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Admissions & Enrollment Management Chris J. Foley Director of Undergraduate Admissions.

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1 Admissions & Enrollment Management Chris J. Foley Director of Undergraduate Admissions

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7 Under an Enrollment Management model, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will take a proactive role in managing the campus’s resources devoted to recruiting, admitting and enrolling students of all undergraduate types to campus. The unit will emphasize and create the expectations for the use of research and data to develop recruitment plans and admission standards, the maximization of efficiency and return-on-investment in the use of campus resources, and achieving the enrollment goals for the new students from headcount, credit hours and budgetary perspectives.

8 The Enrollment Equation: E cy = E py + S n – S d – S g Enrollment for the Current Year Students Who Departed New Students Enrolled Enrollment for the Prior Year Students Who Graduated

9 Recruitment’s Role in the Equation E cy = E py + S n – S l – S g Direct Influence on New Students Indirect Influence on Student Departure and Graduation via Types of Students Recruited

10 Total New Indianapolis Students = 13,043

11 Graduation: Success and Loss Positive enrollment decline, but still a decline May commencement saw an increase in the number of degrees of 163 (+2.5%) May commencement saw an increase in the number of bachelor’s degrees of 141 (+3.5%) A 2% increase in graduation rate represents 70 students on an incoming cohort of 3,500 This is compounded if multiple graduation rates increase simultaneously

12 The Consequences of Meeting Our Graduation Rate Targets If we were to reach our graduation rate targets (22%, 50% for 4-yr, 6-yr) and our retention target of 80%, we will have a net loss of 105 students on a cohort of 3,500 freshmen. If we do not reach the retention target, the loss will be 389 students.

13 Factoid to Consider #1 Almost 25% of our freshman deposits for 2014 are 21 st Century Scholars, compared to 20% for 2013 and almost double the number deposited for 2012. Are we prepared for this?

14 Factoid to Consider #2: Our Top HS Are Changing 201220132014 Ben Davis High School908884 Avon High School7596123 Warren Central High School714355 Brownsburg High School655278 Franklin Central High School587795 Center Grove High School545170 Perry Meridian High School516358 Carmel High School456087 Whiteland Community Hs435144 Noblesville High School412952 Avon High School Franklin Central High School Carmel High School Ben Davis High School Brownsburg High School Center Grove High School North Central High School Hamilton Southeastern Hs Perry Meridian High School Warren Central High School Fall 2012 Fall 2014

15 Estimated Market Share Fall 2013 Graduates 2012 Market Share 2013 Market Share 2014 Market Share Avon High School57213.1%16.8%21.5% Franklin Central High School56910.2%13.5%16.7% Carmel High School11084.1%5.4%7.9% Ben Davis High School87210.3%10.1%9.6% Brownsburg High School57511.3%9.0%13.6% Center Grove High School53610.1%9.5%13.1% North Central High School6465.6%7.9%9.6% Hamilton Southeastern Hs5557.0%9.5%11.2% Perry Meridian High School46111.1%13.7%12.6% Warren Central High School7249.8%5.9%7.6% Whiteland34512.5%14.8%12.8% Noblesville5587.3%5.2%9.3% IPS9275.6%5.5%6.8% Indianapolis Charters5137.2%9.9%9.2% IPS/Indy Charters Total14407.2%7.1%7.6%

16 Factiod #2 Summary We are not losing market share from our traditional schools We are instead gaining market share at schools that viewed us as a “last resort” in the past These schools have larger classes and can therefore send larger numbers of students These students will expect a different type of college experience

17 Shifting Application Timelines

18 Major Shifts in Freshmen Application Patterns

19 Major Shifts in Freshmen Admission Patterns

20 Key Facts By Dec, we had admitted more than 70% of the Fall 2014 admits compared to 50% for Fall 2012— more than 7 months prior to the start of classes By Jan, we had admitted more than 80% of the Fall 2014 admits compared to less than 70% for Fall 2012—more than 6 months prior to the start of classes By Oct, we already had 40% of the Fall 2014 admits—more than 9 months prior to the start of classes

21 It is likely that we will have 50- 60% of our freshman admits completed by the end of Oct for Fall 2015!

22 Scholarships and Financial Aid

23 Key Question: Where does IUPUI stand with regard to the aid provided to its students?



26 The Indiana Market by Ability

27 Bottom quartile is impacted by admission standards Top quartile is about attraction predominantly about perceived value and scholarships

28 The Indiana Market by Ability

29 12,11924,238

30 Key Take-Aways Less competition for the mid-50% of Indiana students – However, this mid-50% will become more diverse – Competition for diversity will increase IUPUI’s distribution best fits that of the state – Positions us well for enrollment growth, if we can capitalize on it Increasing competition for 75 th percentile of Indiana students For IUPUI, this competition will revolve around two aspects: – Reputation – Scholarships

31 Factoid #3: Numbers of Freshmen Living in Housing For Fall 2013, the freshman class exceeded housing capacity by 1,543. For Fall 2014, we are likely to exceed housing capacity by 1,800 or more students. That’s 250 or more additional freshmen who will not reap the advantages of living on campus. Are we ready for this?

32 Where Do Transfers Fit Into Our Enrollment Plan? 21% of our new students come in as external transfers This proportion increases to 26% if intercampus transfers are included External transfers are more diverse than freshmen

33 Enrollment Trends at ITCC

34 20092010201120122013 Ivy Tech Comm Coll Indianapls421508523480 Ball State University77789489112 Purdue Univ West Lafayette*1058372 Indiana St Univ Terre Haute3041476061 Vincennes University5158656457 Univ Indianapolis2829 4543 Ivy Tech Comm Coll Lafaytte21313834 Univ Southern Indiana3943414031 Ivy Tech Comm Coll Bloomington34323423 Ivy Tech Comm Coll Columbus1015182421 Butler University309111520 Ivy Tech Community Coll Muncie181419 Anderson University467618 Purdue Univ Calumet111214915 Marian University1815192213 Ivy Tech Comm Coll Wabash Vly2691112 Indiana Wesleyan University10 7 11 Univ Phoenix35589 Purdue Univ North Central Cmps88969 Depauw University23559 Manchester College543108 Top Feeder Institutions for Fall External Transfers

35 Key Take-Aways Enrollment at ITCC has stalled, but still remains the largest source of external transfers There seems to be apparent growth amongst some 4-year colleges – Ball State – Smaller in-state liberal –arts institutions This last point may mean that we are becoming a “second-look” institution where the experience and value doesn’t become apparent until after they “try-out” another institution

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