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I'm a Freshman… What Do I Need to Know HELP PLEASE.

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1 I'm a Freshman… What Do I Need to Know HELP PLEASE

2 Who Is My Counselor? Ms. Trisha Q. Guerrero (A – Cespedes) Office: 200 Building Mrs. Monica I. Balderas (Chacon - Garcia) Office: Main Building Mrs. Yoelia Nava (Garza – I) Office: Main Building

3 Who Is My Counselor? Ms. Delilah M. Rodriguez (J – M) Office: 200 Building Mr. Gerardo Cruz (N – R) Office: Main Building Ms. Mayra Garcia (S – Z) Office: 400 Building

4 Who Is My Counselor? Mrs. Elda Zendejas (Head Counselor) (Mid-Term & JR Grads) Office: Main Building Mrs. Karina Valdes (ESL & Migrant Students) Office: 400 Building Ms. M. Gloria Ramirez (College/Career Counselor) Office: Main Building “Go Center” Mr. Alfred Crixell (DAEP/Bridge) Office: A.M.-DAEP/Bridge P.M.- 200 Building

5 Ms. Martha Sauceda (A – Cespedes) Office: 200 Building Mrs. Belinda Garcia (Chacon – Garcia) Office: Main Building Ms. Monica Swift (Garza – I) Office: 400 Building

6 Mrs. Lorene Bazan (J – M) Office: Main Building Mr. Ivan Karr (N – R) Office: 300 Building Mr. Tizoc Silva (S – Z) Office: 400 Building Mrs. Rebekah Gerlach Dean of Instruction Office: Main Building Mrs. Angelita Mendez Testing Coordinator Office: Main Building

7 Graduation Requirements SUBJECTRecommendedDAP English44 Mathematics44 Science44 Social Studies44 Health.5 P.E.11 Speech.5 Fine Arts11 Technology11 Foreign Language23 Electives34 TOTAL26

8 DAP graduates will need the following:  Any combination of four advanced measures to come from the following:  A score of 3 or above on a College Board AP exam  A grade of a B or better in a college course  A grade of a B or better in a career technology articulated course ( a maximum of two can be used in this area) list is available on the Sharyland High School web site  Meet “commended performance” on the PSAT  Advanced academic performance in Algebra II and English III EOC

9 CLASSNumber of Credits Freshman0-5.5 Sophomore6-11.5 Junior12-17.5 Senior18-25.5 Graduate26

10 Attendance Information  Students are allowed FOUR absences per nine week period. Any absences over that number, no matter the type, results in the student being denied credit in each period that the excessive absences occur.  Unexcused absences CANNOT be made up  Students are allowed THREE school days to change the status of an unexcused absence.  Make-up days for excessive absences must be cleared by the end of the next semester.

11 How Do I Clear My Absences?  Sign up with Mrs. Montoya (200 Building) in order to attend Saturday school. YOU MAY NOT JUST SHOW UP!  BE ON TIME (8:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M.)  If you leave early, you will forfeit the whole day.  You must have your ID  Bring something to study or read (school related)  School rules and dress code are in effect  No radios, portable music devices, video games, etc. are permitted.  The teacher has the right to refuse admittance to any student or to send them out because of dress code violation, lack of ID, POOR attitude, or misbehavior.

12 Q. Is it necessary to meet only with my designated counselor? A. Yes, it is preferred that you see your designated counselor, HOWEVER, if immediate assistance is needed, please seek the nearest counselor or administrator. Q. What if my counselor is not there? A. Leave a note or send an e-mail to let the counselor know you stopped by the office. Q. Do I need to have any community service hours or join any clubs while I am in high school? A. Community service hours and organizational memberships look GREAT on a résumé and college applications! (Note: Juniors & Seniors inducted into NHS MUST complete community service hours).


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