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Tennessee Higher Education Commission Core to College.

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1 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Core to College

2 Tennessee Higher Education Commission National Core to College Broad funding Conceived and funded by Building Long-Term Collaboration Common Core State Standards and PARCC require postsecondary and K-12 to forge new, stronger relationships. Cohort of State Partners Tennessee joins 11 other states in this effort and will be funded for a period of two years.

3 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Core to College Overview Tennessee’s Core to College program two initiatives: Core to College Curriculum Councils Curriculum Redesign Project THEC Core to College Director

4 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Curriculum Redesign Teams English/Language Arts Freshman Composition Courses 3 Core Members (Nashville State, MTSU, and UTC) Math College Algebra and Finite Math 3 Core Members (Pellissippi State, Tennessee Tech, and UTM) Timeline Year One: Develop Model Syllabi and Curricular Resources Pilot Materials in a Variety of Classroom Settings Year Two: Develop and Provide Professional Development for Faculty Using Finalized Materials

5 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Curriculum Councils Membership 8 DOE CORE Centers 22 Public Higher Education Institutions 136 Local Education Agencies THEC, TBR, UT Timeline Summer 2013 Conduct Needs Assessment Plan Initial Meetings with Stakeholders Fall 2013 Host Initial Meetings Develop Action Plans Per Region

6 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Curriculum Council Regions Each P-16 Council Region was determined using a combination of K-12 CORE Service Areas and pre-existing Community College P-16 Council Service Areas. Northwest Southwest South Central Mid Cumberland Upper Cumberland Southeast North-East Big South Fork

7 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Areas of Opportunity Each Regional P-16 Curriculum Council will be presented with the following Areas of Opportunity to explore as possible projects that will serve as the primary focus of council work sessions. Menu of Options Curriculum Alignment Enhanced Dual Enrollment Enhanced Teacher Prep Formative Assessments Professional Development Shared Resources

8 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Areas of Opportunity Sample Projects Curriculum/Pedagogy Alignment  ELA/Math Course Sequencing (i.e. integrated math)  21st Century Skills Integration  Grading/Assessment Alignment Enhanced Dual Enrollment  Increasing Opportunity  AP/Dual Enrollment Hybrids with Common Core Alignment  Grading/Assessment Alignment Enhanced Teacher Preparation  Inservice/Preservice Training  2+2 Articulation Agreements (Community College to 4 Year Programs) Item Bank Creation  Development of Items Aligned to Common Core  Professional Development Around Formative Assessment and Item Creation Joint Professional Development  Multi-Tier (Middle, High, and College) Training: o Common Core Content and Strategies o PARCC Assessment o RTI Meets CCSS Sharing Resources  Development of Web Space to Host Common Core Resources  Identification of ways to share space for enhancement of programming

9 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Council Meeting Dates September 30 – Mid Cumberland Council Mtg @ Mid Cumberland CORE October 2 – Upper Cumberland Council Mtg @ Tennessee Tech October 3 – Northwest Council Mtg @ UT Martin October 7 – Southeast Council Mtg @ UT Chattanooga October 9 – Northeast Council Mtg @ TBD October 14 – Southwest Council Mtg @ Tennessee Development District Center October 21 – South Central Council Mtg @ Columbia State Community College

10 Tennessee Higher Education Commission Sample Agenda 10:00-10:30 Welcome, Introductions, and Keynote 10:30-11:00Intro Table Talks 11:00-12:00Areas of Opportunity Discussion and Consensus 12:00-12:30Working Lunch 12:30-1:45Action Plan Development 1:45-2:00Q and A

11 Tennessee Higher Education Commission For More Information Email: Or Web:

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