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Class of 2018 Good Choices now= lots of opportunities later.

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1 Class of 2018 Good Choices now= lots of opportunities later

2 Counselors Mrs. Hunker- A-G Mrs. Baker – H-O Mrs. Muck – P-Z

3 UNDERSTANDING SOME KEY POINTS Accumulative GPA v. GPA Used off final grades, not quarter grades Quality points 5.0 credits to be 10 th grade 22 credits to graduate End of course exams and new OGT Athletic Eligibility – must be passing 5 courses

4 UNDERSTANDING SOME KEY POINTS JVS – 25 point system, attendance is huge, academic GPA, course sequence (are you on track?) WE DON’T DECIDE WHO GETS IN AT THE JVS You are competing against all Lorain County High Schools Make sure you have Health and PE Attendance – 5 days each quarter are allowed. If you miss a 6 th day of school you immediately fail for the quarter. School excused absences are in your handbook

5 Don’t make JUST passing your goal How to Pass a class – You MUST pass 2/3 parts of a class. Quarter 12EXAM AAAPass FFAFail AFAPass AAFPass FAFFail If you fail the semester you will be required to re- take that semester

6 Community Service It is not mandatory! Community Service Cord You will be recognized at graduation You must complete 30 hours of community service by the time you graduate high school Pick up community service forms in guidance

7 Community Service Importance of Community Service It has the largest scholarship opportunities National Honor Society requirement Giving back to your community has a rewards in itself Finding what you love to do

8 Test Wednesday Test Wednesday. You will take the Terra Nova You will find out your testing location on the Tuesday before Please bring something to work on You will have the option of eating lunch here or you may be leave once testing is over

9 How do you see a counselor? Yellow passes in guidance should be completed and placed into the appropriate counselor’s box If it is an emergency do not fill out a yellow slip tell Mrs. Fedorko you need an adult You will sign in and sign out of the office

10 Why do you see a counselor Academic concerns – Poor grades – Concerns with the teacher – Study skills College and Career Personal – Family – Friends – Self

11 What to do if you think a friend is in danger….. Tell an adult immediately Do not delete texts, messages, posts or voicemail Do not let your friend be alone Get support from an adult for YOU

12 Bullying Physical Verbal Social Repeated behavior that makes it hard for a student to learn is bullying. Any insults that are sexual is sexual harassment Incident Report Form

13 How do you make high school a success? Start from today - do not wait Take advantage of all the opportunities – get involved and challenge yourself Ask for help – it is a strength not a weakness Do your homework and study – it may get harder Make good choices – don’t be impulsive Treat people with kindness Stand up for one another Be proud of who you are and where you come from

14 Ohio Means Jobs At you can find… K-12 Backpack profile Interest Inventories College Searches College & Career Readiness Tools (ACT, PSAT, SAT, COMPASS, ASVAB, AP, HS Skills Improvement) Program of Study Searches Scholarship Searches Career Information Searches/Outlooks





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