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Palmer High School CLASS OF 2019. Palmer High Counselors A-H Mrs. Johnson – Students with last names A-H I-L Ms. Rose – Students with last names I-L M-Z.

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1 Palmer High School CLASS OF 2019

2 Palmer High Counselors A-H Mrs. Johnson – Students with last names A-H I-L Ms. Rose – Students with last names I-L M-Z Mr. Zimmer – Students with last names M-Z

3 Role of a Guidance Counselor Want help regarding personal, social, or emotional concerns Need assistance with high school survival skills including grades, testing, studying, etc. Want help choosing classes, or changing your classes Need a tutor? Want to be a tutor? Career Technical High School (CTHS) Need to check your credits Find out more about your interests for career exploration Find out more about opportunities after high school Community Service Opportunities Foreign Exchange Opportunities Just want to stop in and say “HI”

4 Types of Graduation Diplomas at PHS MSBSD Basic High School Diploma Earned 24.5 credits & taken ACT, SAT or Work Keys MSBSD Certificate of Achievement Earned 24.5 credits & did not take ACT, SAT or Work Keys International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

5 CLASS OF 2019 Graduation Requirements English 4.0 Credits Math3.0 Credits Science3.0 Credits Social Studies3.5 Credits PE1.0 Credits (or PE Waivers) Health0.5 Credits Electives9.5 Credits ________________________________ Total24.5 Credits

6 IB Diploma Requirements Foreign Language is necessary 9 th /10 th grade year Creativity, Action and Service to Community for 150 Hours (CAS) 6 Subject Study Groups: HL and SL Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Rigorous Two-Year Curriculum PHS IB coordinator: Nikki Henry IB website at

7 National Collegiate Athletic Association Requirements for College Sports Additional Math Additional Science Foreign Language Additional CORE classes National Registration with NCAA during 11 th grade

8 Why are credits important? Each class is equal to 0.5 Credit. With a 7 period day 3.5 credits can be earned each semester. Graduation = 24.5 credits. How do I earn credit? Credit is earned in any class for a “D” (60%) or better by the end of the semester. Semester 1 ends in December Semester 2 ends in May

9 PHS A – % Superior Achievement B –80-89% Above Average Achievement C – 70-79% Average Achievement D –60-69% Below Average Achievement F – 0-59% No Credit is earned

10 What is an F? An F (No Credit) grade is when a student fails to receive a 60% or higher in a semester long course An F on a required course = the course must be repeated or made up to meet graduation requirements An F on a elective course = a credit needs to be earned but does NOT have to be the same elective course

11 How do I make up an F? Summer School offers make up in English, Math and Science Take a correspondence course with approval by counselor, school district and at the cost of your parents Retake the same class again next year if there is room in the class or thru APEX Repeat your Health & Civics the following semester

12 What is Grade Point Average (GPA)? GPA = grade points earned ÷ the # of courses the student has taken Points: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 Cumulative GPA (you’ll see this on your transcript) is based on ALL the classes you’ve ever taken and the grades (or points) received for these. Semester GPA (you’ll see this on your report card) is based on 1 semester of classes you’ve taken and the grades (or points) received for these.

13 Calculating a GPA Report Card Example  English 1 = B (3 points)  Algebra 1 = B (3 points)  Science 1 = B (3 points)  Health = A (4 points)  French 1 = A (4 points)  PE = A (4 points)  Civics = A (4 points) ____________________________ Total Points Earned = 25 points Total Classes Taken = 7 classes GPA = Total points earned/classes taken GPA = 25/7 = 3.5 Remember!Points: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0

14 Why should GPA matter to me? Transcripts are permanent College Entrance Eligibility Class Rank Scholarships Employment Cost of Car Insurance Internships Marketability: Your GPA tells something about who you are!

15 GPA & Sports Eligibility Eligibility is determined by # of classes, semester GPA, & current GPA Be enrolled in 5 graded classes & must be passing 5 thru the season Must have passed 5 classes in the prior semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0 First grade check for Freshman occurs at the end of 1 st quarter & must be passing 5 classes and have a minimum GPA of 2.0

16 If you do not pass at least 5 graded classes with a minimum GPA of 2.0 at semester then you will not be sports eligible until the following semester! This means 0 participation in sports & possibly clubs for a full semester! GPA & Sports Eligibility

17 PHS  Show up  Participate  Do your work  Do it on time  Talk with your teachers  Get involved

18 Getting PHS Fall Sports X Country Running Volleyball Football Swimming Diving Cheerleading Winter Sports Cheerleading Basketball X Country Skiing Wrestling Hockey for Girls/Boys Spring Sports Soccer Softball Baseball Track & Field

19 Pep Band Plays Powder Puff Football Blue Moose Gardens Saroma Exchange Foreign Exchange FCCLA/Pro Start Spirit Club Jazz Band Jazz Choir Teens Against Tobacco Use GSA Club Skills USA Key Club Chess Club Community Service Getting PHS Business Professionals of America Science/Ocean Bowl Spanish National Honor Society Future Farmers of America International Club/Exchange Letter Club Partners Club TADA National Honors Society Student Government Anime Club Archery Club Foosball Club Dungeons & Dragons Educational Trips Youth Court

20 Freshman Courses Required Year Long Courses (1.0 Credit Each) ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE: determined by scores on MAP & teacher input READING: required in addition to English for certain scores on MAP & teacher input MATH LAB: required in addition to MATH for certain scores on MAP & teacher input Required Semester Long Courses (0.5 Credit Each) HEALTH CIVICS Elective Courses Art, Agriculture, Auto, Computers, Construction, Woods, Culinary, Music, Drama, Language

21 Bringing Up Middle School Grades? Why Yes?  Jump start on credits that count towards graduation  Helps with qualifying for Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) Why No?  Non-Weighted courses will factor into rank Junior/Senior year  Scholarships, etc. based on class rank  Readiness for next course at the high school level  Some colleges/universities do not accept recognize MS credits  Military Academy Schools do not recognize MS credits  NCAA recognizes MS credit as a 60% = D grade Forms must be completed at your middle school to bring up courses, but there is no hurry because you can transfer those grades anytime during high school




25 2016 Freshman Course Seletions C ORE C LASSES ENGLISH Read SM or YR Comm. Lab - SM or YR English 1 - YR, X, AK Hon. English 1 - YR, X, AK MATHEMATICS Math Strat. - YR KEAS - YR Intro to Algebra - YR, X Algebra I - YR, X, AK Geometry - YR, X, AK SCIENCE Earth Science - YR, X, AK Physical Sci. - YR, X, AK Biology - YR, X, AK SOCIAL STUDIES 3450 Civics - SM, AK HEALTH 5100 Health - SM, X PHYSICAL EDUCATION Aerobics - SM Fitness Act. - SM Swimming - SM Weight Training - SM Sports Activities - SM E LECTIVE C LASSES BUSINESS Keyboarding - SM Tech App.1 - SM Tech App 2 - SM FINE ARTS D Art Survey - SM, AK, $ D Art Survey - SM, AK, $ Drama 1/ 2 - SM or YR, AK Concert Choir - YR, AK, $ Symph Choir -YR, A, AK, $ Symph Band - YR, AK, $ Guitar I & II - SM or YR, AK, 7480 Photography as Art- SM, AK, $ (Digital Camera required, not a phone) FOREIGN LANGUAGE French 1 - YR, X, AK, $ French 2 - YR, X, AK, $ Spanish 1 - YR, X, AK, $ Spanish 2 - YR, X, AK, $ SOCIAL STUDIES 3380 Current Issues - SM, AK 3250 Sociology - SM, X, AK 3500 World Geography – SM, AK, X 3560 Leadership – SM SCIENCE 4340 Astronomy- SM, AK 4380 Equine Science – SM Science Olympiad – YR, AK 4550 AK Wildlife – SM, AK 4540 Oceanography – SM, AK TRADES AND INDUSTRIES Int. Plant Science - SM, $ Greenhouse Prod. - SM, $ Landscape Des. - SM, $ Comp. Animals - SM, $ Int Animal Science - SM, $ Forestry - SM, $ Int. Ag./Nat. Resource - SM, $ Intro GIS - SM, $ Customer Service - SM Creative Clothing - SM, $ Food & Nutrition - SM, $ Intro. to Construction - SM, Housing Concepts - SM, $ Woods 1/ 2 - SM or YR, $ Intro. to Auto - SM, $ OTHER Acad. Strat - SM Off Campus – SM or YR (State the class period) LEGEND SM: Semester Class YR: Yearlong Class A: Audition Required X: Offered on Apex online AK: Meets Alaska Performance Scholarship Requirements $: Class Fee PLEASE NOTE:  All classes are subject to change, cancellation and space availability.  Students planning to participate in college athletics are responsible for ensuring their classes meet NCAA requirements.  Off Campus requires completion of a contract with your counselors. A parent signature is required.  Course Descriptions found in 9 th Grade Course Listings Booklet or on PHS website: under the Guidance Tab - Counseling

26 Palmer High School 2016 Freshman Course Selections Name: Student ID : Phone: Circle the class in each core area that you are requesting for your child: English: Read 180 Comm. LabEng. 1Hon. Eng. 1 Math: Math. Strat. KEAS Lab Intro. Alg. Alg. 1 Geometry Science: Earth Science Physical Science Biology Social Studies: Civics Health: Health Final placement in all core classes is based on grades, teacher recommendation and test scores. Semester 1 Semester 2 Course #Course NameCourse # Course Name Elective Alternate Parent Signature____________________________________________ Anything else you would like your counselor to know:

27 Congratulations you are THE CLASS OF 2019

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