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Master Teacher Academy June 21-25, 2010

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1 Master Teacher Academy June 21-25, 2010
Welcome! Cover for binders, dividers Syllabus List of participants Checklist, Lesson Analysis, Template, Rubric Academy Goals Master Teacher Academy June 21-25, 2010 Funded by South Dakota Department of Education Enhancing Education Through Technology Program

2 Logistics Bathroom Breaks Lunch Parking Internet access
Who to ask for help 

3 Credit University of Sioux Falls EDU 548T Master Teacher Academy
Credit Hours = 2 grad credits Cost = $40 per credit hour ($80 total) Textbook(s) - coming

4 Expectations Attend and Participate in all activities
Checklist (for your use)

5 MTA Grant Goals Increase student achievement
Increase teachers’ level of technology integration Increase awareness of 21st century skills

6 2009 MTA Cohort

7 MasterTeachers Listserv
Used for Intellectual Stimulation and general information Send an to Body of message: Subscribe MasterTeachers Make sure there is no signature line or you will receive an error message.

8 2009 MTA Cohort Lessons Melissa Knox Michelle Andrews

9 2010 Master Teacher Roll – update your own personal page Location of schedule Discussion Question: What questions do you have about 21st century skills? What knowledge and skills can you share with others? (Reply to post don’t create a new one)

10 Travelling Pair Share Stand up, put a hand up, and pair up.
In pairs, one person says, “Hi, I’m ___. Something I’ve seen or heard about that I would like to use or know more about is _____.” Switch roles asking and responding to the question. Partners shake hands goodbye and put a hand up to find a new partner. Do 2 rounds of "TP" and on the 3rd round form Advisory Groups of 4 people per group. I'm thinking they would sit near each other for the rest of the week and then we mix them up to share with other groups as the week progresses, always returning to ad. group to share again.  Report out to the largest group – something you heard that you also want to know about. Record on flip chart. This might help guide the technology help sessions.

11 Title IID Survey
Login with your k12 username and password Complete the 2010 Educator Technology Integration Survey

12 Alternative Communication
Without talking, form a line around the exterior of the room according to your birthday. Ex. – Begin with Jan 1 and continue around the room, ending with the last date in Dec.

13 People Search Read the squares on your People Search card.
Find a colleague who fits the description in one of the squares. If the square pertains to you, sign your name. You can only sign one square on each card. You can not sign your own card.

14 Video 20th century thinking for a 21st century world …
20th century thinking for a 21st century world …

15 Advisory Groups for the Week
Your job is to be a professional friend through providing and promoting support by actively communicating with constructive ideas that amplify your group members. Spend some time getting to know your Advisory Group. Talk about your lesson, your practice, etc.

16 Lesson Analysis

17 Lunch

18 How have schools changed since you were in elementary school?
How have they stayed the same? Then Now

19 21st century skills video?

20 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” --Alvin Toffler, American writer and futurist (1928- )

21 21st Century Skills Framework
Student Outcomes Support Systems Source:

22 21st Century Skills Framework
21st Century Themes - Global Awareness - Financial, Economic, Business & Entrepreneurship Literacy - Civic Literacy Health Literacy Environmental Literacy Core Subjects Economics English Government Arts History Geography Reading or Language Mathematics Science World Languages Civics Do the card sort activity with each slide. Source:

23 21st Century Skills Framework
Life & Career Skills Flexibility & Adaptability Initiative & Self-Direction Social & Cross-Cultural Skills Productivity & Accountability Leadership & Responsibility Do the card sort activity with each slide. The curriculum framework outlines a wide range of skills under employability, including students’ being able to work productively with others, demonstrate initiative, integrity, and leadership, and incorporate “different perspectives and cross-cultural understanding” into their work. Source:

24 21st Century Skills Framework
Learning & Innovation Skills Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Creativity & Innovation Communication & Collaboration These skills focus on higher order cognitive competencies students need to be effective and self-reliant life long learners. By promoting capacity to learn and grow, Learning & Innovation Skills facilitate the mastery of other 21st century skills. These skills are least likely to be outsourced. Source:

25 21st Century Skills Framework
Information, Media & Technology Skills Information Literacy Media Literacy ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) Literacy Source:

26 Partnership for 21st Century SKills
Tools & Resources Publications


28 X X X Name the 21st Century Themes/ Literacies 1 5 2 6 3 7 4
Global Awareness 1 Information, communication literacy 5 Financial, Economic Literacy 2 6 Environmental Literacy 3 Civic Literacy 7 Media Literacy 4 X X Health Literacy X

29 Name the 21st Century Learning & Innovation Skills
Critical Thinking 1 5 Communication Problem Solving 2 6 Collaboration 3 Creativity X X Innovation 4 X

30 Name the 21st Century Life & Career Skills
Adaptability 1 5 Accountability Flexibility 2 6 Leadership 3 Self-Direction 7 Responsibility X X 4 Productivity X


32 New Tech High

33 Pay Attention

34 Grade Level Debrief What have you learned today that is applicable to your grade level or school? What 21st century skill will you focus on in your lesson? What “cool” information did you discover or can you share with others?

35 DDN Curriculum Click on Manage Units
Click on Log in to manage your Units Sign in with your k12 ID & Password Click on Submit New Unit

36 Shake it up!

37 Questions, Comments, Thoughts

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