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Preparing for Your Spring 2015 Registration Appointment September/October 2014 Crouse Center for Student Success.

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1 Preparing for Your Spring 2015 Registration Appointment September/October 2014 Crouse Center for Student Success

2  What is the Crouse Center?  What are the requirements of a Bachelor’s Degree?  What is general education?  What are my major requirements?  What is an elective? How many do I need?  How do I create a schedule?  What happens during my registration appointment?

3  Academic Advisors Assist you in making decisions Answer questions Help you sort out your options Inform you Listen Will not tell you what to do, but will help you understand the options

4 General Education Requirements (20-28 semester hours) + Major Requirements (30-99 semester hours) + Electives (0-?? Semester hours) _______________________________________ 120 Semester Hours

5  Classes all students take to meet the requirements of an education at Aurora University  Compliment or supplement your major  Help make you a well-rounded student and citizen

6 First Year ENG1000: Introduction to Academic Writing IDS1610: Being Human-Ethics & Morality Second Year IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History IDS2030: Science & Society Third Year IDS3040: Global Justice Junior-Year Assessment



9  Resources 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog  Received a copy at AU4U  catalog-2014-15.pdf Four-Year Plan Four-Year Plan  Received a copy at AU4U  year-plans.html Academic Evaluation Academic Evaluation

10 WebAdvisor  To view your Academic Evaluation, click on WebAdvisor at the bottom of the homepage at

11 Log In  Click on Log In at the top of the screen  If you need assistance logging in, contact the ITS Help Desk at 630-844-5790

12 Students  After logging in, click on the Students menu

13 Academic Evaluation  Click on Academic Evaluation

14 Active Programs  Your major should be listed under Active Programs Submit  Choose your major and click Submit

15 What if I changed my program of study?  If you are thinking about changing your major, choose a new major from the What if I changed my program of study? drop-down menu to see an Academic Evaluation with those requirements

16 Academic Evaluation  Your Academic Evaluation shows all of the requirements for your degree




20 (Not started) You haven’t started this requirement. (In Progress) You have started this requirement, but there is still more to be done. (Pending completion of unfinished activity) You are registered for the requirement that will complete this category. (Complete) You have completed this requirement!

21  Any course not required for general education or your major  Electives: are interesting are courses in a subject in which you might want to earn a major or minor compliment your major and general education coursework

22  How many credits are required for your major?  How many credits are required for your general education program?  Subtract that number from 120  Example Business Administration major (68 credits) General Education program (24 credits) Electives needed (28 credits)

23  Search for courses  Sketch out a plan  Make decisions  Meet with your academic advisor to discuss

24 WebAdvisor Search for Course Sections  After clicking on WebAdvisor from the homepage at, click on Search for Course Sections

25 Term Spring Semester 2015 Location AUR-Aurora-Main Campus  Set the Term as Spring Semester 2015 and the Location as AUR-Aurora-Main Campus

26 Subject  You can search for courses by Subject, such as IDS- Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS1610), MTH-Mathematics (MTH1100), etc.

27 Course Numbers  You can type in Course Numbers if you want  Example:  Example: This search will display all Math courses, all Accounting courses, all sections of COM1550, and all sections of IDS1610 offered in Spring 2015 on the Aurora campus

28 days/times  You can limit your search to certain days/times  Example:  Example: This will display the only the courses indicated that meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm

29 open closed waitlisted Shows if the course is open, closed, or waitlisted. Try to choose open classes. course title description Click on the course title for a description of the course. when/where Shows when/where the class meets. Also includes final exam information. seats capacity waiting Shows how many seats are still available/the capacity of the class/and how many students are waiting to get into the course (if the course is waitlisted). prerequisites Adult Degree Completion Make sure you’ve met all prerequisites for a course. If a course states Adult Degree Completion, you cannot take that course.

30 advising worksheet  Using an advising worksheet can help organize class choices

31  12-17 credits = full-time status  30 credits = sophomore status  MAP grant requires 15 credits  No courses after 6:00 p.m. (except physical education activities courses and science labs)  No adult degree completion courses  Spring athletes may receive a participation credit (remind your advisor)

32  Course choices use the advising worksheet included in your packet too many courses are better than too few  Registration form  Tuition/Fees Payment Agreement form  Questions

33 top portion  Fill out the top portion with your contact information  You will fill out the rest of the form with your advisor

34 top portion  Fill out the top portion  Sign date  Sign and date the bottom of the form

35  30 minute  30 minute appointment times five minutes  Arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment to check-in form of identification  Remember to bring a form of identification (AU ID, Driver’s License, etc.) call  If you cannot make your appointment and/or have any questions, please call the Crouse Center at 630-844- 6870

36  The Crouse Center will be offering review sessions: Monday, October 6 – Thursday, October 9 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. (Stop in anytime during these hours) Crouse Center Computer Lab, Eckhart Hall 320

37  Julie Hall:  Julie Hall: Criminal Justice (last names M-Z)  Ryan Hiller:  Ryan Hiller: Communication (last names M-Z), Psychology (last names M-Z), Undecided  Kris Johnson:  Kris Johnson: Athletic Training, Coaching & Youth Sport Development, Fitness & Health Promotion, Physical Education  Brynn Landwehr:  Brynn Landwehr: Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Spanish  Mary Lohrman:  Mary Lohrman: Elementary Education (last names A-L), Disabilities Studies, Nursing (last names A-L), Special Education, Social Work (last names A-L)  Kidada Robinson:  Kidada Robinson: Communication (last names A-L), Communication Sciences & Disorders, Criminal Justice (last names A-L), Health Science, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology (last names A-L), Religion, Sociology  Lance Robinson:  Lance Robinson: Actuarial Science, Biology, Biology/Secondary Education, English, English/Secondary Education, History, History/Secondary Education, Mathematics, Mathematics/Secondary Education  Caley Thanepohn:  Caley Thanepohn: Art, Elementary Education (last names M-Z), Nursing (last names M-Z), Social Work (last names M-Z), Theatre

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