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1 Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT ® Results 2 Agenda Introduction Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results More About Your Skills National Merit Scholarship.

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2 1 Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT ® Results

3 2 Agenda Introduction Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results More About Your Skills National Merit Scholarship Information More About Your Answers How My College QuickStart™ Can Help You Future Test Preparation/Planning Scholarship/Financial Aid Update What’s New in College Admissions? NEW – LGS CONNECT!

4 3 TBT Counselors  Shelly Hollingsworth - Department Chair  Debra Conn  Jessie Finlayson  Kim Tymoczko  Anya Frances – College & Career Counselor (CCC)/  Terry Rey - intern  Marcy Leber – Guidance Assistant

5 4 Your Scores Your Skills Your Answers Critical Reading Mathematics Writing Skills Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results Next Steps 3 Test Sections

6 5 Estimated SAT Scores  Use PSAT Scale  Add a “zero” to the score  PSAT Scale of 20 – 80 is equivalent to SAT estimates of 200 – 800 per section

7 6 See how you did on each skill. The same skills are tested on the SAT. Your Skills You can try hundreds of practice questions, organized by skill, online in My College QuickStart (

8 7 National Merit Scholarship Corporation Information The Entry Requirements section displays information you provided on your answer sheet. The Percentile compares your performance to that of other college-bound juniors. The Selection Index is the sum of your critical reading, mathematics and writing skills scores. If it has an asterisk, you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements for the competition.

9 8 Your Answers You will get your test book back with your PSAT/NMSQT results, so that you can review the questions. You can also review each test question in My College QuickStart.

10 9 Your Answers: Student-Produced Responses Some of the math problems required you to grid in answers instead of selecting an option. For these questions, you will see the correct answer(s) written out.

11 10 What’s next? Use the access code on your report to log in to My College QuickStart, a personalized college and career planning kit. There you can: Search for colleges Get a personalized SAT study plan Take a personality test to find majors and careers that fit you Learn more about AP ® courses that you might be ready to take Next Steps

12 11 How Can My College QuickStart ® Help You?

13 12 My College QuickStart

14 13 My College QuickStart My Online Score Report Projected SAT® score ranges State percentiles You can filter questions Questions and answer explanations

15 14 My College QuickStart My SAT Study Plan™ Personalized skills to improve SAT practice questions An official SAT practice test

16 15 My College QuickStart My Personality Personality test Description of your type Tips for success Majors and careers that might be a good fit for you

17 16 My College QuickStart My College Matches Starter list of colleges Criteria to customize search Ability to save searches

18 17 My College QuickStart My Majors & Career Matches Major you chose Related majors Related careers

19 18 My College QuickStart My AP Potential List of AP courses Which ones are offered at your school

20 19 My College QuickStart My AP Potential Choose a major to see which courses match it. Interpret your report to see whether you are ready to take a course.

21 20 What to do?  Improve Your Skills  Organize Your Educational Plans Log in to your personalized account at

22 21 College Entrance Exams SAT Writing – 1 essay (25 min.)/ 2 mult. Choice sections/ 25 & 10 min. each (60 min. total) Critical Reading – 67 questions/70 minutes Math – 54 questions/70 minutes With breaks – approx. 4 hours ACT English – 75 questions/45 minutes Math – 60 questions/60 minutes Reading – 40 questions/35 minutes Science – 40 questions/35 minutes Writing (optional) – 1 essay/30 minutes With breaks/including essay – approx. 4 hours

23 22 SAT – ACT Equivalents (reading/math ONLY to composite)

24 23 SCHOLARSHIPS! Hillsborough County – Class of 2013  Performing Art/Talent –  $ 953,400 ($4,000)  Athletic – $26,473,476 ($371,306)  Academic – $88,675,973! ($1,660.890)


26 25 $$$ and info WEB SITES MORE ON GUIDANCE WEB PAGE: link thru – Guidance area is in instructional on School Official

27 26 Fastest Growing Occupations Through Year 2018  Biomedical Engineers  Network System Analysts  Home Health Aides  Financial Examiners  Medical Scientists  Physician Assistants  Skin Care Specialists  Biochemists/biophysicists  Athletic Trainers  Dental Hygienists  Physical Therapy Assistants  Veterinary Techs  Medical Assistants  Environmental Engineers US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12-10-2009

28 27 Highest Paid Jobs 1. Anesthesiologists$232,830 2. Surgeons $230,540 3. Obstetricians/Gynecologists $216,760 4. Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons $216,440 5. Internists, General $191,520 6. Orthodontists $186,320 7. Physicians/Surgeons/All Other $184,820 8. Family/General Practitioners $180,850 9. Psychiatrists $177,520 10. Chief Executives $176,840 11. Prosthodontists $168,120 12. Pediatricians, General $167,640 13. Dentists, All Other Specialists $164,780 14. Dentists, General $163,240 15. Nurse Anesthetists $154,390 16. Petroleum Engineers $147,470 17. Architectural/Engineering Managers $133,240 18. Podiatrists $132,470 19. Lawyers $130,880 20. Natural Sciences Managers $130,400 US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013 the-100-jobs-that-bring-the.html

29 28 Degree –vs- Unemployment

30 29 State University Enrollment (fall 2013) FAMU12,051 FAU24,246 FGCU12,064 FIU36,217 FSU31,943 NCF 832 UCF50,968 UF32,776 UNF14,629 USF30,488 UWF 9,958

31 30 STATE UNIVERSITIES USF - Tampa Concentration in Sciences/STEM research Jan. 2 – deadline for school- based scholarships RIGOR over test scores (precalc or higher in math; more than 2 years foreign language) Keeping under 30 in a class on St. Pete campus/6,500 total – separate application FIU - Miami Rated #1 in country for students graduating with the least amount of debt Automatic acceptance with a 3.5 recalculated GPA and 1680/25 test scores Check out their website for info on the skype info sessions with the admissions department New Academic Health Center

32 31 STATE UNIVERSITIES UF - Gainesville Innovation Academy – wholistic evaluation 60% based on academics (3.9 GPA/1400 SAT/2-3 AP classes; strength of senior schedule) 40% based on activities, essays, etc. (holistic point system used) New self-reporting application system FAMU -Tallahassee  New school of Business & Industry  Oldest nursing program in the state/leading state in state boards passing rate  Partnership with FIU’s Medical Honors Program  Accelerated Law Program – 6 years to a degree

33 32 STATE UNIVERSITIES FGCU - Sarasota Dunk City! Sweet 16! New Athletic Training Program Many freshmen classes being held in the residence halls Apply EARLY for housing – waitlists every year! Using District GPA – not recalculating FSU - Tallahassee Rescinded 58 applications in 2012 (grades below “C”)  SAT 1730-1960  ACT 25-29  Summer Bridge/1 st generation students – expanding in 2014  Prefer creative essays  Using District GPA – not recalculating

34 33 STATE UNIVERSITIES UNF - Jacksonville Averaging 20:1 class ratio International Business Major- 2 years at UNF/2 years in France State of the art “green” buildings – heavy focus on environmental issues in all disciplines UWF - Pensacola Adding NCAA (Division 2) football in 2016 Women’s Soccer National Champions  Full Nursing progress: BN, MN, Doctorate  Using District GPA

35 34 STATE UNIVERSITIES UCF – Orlando Top 10% in class with 1010/21 test scores = automatic acceptance New Freshman Residence Hall Top 5 largest freshmen classes in the US New Fraternity/Sorority Life Center “Under Construction Forever” Harris Engineering Institute FAU – Boca Raton Using District GPA New Freshman Residence Hall New Ocean Engineering Program  Essay is optional – keep it short AND creative  Concentration in Wholistic Nursing  D’s or F’s in Academic Core VERY BAD – even if retaken (FLVS alert)

36 35 STATE UNIVERSITIES NCF - Sarasota  12:1 teacher ratio  Senior thesis (capstone)  “no letter grades”  Using District GPA  Princeton Review labeled #1 Nerdiest College  Manatee Habitat Florida Polytechnic  1 st class admitted Fall 2014 (free tuition)  Will specialize in Innovation, Technology & Engineering  Using District GPA  20:1 ratio

37 36 PLAN AHEAD! (OR CATCH UP!) FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE YEAR Become familiar with colleges & requirements Select proper academic high school classes Build a good GPA foundation Get to know counselors Be active in school and community activities Scholarship Applications!

38 37 PLAN AHEAD! (OR CATCH UP!) JUNIOR YEAR/FALL SEMESTER Set college & career goals Take PSAT for NMSQT qualifications Consider AP & Dual Enrollment classes Keep up with Bright Futures requirements Build rapport with admissions people Scholarship Applications

39 38 PLAN AHEAD! (OR CATCH UP!) JUNIOR YEAR/ SPRING SEMESTER Narrow down college choices/weigh pros and cons thoroughly Determine what specific information colleges need Take SAT/ACT/PERT tests Begin to request recommendation letters Scholarship Applications! All Juniors will be taking the SAT on February 26!

40 39 PLAN AHEAD! SENIOR YEAR/FALL SEMESTER Complete college applications Gather recommendation letters Plan for early decision deadlines Scholarship Applications!

41 40 PLAN AHEAD! SENIOR YEAR/ SPRING SEMESTER Apply for financial aid Scholarship Applications! Make final college choices Pay deposits Request final transcripts NO SENIORITIS!

42 41 TEST PREPARATION  SAT PREP CLASSES District wide offerings on Saturdays (schedules available in guidance and on line)  ACT & SAT Prep on line  College Board (Quick Start)   SAT Prep elective next school year

43 42 College Fair!  Sunday, Feb. 23 – Tampa Convention Center; noon- 3:00pm


45 44 Lighthouse Guidance System (LGS Connect) Use your EDSBY log-in information. Student info working; parent info still being loaded

46 45 Check out these areas!

47 46

48 47


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