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School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Hocker Grove and North High School PBIS Coaches.

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1 School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Hocker Grove and North High School PBIS Coaches


3 Establish School-Wide Expectations


5 Hocker Grove Eagles


7 Create Building Matrix


9 Hocker Grove Middle School Matrix




13 Trivia What does the “O” in SOAR stand for?

14 Teaching Expectations Signage Announcements Power Points Student Generated Videos Assemblies Expectation Stations Games Student Skits PBIS “Dictionary”

15 Visual Prompts for Positive Expectations Signs in the Hallways, Art Competitions, and Other Creative Ideas


17 Hocker Grove SOARs






23 Hocker Grove Middle School Hallway Banner

24 TRIBE Posters


26 Student Planner

27 Football Jerseys

28 Hocker Grove Lesson Plan Template

29 Hocker Grove Teachers Teaching how to “SOAR” as Super Heroes

30 Expectation Stations at Hocker Grove




34 Recognition If you sat in, or near, the front row…

35 Systems of Positive Recognition

36 North Staff Recognition Student helped another student understand the assignment we were working on and did so without disrupting the entire class. I was very grateful that she took the initiative to help another student and to do it without disturbing our class.

37 North Staff Recognition Two students did OUTSTANDING work for the journalism concession stand: Student # 1 scrubbed every and all dishes – even when all the other kids went outside to watch the football team win. I told her to go out too – and she wanted to stay and finish the work. Student # 2 worked ¾ of the football game – and was the hardest frontline worker in the concession booth. A few adults after the game commented on what a wonderful worker she was – no breaks, taking care of people’s orders and moving on to the next customer.

38 North Staff Recognition I wanted to pass along something really cool that happened in my English CTI class yesterday. While the students were working on their bell work, one of my freshman students wasn’t on task. Student, a young man repeating freshman English, turned to the young man and said, “Hey, you really should do your bell work because the points add up quick.” The boy replied, “I don’t have a pencil.” Student could have just let that be that; instead, he gave the young man one of his extra pencils. This may not be a big deal in the scheme of things, but it one of the coolest things I have seen this year in regard to crossing the line.

39 North Staff Recognition Student stayed after lunch today and picked up trash in the cafeteria. More than that she also spent time talking to students about the importance of taking their trash and not leaving. Not only did she model the appropriate behavior but she also took the time to refocus students on proper behavior.




43 Tribe Tenets Pins

44 Parking Window Cling


46 Because you are so sweet and have gone beyond the call of duty, your colleagues are rewarding you with a sweet treat ! One of your teachers thinks you deserve something sweet today! Have a Happy Day! You are also being given a spare sweet to pass along to one of your students whom you think deserves an award for being kind to others, academic excellence, improving in your class, or maybe just because he or she is having a bad day. You may award the candy bar for any reason you see fit. Here’s a card to give to your student with the candy bar if you would like to include it: From The PBE Team

47 SOAR CARDS Hocker Grove Eagles are ready to SOAR!!! The SOAR CARDS are meant to be a reminder for adults to give positive feedback when they see students modeling desired behaviors. They are also a tangible reminder for students of a job well done. The act of receiving a SOAR CARD should be reinforcing in itself. Make a really big deal out of the event. Each time a SOAR CARD is given, the teacher should identify the specific behavior defined on the Apache Behavior Matrix. For example, “ Thank you for showing on-task behavior in the hallway by maintaining a quiet voice. ”

48 Hocker Grove SOARs

49 Trivia How many Tenets are there?

50 Trivia When you send someone to the office, is it a major or minor offense?

51 Revise Discipline Forms





56 Hocker Grove Middle School

57 Trivia What does SOAR stand for?

58 Data Systems: (Monitor, Evaluate, Modify)

59 Average Referrals Per Day Per Month Shawnee Mission North HS

60 Shawnee Mission North Referrals by Problem Behavior per Year

61 Average Referrals Per Day Per Month

62 YearNumber of referrals 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 1026 852 559 Average number of minutes student is out of class due to referral 30 Average number of minutes administrator needs to process referral 15 Instructional and Academic Time Regained StudentAdministrator Minutes First Year Second Year 5220 8740 2610 4395 Hours First Year Second Year 87 147 44 73 Days First Year Second Year 11 18 5959 Instructional and Administrative Minutes Gained Office Discipline Referral Data

63 Shawnee Mission North High School Time Regained in the Classroom

64 Trivia What are the Tribe Tenets?

65 Trivia Tell one way you recognize students in your school?

66 66 Possible Targeted Interventions For Tier Two 1.Adult Mentoring 2.Academic Support 3.Social Skills 4.Peer Support

67 CICO ASAP Structured Study Hall SWS Block Math Hot Passes C.T. Classes Types of Interventions at Hocker Grove

68 Resources rts/ rts/ 68

69 Recognition If you are part of the PSE or PBIS team, please stand up!!

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