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Welcome to Kennedy High School

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1 Welcome to Kennedy High School
Class of 2019

2 What is High School like….
6 class periods PLUS early bird(0)and late(7) 50 minute classes NEW in 2019—Two semesters SMART LUNCH Share lockers Lots and lots of great classes We pick some; you pick some. Lots and lots of activities It’s all about credits! Finals!!!!!

3 Graduation Requirements
40 credits for Class of 2019 8 credits LA = 4 years 6 credits Math=3 years 6 credits Science=3 years 6 credits Social Studies=3 years 4 credits PE-take one semester 10 elective credits CPR class

4 Lesson 1 If you don’t pass a class, you do not earn the credits.
If you fail a class, you may have to retake that exact class again. If you do not earn at least 5 credits each semester, you will not graduate with your classmates.

5 Freshman Schedule LA 9 for everyone Math for everyone
Earth Science for everyone PE for only one semester Electives World Language Art Business Ed Music Language Arts Computer Science Technology FACS Social Studies LA electives

6 Typical Looking Schedule
M T W F 1 LA 9 2 Earth Science 3 PE 4 German 5 Math 6 Teen Issues Teen Issues

7 Building Your Schedule
-Teacher recommendation for LA, Math, and Science(Earth Science for all) PE Electives Parents Older students Stretch yourself Four Year Plan

8 Language Arts Teacher recommendation LA 9 LA 9 Co taught classes
IEP driven LA classes Electives: Theater Arts and Performance Beginning Debate and Speech Stage Craft & Design Reading Workshop Journalism/Yearbook/Newspaper Creative Writing-Script, Fiction, and Poetry

9 Math Teacher Recommendation Advanced Geometry(As in Algebra 1)
Geometry (Bs in Algebra 1) Advanced Algebra Algebra 1: (most students) Alg Readiness series EO students—Kennedy will recommend Advanced Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Geometry or Advanced Geometry

10 Science Class of 2019: All freshmen will take Earth Science
Interested students may take a second science in place of an elective IF: Teacher recommended Meet established pre-requisite

11 Social Studies Not required as freshman
Will be required 10th, 11th, and 12th Electives-each one semester in length World Geography Personal Law(will not count as Gov) Philosophy Psychology Social Psychology AP Human Geography: college level course/year long …..intensive work load; big focus on research; projects, very strong reading comprehension, year long course

12 Physical Education Students must take one semester of daily PE
PE classes are mixed grades 9-12 Health & Fitness 1 and/or 2: classroom, once Performance PE: intense, weight lifting, cardio** Personal Fitness: cardio. low impact, Swimming: beginning or advanced swimmers Team Sports: cardio, general activities Early Bird PE** **upper classmen has filled these classes leaving very little room for freshmen

13 Music Not automatically scheduled Must register/not required
Earns credit Orchestra; year long String orchestra Golden Strings-audition Vocal Music-Kennedy Singer 1.0 credit Chanteurs-audition 1.0 cr Band First semester: Concert Band OR Marching Band 1 cr Second semester Concert Band 1 cr Jazz Band offered 7th hour by audition

14 Business Ed FACS Electives Teen Issues Foods & Nutrition
Entrepreneurship Money Management Personal Fiance Video Game Design Teen Issues Foods & Nutrition Independent Living School Age Child Development Early Child Development

15 Tech Ed Consumer Auto Mechanics Advanced Auto mechanics* Construction
Advanced Construction* Power and Energy (Electric Car) Welding Woodworking Advanced Woodworking* Project Lead the Way(engineering)

16 Art Electives Foundations of Art-need for any advanced art class
Introduction to Ceramics Introduction to Drawing Introduction to Photography Sculpture Animation Introduction to Painting AP Art History—year long

17 Computer Science-new Computer Essentials Computer Coding
Advanced Coding Computer Science Advanced Computer Science Web Design Essentials

18 World Language-year long course
Chinese Japanese Spanish French German Daily practice and homework completion is essential for success. World Language is an elective!

19 Support in High School -Co taught classes -9th grade interventionist -IEP/additional class options -IEP/Directed Studies -Teachers are available for help before and after school -SMART LUNCH: ½ time is lunch; ½ time is for extra help, IMC, computer, homework, etc.

20 Recognition at KHS Academic Honor roll: Academic Letters and Numerals: Iowa Core Assessment awards GPA improvement: Attendance: perfect and excellence Citizenship: Above and beyond Sports Banquets Graduation Awards-list will be in info booklet

21 Long term awards LA Scholar: 5 years of LA
Math Scholar: 4 years of math Science Scholar: 4 years of science Social Studies Scholar: 4 years of social studies World Language Scholar: 4 years of world language Academic Honors Valedictorian Salutatorian President’s Award for Academic Excellence

22 More recognition…. Sports Clubs Organizations Performing Arts

23 LUNCH SMART LUNCH time occurs between 4th and 5th hour
Divided in half: A and B One half=lunch; other half=WORK 9th graders may not leave for lunch Lots of choices Regular hot lunch line Pizza line Burger baskets, walking tacos…line Pasta bar, Chinese bowls, potato bowls, etc

24 Lesson 2 The regular hot lunch is the best deal.
If you buy things a la carte, this will be very, very, very expensive Have your ID ready. Be nice to the lunch ladies. You are NOT allowed to overdraw your lunch account in HS

25 Sports Women Men Basketball Bowling Cheerleading Cross Country
Dance Team Golf Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Track Volleyball Men Baseball Basketball Bowling Cheerleading Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Swimming Tennis Track Wrestling

26 Clubs, Organizations, and more….
There are too many to fit on this screen You will be given a handout But to get your attention, here are just a few: Best Buddies, Guitar, Martial Arts, SPCA, Video Game, Table Tennis, Dance Team, Drama, Science Bowl, Torch, Academic Decathlon

27 Lesson 3 Getting involved will make high school an awesome experience you will not forget. It is a known fact that students who are involved do better in school. Make new friends!!! Don’t sit back and watch high school pass by. Four years go by really fast! Be prepared!

28 Freshman should… Register for 5 or more credits each semester
Get involved Listen to your teachers (recommendations) Listen to your parents Listen to students at orientation meetings Stretch yourself/challenge yourself

29 Tips for Success Attendance Get involved! Do your homework!
Study for tests! Use SMART Lunch Appropriate behavior Ask for help You are responsible for your class schedule

30 Question 1 How many credits do you need to graduate from Kennedy High School? 40

31 Question 2 What is my name? Ms. Herrity……your new bff

32 Question 3 Your graduation year is ????? 2019

33 Question 4 How many credits should you register for?
5-6 or more each semester

34 Question 5 How often must you take PE? One semester every day once a year

35 Question 6 How many credits do you get if you fail a class?
ZERO, zip, nil, nothin’, 0,

36 Question 7 How many years of foreign language do you need to graduate from Kennedy High School? none

37 Question 8 What lunch line is the most expensive?
The a la carte line!!!!!

38 Dates to remember February 5thth –Freshmen Orientation at Kennedy 6:30
February 10thth -ALL incoming 8th graders to attend Kennedy Assembly February 16th -Cougar Talks at Kennedy. Registration Window Feb 6th -27th Register on-line with your home Kennedy will return to clean up registrations at each middle school

39 Your task…. Math Science LA Your choice
PE one semester ; your choice of elective or study hall the other…study hall does not earn credit

40 Freshmen Orientation Thursday, February 6th Kennedy High School
6:30 pm

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