrapmann – Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mr. Eric DesOrmeaux – Dean of Men/High School Mr. Ronnie Kornick - Dean of Boys/Middle School and 8 th Grade PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELORS Ms. Karen duPlantier – Director of Counseling and Guidance ( Grade 8 & Scholars) Dr. Matt Wegmann - High School Counselor ( Grades 10, 11 ) Ms. Gaye Trombatore – High School Counselor ( Grades 9, 12 ) Mrs. Stephanie Strain – Middle School Counselor ( Grade 5, 6, & 7 ) COLLEGE COUNSELOR Mrs. Raynette Lumas - ( Grades 11, 12 ) PROFESSIONAL STAFF Mrs. Dixie Crayton– Administrative Assistant Mrs. Tricia Bristow – Registrar

2 Holy Cross Counselors Committed To…. Academic Career Personal and Social Development Invested In…. Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities Helping your son develop goals and objectives Providing individual and group counseling Helping Your Son Acquire… Knowledge Skills Positive Attitude And Improve… Attendance Behavior Academic achievement Relationships - Family - Teachers - HC Brothers

3 Holy Cross Counselors Support the School Community By… Helping create a safe school environment where students can learn Coordinating referrals to outside agencies Helping to design interventions that enhance student success Helping parents, teachers, and administrators meet the needs of all students We must work together!

4 Holy Cross College Counseling Committed To…. Helping students identify colleges that are the right fit Helping students and parents navigate the college admissions and financial aid process Assisting students with applying to college and all facets of the college application

5 Goals of Presentation TOPS Overview Provide a roadmap for your son’s junior year Provide tips on how to start the college search process with your son Introduce Family Connection by Naviance

6 LA Regents Core 4 Current Requirements 4 English 4 Math 4 Natural Science 4 Social Studies 2 Foreign Language (same language) 1 Art –HC requires 2 years of Art, Drama, Chorus or Band (Fine Art Survey is 1 year) Total= 19 units

7 TOPS Eligibility 2.5 GPA – CORE COURSE (GPA) PLUS 20 COMPOSITE ACT OR SAT Equivalent (verbal + math - 970 approximately) OPPORTUNITY AWARD : 2.5 CORE GPA AND 20 ACT Public LA Institution –Tuition* (fees not included) Private LA Institution – Weighted Average PERFORMANCE AWARD : 3.0 CORE GPA AND 23 ACT Opportunity Award Amount PLUS ($400.00 per year) HONORS AWARD : 3.0 CORE GPA AND 27 ACT Opportunity Award Amount PLUS ($800.00 per year) *See TOPS Award Amounts for 2014-2015 Award Year

8 UnitsCourses 1 ENGLISH = 4 Units 4 unitsEnglish I, II, III, & IV MATH = 4 Units 1 unit Algebra I, or Integrated Mathematics I, or Applied Algebra I or Algebra I - Parts 1 & 2 (two units) or Applied Mathematics I & II (two units) or Applied Algebra 1A and 1B (two units) 1 unitAlgebra II or Integrated Mathematics II 2 units Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, Advanced Math-Functions and Statistics, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics III, Integrated Mathematics III, or Algebra III SCIENCE = 4 Units 1 unitBiology I or II 1 unitChemistry I or II, or Chemistry Com 2 units Earth Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Integrated Science, Biology II, Chemistry II, Physics, Physics II, Physics for Technology I or II, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, AP Physics C: Mechanics, or Anatomy and Physiology or both Agriscience I & II (both for 1 unit) SOCIAL STUDIES = 4 Units 1 unitUnited States History 1 unitCivics (1 year), or AP Government and Politics: United States 2 unitsWorld History, Western Civilization, World Geography, European History, History of Religion or AP Human Geography FOREIGN LANGUAGE = 2 Units 2 unitsForeign Language (2 units in the same language) FINE ARTS = 1 Unit 1 unit Fine Arts Survey or 1 unit of a performance course in music, or dance, or theater or 1 unit of studio art or 1 unit of visual art or both Speech III & IV (both for 1 unit) TOTAL = 19 Units TOPS Core Curriculum For the Opportunity, Performance, and Honors Awards For High School graduates of 2014 through 2017. 1 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses with the same name as a course listed in the TOPS Core Curriculum may be substituted. (800) 259-5626 P.O. Box 91202, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9202 Updated : 08/01/2013

9 Maximum TOPS Award Amount (2014-2015) InstitutionsTOPS Annual Award Amount (3) Baton Rouge Community College (1)$2,805.53 Delgado Community College (1)$2,921.95 Grambling State University$4,895.00 Nicholls State University$4,922.28 LSU – BR$6,464.54 Louisiana Tech University (Quarters)$5438.80 McNeese State University$4,679.40 Northwestern State University$4,934.60 Southeastern La University$4,798.20 UL – Lafayette$4,915.42 UL – Monroe$4,985.20 University of New Orleans$5,536.70 LA Private Institutions$4,648.00 Notes: (1) Includes all campuses within the designated colleges. (2) Schools that are specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Includes both Academic and Technical Programs. (3) The total amount does not include summer payments allowed for students enrolled full time in technical programs or students in an academic program that elect to have their award paid for a qualified summer session. The amount of the award may not exceed the tuition amount charged to the student for summer attendance.

10 Admissions to 4-Year Universities High School Curriculum Regents’ Core: 19 units (from Core 4 Curriculum) AND Minimum HS GPA Minimum overall HS GPA: 2.0 Flagship, Statewide, & Regional Minimum ACT sub-score: English 18+, Math 19+ Flagship, Statewide & Regional Students meeting minimum admission standards except for the need for developmental courses may enroll in the summer and upon successful completion of the developmental courses will be admitted for the fall. AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING HS Core GPA GPA on the CORE - 3.0 - Flagship GPA on the CORE - 2.5 - Statewide GPA on the CORE - 2.0 - Regional OR ACT ACT Composite - 25 - Flagship ACT Composite - 23 - Statewide ACT Composite - 20 - Regional % Admissions Flagship – 4% Statewide – 6% Regional – 8% Exceptions Allowed Calculated from the previous year’s entering freshman class Flagship: LSU Statewide: LA Tech, ULL, UNO Regional: Grambling, LSU-A, LSU-S, McNeese, Nicholls, NSU, SLU, SU, SUNO, ULM Always check with the specific institution for additional requirements and information as they may choose to adopt other admission requirements.

11 Exam Exemptions All students take exams 1 st semester Must receive an “A” 1 st semester Prior to 2 nd semester exam: Student must have an “A” Teacher will inform student they are exempt If exempt, student is not required to be here during that exam period

12 Roadmap for Junior Year Top Ten Things to Do to Prepare for College 1.Take the PSAT October 15 th Measures preparedness for the SAT Sections – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing Determines National Merit Eligibility (if achieved tuition free senior year) 2.Course Selection Work with Dr. Wegmann to Consider AP, Honors and Dual Enrollment 3.Keep Up Your Grades Most important academic year 4.Build Your Resume Leadership roles Community service Meaningful summer activities

13 Junior Year College Planning 5.Take the ACT March 17- mandatory junior testing on campus Additional Test Dates Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration (additional fee) September 13, 2014August 8August 9-22 October 25, 2014*September 19September 20-October3 December 13, 2014November 7November 8-21 February 7, 2015January 9January 10-16 April 18, 2015*March 13March 14-27 June 13, 2015May 8May 9-22 Things to Know: Holy Cross ACT Code – 192030 TOPS ACT Code – 1595 Indicate ACT Code for Colleges and Universities you plan to apply ACT Prep: Prep class offered at Holy Cross prior to October and April test * ACT offered at Holy Cross School

14 Junior Year College Planning 6.Begin Researching Colleges/Scholarships Utilize college search tools Research admission criteria’s Request information 7.Visit Colleges Daily Tours or Open Houses 8.Take Advantage of College Visits to Campus September and October 9.Take Advantage of Local College Fairs NACAC New Orleans College Fair – September 30 @ Pontchatrain Center 10.Meet With Your College Counselor Individual meetings in spring semester (parent welcome) Complete Game Plan Survey prior to meeting Parents should complete Parent Brag Sheet

15 Creating Your College List Objective Guides – Basic facts about college including: enrollment size, majors, admission data, housing information, cost, etc. College Board College Handbook Peterson’s Four Year Colleges Subjective Guides – college information based on questionnaires to students, professors, administrators, and deans. Includes information about social atmosphere, academic pressure and competition, quality of housing, food, etc. The Fiske Guide to Colleges Colleges That Change Lives The Best 377 Colleges

16 Creating Your College List Other resources available: College catalogs and other printed materials College Website College Counselor Online College Search Engines Family Connection by Naviance

17 Creating Your College List College Search Tools - Allows students to find colleges that “fit” based on factors such as: Major Type of School Liberal Arts Research Institution Art School Location Distance from home Small town, suburban, urban Weather Academic Record Size Extracurricular Activities

18 Creating Your College List On average students apply to 5-7 colleges. Your list should include a minimum of 3-5 colleges: Reach – your academic credentials fall below the school’s range for the average freshman Match – your academic credentials fall well within (or exceed) the school’s range for the average freshman Safety – your academic credentials fall above the school’s range for the average freshman May also want to consider finances when creating this list List should include in-state and out-of-state option

19 Family Connection by Naviance What is Family Connection: An on-line resource for students and parents for Post High School Planning & Advising Family Connection Allows Students To: Create a résumé View upcoming colleges/universities visiting Holy Cross Complete a college search and compare colleges Develop a prospective college list Provide access to scholarship search engines; over a hundred national scholarships are available Links to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, NCAA, Careers, College searches) Manage college applications by tracking college deadlines and requesting counselor recommendation and transcripts to be sent Take assessments and surveys Create goals and to-do lists

20 Accessing Family Connection

21 Family Connection: Welcome Screen Quick links to helpful websites Welcome message/special announcements Messages sent by guidance Document Library of resources such as TOPS Core Curriculum, NCAA Eligibility Guide, Essay Writing Tips, etc. Upcoming Events such as ACT and SAT test dates and announcements

22 Family Connection: Colleges Tab Show Dates and Times of upcoming Colleges/Universities Visiting campus College Search Tools Built in search engine Look up a specific college by name View listing of: Available local and national scholarships Scholarships matching your qualifications Add colleges to a list of schools you are: Considering Plan on applying to Research summer opportunities Provides links to helpful external websites including national scholarship search websites

23 Family Connection: SuperMatch Provides a list of suggested colleges based on search criteria such as GPA, test scores, size, major, etc.

24 Family Connection: College Lookup Allows you to view colleges: Contact Info Deadlines Admission Information Financial Aid Majors Student Life Link to college website and request for information Indicate if they are a common application school

25 Family Connection: Game Plan

26 Family Connection: Scholarship Information Students can access a list of scholarship opportunities available Students can conduct a search of national scholarships

27 Family Connection: Scholarship Information

28 Family Connection: Careers Career Interest Assessment based on Holland’s interest codes Assessment which helps a student identify career clusters that may be a good match based on: Things that interest them Personal qualities Subjects they enjoy Look up a specific career and see the major and plan of study needed to achieve the career. Can also view salary potential for careers

29 Family Connection: About Me Create college resume Students can view all test scores on file including: ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Test, PLAN, PSAT, and AP Allows students to view weighted and un- weighted GPA Place for students to keep track/document what steps in college admission process they have completed

30 Family Connection: My Planner

31 College Outreach Personal Meetings with student and/or parents College Planning Handbook Kick Off to College Night Financial Aid Night Junior College Tour Workshops How Colleges Make Admission Decisions How to Apply to College College Essay College Resume Admissions Interview Planning for the College Make the Most of Your College Visit College visits to campus - September and October NACAC National College Fair – September 30th @ Pontchartrain Center

32 Questions and Contact Information Dr. Matt Wegmann 10 th and 11 th Grade Counselor 504.942.2426 Raynette Lumas College Counselor 504.252.9416

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