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Tuition Structure Billing Information Meal plans Bookstore and Textbooks Wildcat Express Card Health Center Parking Permits Athletic Events Recreation.

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1 Tuition Structure Billing Information Meal plans Bookstore and Textbooks Wildcat Express Card Health Center Parking Permits Athletic Events Recreation Membership Financial Aid








9 Bills are available to students on MyNMU Students may elect to give their parents access to their financial information via E- Bill’s Authorized Users function









18 Flat Rate


20 University Fee University fee: $291 per semester fee for the fall and winter semesters for all undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled in eight or more credits. 2012-2013 rate


22 Activity Fee Student Discretionary Activity Fee $31.72 This fee is collected during fall and winter semesters from all graduate, undergraduate, and vocational students carrying six or more on-campus credit hours Northwind, WUPX, ASNMU, SFC Campus Cinema, Gonzo, First Aid Productions, Student Art Gallery, Northern Arts & Entertainment, and Platform Personalities 2013-2014 rate


24 All Students living on campus are required to participate in a Residence Hall Meal Plan. Freshman living on campus are required to be on the Constant Meal Pass. Web site for Dining Services:

25 Constant Meal Plan Required for Freshman and optional for other on-campus residents Student can eat an unlimited amount of meals per week in either The Marketplace or the Wildcat Den. The plan includes:  $153 per semester of Dining Dollars. These dollars can be used for purchases in any facility operated by Dining Services.  8 guest passes per semester $2,161 per semester (2013-2014) Web site for Dining Services:

26 Marketplace The Wildcat Den Cat Trax Convenience Store Fieras Starbucks Temaki & Tea/Smoothie King Café Libri Stone Creek Coffee Lounge Melted


28 Double room $2,083/semester Single room $2,689/semester Plus Comprehensive Fee $104 per semester (laundry, wireless internet and cable)


30  $225 non-refundable one-time fee  Charged to all full-time (12 credit hours or more) freshman, new undergraduate and transfer students. (Transfers with 56 or more credits are charged $112.50)  This allows free attendance to football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey games. For six years 2012/2013 rate


32 $70 for one semester* $130 for two semesters  Includes use of all recreational facilities and intramural activities  Includes aerobic classes, racquetball courts, weight room, pool, climbing wall, basket ball courts, etc.  Access to Superior Dome (track for running and walking, tennis and field use).  Drop-in hockey and figure skating  Reduced rates on Outdoor Recreational Center Equipment rentals. * Rate when enrolled for six or more credits 2013/2014 rate


34  Scholarships  Loans  Grants These can change from semester to semester depending on eligibility and awards

35 Payments are calculated after Financial Aid is applied. Payments are based on outstanding account balances (charges may be added through the semester such as single room, parking, Health Center, PEIF pass, etc.) There is a $25 dollar late fee if payments are not made on time. Problems? Contact the Student Service Center 906-227-1221

36 Pay in full  Tuition and fees paid in full by Wednesday, August 7, 2013  Bills will be sent via e-mail only, paper bills will not be sent Easy Pay Plan 4 payments of tuition and fees (plus room and board, if applicable) due Aug. 7, Sept 7, Oct 7, and Nov 7 ($50 non-refundable service fee charge applied to bill) Deferred Payment  If you use this plan you do not make an August payment. You must sign up on-line by the tuition due date. ($75 set-up fee applied to bill)  Payment due by September 7.


38 Students have the ability to share any or all aspects of their academic record:  Student Information (Major, advisor, Residency, etc.)  Academic Holds  Student Schedule by day/time  Final Grades  Academic Transcripts  Degree Evaluation  Address and Phone Numbers  Emergency Contacts




42 Add Proxy: Enter the name and e-mail address of the person to grant access Select the “relationship” (Parent/Guardian or Other) Select the items you would like to grant access Revoking Access: Students may revoke proxy access at any time


44  Books and supplies required for all majors and minors.  New, used and rental books Web site for Bookstore:

45  Average cost per semester is $400 (depending upon major).  Payment options  Personal checks (student or parent) and cash  VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and CatCa$h  Charge books to NMU student account ($500 limit; only if tuition and fees have been paid or enrolled in a payment plan & no outstanding bookstore charges) Web site for Bookstore:

46  Orders accepted through August 15  Can designate preference of new or used books  We select and pack your books for you  Pick up your books from August 22-25  $10 restocking charge for orders not picked up or cancelled by August 27  Bookstore Textbook Reservations accessed through mynmu ****CHARGED TO STUDENT ACCOUNT**** Questions? Contact the Bookstore Telephone number: 906-227-2480 or 1-888-458-8668 Web site:

47 One card….does it all  Meal Plans and Dining Dollars  Cat Ca$h (optional campus debit account):  Printing/Copying  Bookstore  Dining  Record time and attendance for employment  PEIF  Library  Wells Fargo Banking Function for on and off campus (optional) Office located in University Center adjacent to Bank

48 Adding Money is Easy! CashCheckCredit Card Debit Card In-person at Wildcat Express Center University Center – first floor XXXX Online (students, parents, grandparents and guardians) XX Value Port III machine (LRC – main floor) X Circulation Desk at Library (LRC – main floor) XX Questions: Wildcat Express Center 906-227-1686 or website:

49 906-227-2355  Two Board Certified MDs  One Physician’s Assistant  Nurse consultations – free  Office visits start at $47  Pharmacy on site  Prescription transfers/refills: 906-227-1165

50  Charges may be billed directly to the student’s account  Health Center will bill insurance.  Consent for Treatment form must be signed if the student is under 18.  NMU student insurance policy available.  $1,459 student only  $150 deductible for each injury or sickness 2012/2013 rates

51 Permits should be purchased within the first week of the semester  Motor vehicles  1 st vehicle $140  2 nd vehicle $70  Motorcycles/Mopeds $22.50  Bicycles – No fee (must register with Public Safety) 2013/2014 rates Valid Sept. 1 through Aug. 31

52 Presque Isle - Break Wall Presque Isle – Black Rocks Picnic Rocks Park LAKESAFETYLAKESAFETY

53  1974 Buckley Amendment  Relationship between students and parents  Set your own standards and expectations  Contact us  Emergencies


55 NMU Financial Aid

56 Role of NMU’s Financial Aid Office Help identify financial aid resources to cover the costs of education Use FAFSA to determine financial need Award federal, state, and NMU funds Send out aid notifications ▫Paper to new students ▫Email to returning students Help identify additional financing options ▫Outside scholarship searches ▫Parent (PLUS) Loans and Alternative Student Loans Financial Aid Counselors

57 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) File online at with Department of Education Request paper copy from federal processor Free application – DON’T PAY A FEE TO HAVE THIS COMPLETED! Recommended filing date – March 1 of each year Can file after priority date

58 Quick Facts $86 million dollars last year About 85% of our students receive some kind of financial aid – federal, state, private, NMU funds 90% of new freshmen

59 Types of Financial Aid Gift Aid (Free Money!) ▫Grants – typically need-based ▫Scholarships – typically merit- based Self Help Aid ▫Work-Study – student earns funds through part-time employment ▫Loans – student must repay funds

60 Work Study Reasons to work: ▫Money ▫Connection to University ▫Grades, graduation, retention ▫References ▫FAFSA reporting Work study does not apply directly to the bill – student will receive a paycheck Career Services Office

61 Student Loans Federal ▫Direct Loans – Subsidized/Unsubsidized Subsidized – no interest while in school (3.4-6.8%) Unsubsidized – interest builds while in school (6.8%) Typically at $5,500/yr ▫Perkins Loans (5% interest rate)  Typically at $1,000/yr – Pell eligible students Alternative Student Loans ▫Private Lenders ▫PLUS Loan – Federal Loan for Parents (payments can now be deferred)

62 Things to keep in mind Awards are based upon full- time enrollment “Passive Acceptance” ▫Except student loans Outside Scholarships Aid Adjustments ▫EFC (FAFSA changes) ▫Housing Overages

63 Change in Circumstances Contact us if you experience any change in circumstances from 2012: Loss of job or income Divorce or separation Excessive out of pocket medical bills Request for Re-Evaluation Form

64 Rights and Responsibilities Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) ▫Completion percentage (67%) ▫GPA ▫Attempted credits (150%)

65 Helpful Hints Financial aid does not always cover the entire bill ▫FREE scholarship searches ▫Alternative loan options ▫Payment plans FERPA – Release of Information Financial Aid Toolbox – Pathfinder

66 For the Future File the FAFSA each year by March 1 Keep Department of Education PIN NMU Foundation Scholarships – application available January/February Be sure students check email and MyNMU site regularly Contact us if you have questions!

67 Questions? If you have questions specific to your situation, stop by the Financial Aid Office – 2107 Hedgcock The Financial Aid Office is open until 4:00 pm today. Please have your student with you!

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