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M OVING R EADERS TO P ROFICIENCY Using ReadingPlus to motivate and encourage student achievement.

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1 M OVING R EADERS TO P ROFICIENCY Using ReadingPlus to motivate and encourage student achievement

2 HCHS D EMOGRAPHICS Hancock Co., Kentucky (Lewisport) On the Ohio River halfway between Louisville, KY and Evansville, IN Small, rural county with plenty of industry Over 1600 students in the district – 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school HCHS had 475 students in 09/10 and currently has 487 enrolled for 10/11

3 H ANCOCK C O. H IGH S CHOOL Less than 5% minority 35% Free and Reduced population (would qualify for more…) 45 to 55% of our students go on to college

4 S TATE A CCOUNTABILITY T EST C OMPARISON R EADING T EST KCCT ReadingPLAN ReadingACT Reading Lexile Level95013401460 Grade Level6.013.5+13.5++ Average Incoming Freshman Lexile = 914.2 (As Of September 10, 2010) That is a 6.0 Grade Level reading ability. With active reading instruction, students MAY increase 100 Lexile points per year. (High estimate based on Cross-Curricular Reading Instruction.) Average growth per year in high school is 50 lexile points or.5 grade level per year. ( source: MetraMetrics research ) By the March ACT junior year, projected Lexile level would be 1214.2. Still 200 Lexile points BELOW the ACT reading exam.

5 R EADING P ROGRAMS Our SBDM passed a policy (Summer 2005) that required ANY student not reading at grade level to take a Reading Class in addition to the required Language Arts class. 9 th Grade Students who are tested and considered more than one year below Reading Level. Reading students remain in reading classes each year until they “test out”

6 H OW IT ALL BEGAN Former student surveys indicated need for more reading Two years of reading course with no curriculum and no textbooks yielded poor results -TABE Test, too many failures -KCCT Reading, yo-yo effect -ACT Reading scores below National Average Saw the need for something new and innovative

7 R EADING C URRICULUM Reading class curriculum consists of: The Seven Keys to Comprehension by Susan Zimmerman and Chryse Hutchins Intensive Vocabulary Instruction Year One = Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes Year Two = Hot Words for the SAT Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Reading Plus

8 P LACEMENT P ROCEDURES SBDM Policy 3.03 – Revised August 2008 Based on EPAS (EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT) Data Benchmarks for College/Career Readiness Based on RTI legislation, the bottom 20% of students not meeting these benchmarks must be remediated at Tier II – these students go into the class. This is ABOVE & BEYOND state regulation. TestIncoming 9th Incoming 10th Incoming 11th Incoming 12th EXPLORE15--- PLAN-18 - ACT---21 KCCTPro./Dis.- -

9 E XAMPLE D ATA All EPAS DATA is entered into an EXCEL Workbook for use in multiple departments for RTI, Classroom Instruction, and Scheduling purposes. Green indicates students who meet their benchmark. Yellow indicates students in the top 80% of those NOT meeting the benchmark. (Tier I – classroom remediation and monitoring) Red indicates the bottom 20% placed in a Reading course and Tier II intervention.

10 R EADING A CROSS C ONTENT A REAS LEAD-independent and group reading/discussion Classroom thinking strategies (see packet) Summer PD 2010 Independent reading projects

11 R EADING R ESULTS Results!! Kentucky Core Contest Test (State Assessment) Student Scores range from Novice-Low, Novice-Mid, Novice-High, Apprentice-Low, Apprentice-Mid, Apprentice- High, Proficient and Distinguished In 2009, 84.1% of our sophomores scored Proficient or Distinguished! Only 10 students scored less than Apprentice-High with ONE Novice! 20052006200720082009 Reading90.393.998.9695.2103.72

12 HCHS A CADEMIC S UCCESS (ACT) ACT Comparison (HCHS Graduates) 200520062007200820092010 English19.520.320. Math19.420.520.122.018.819.8 Reading20.320.720.922.420.120.0 Science19.520.020.921.619.519.9 Composite19.720.520.722.019.519.7 Number of graduates % Taking ACT 105 70.0% 100 70.0% 95 80.0% 123 60.2% 122 100% 104 100%

13 W HAT R EADING P LUS I S An internet based, differentiated reading program A tool for struggling, adequate, AND advanced students A comprehension program A fluency program A homework tool for independent readers

14 W HAT R EADING P LUS IS NOT A complete reading curriculum A replacement for direct reading instruction A substitute for sustained silent reading An unstructured free time for students

15 O BSTACLES WE FACED Lab space Funding Buy-in, district and school level Parental support

16 S TUDENT A CCOUNTABILITY Immediate Consistent Simple Feasible Motivating Consistent Fair RewardsGrades

17 R EWARDS 70% or higher 3 times in a row on GR = sucker 80% or higher five times in a row= chocolate Reaching two out of three goals on GR (Comprehension goal, I- Rate, G-Rate)= 5 bonus points on anything – points used that week 70% average comprehension at the end of each nine weeks= drop one quiz grade 80% of class earns 70% or better five (5) times in a row = Movie Day 80% of class Level Up 1 = free period in gym 90% of class meet WPM goal three (3) times in a row = donuts or pizza! 100% of class level up 2 = field trip! IndividualWhole Class

18 G RADES Guided Reading is a daily grade each session. Vocabulary (Cloze Plus or RAW) is a daily grade once per week. ReadingPlus PercentCorresponding Grade 90-100105% 70-85100% 60-6585% 50-5575% 40-4565% <300

19 T EACHER MATTERS All great programs rely on attentive and consistent teachers! Must be positive! Must be motivating! Must be attentive! Learning the hard way…

20 HCHS Site Report 2009-2010

21 Reading I

22 Reading II

23 Advanced Juniors

24 S TUDENT S KILLS R EPORT Lists each student’s individual scores on specific reading skills that are aligned with standards.

25 S TANDARDIZED R ESULTS Advanced Juniors – average ACT Reading increase, 8.4 KCCT Reading – 98 to 103 in one year! 2010 Junior ACT -78 Juniors completed at least 20 RPlus sessions -53 Juniors did not complete ANY RPlus sessions -Average reading score for RPlus Juniors = 19.72 -Average reading score for non-RPlus Juniors = 17.29 -ReadingPlus students scores were 2.43 scale points higher than those not enrolled in the program -A 3 rd year reading student who has completed ReadingPlus for 3 years scored a 30 in Reading!

26 R EADING P LUS WITH RTI Works as a Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III intervention Differentiation caters to individual needs and skills Can use skills report to assess key weaknesses, such as “identifying main idea,” or “making inferences” Because all students in a class are involved, students do NOT feel singled out


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