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F RESHMAN S EMINAR J.R. Tucker High School IBMYP Mrs. Harper.

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1 F RESHMAN S EMINAR J.R. Tucker High School IBMYP Mrs. Harper

2 T HEME OF THE Y EAR Who am I? What is my culture and how does it affect my identity?

3 S EMINAR D ETAILS Seminar is a required component of the Henrico County IB Program Students are responsible for attending seminar weekly, participating in the lessons and completing the take-home assignments. All seminar information is posted on my website Each month a different LP is highlighted for the entire school Lessons in Seminar are designed around the LP There will be group discussions, films, guest speakers, and reflection on what was learned. All homework assignments will be graded and count toward a different class

4 S EPTEMBER 2012 Benefits and challenges of IB Upcoming events IB culture, what does it mean to be IB? All About IB booklet Assessments CAS and ManageBAC training


6 IB IS … REWARDING : CHALLENGING : The best preparation for college available to students Close relationship with teachers and peers Exposure to relevant, real-world curriculum Developing a global perspective critical in today’s society Development of the Learner Profile High academic standards Rigorous coursework Requirements beyond the classroom Some variety in student body Can be difficult to achieve balance

7 A GENTS OF CHANGE Communicate your worries & stresses to Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Keating, your teachers Take an honest look at your schedule and efforts (i.e. school involvement, FB, texting) Is this a problem within the program or difficulty transitioning to high school? Discern accurate information from rumors Reevaluate your efforts at organization (procrastination anyone??)

8 U PCOMING EVENTS Ice cream social Friday 9/14 AE Bryan Park Saturday 10/13


10 A LL A BOUT IB MYP curriculum Pg. 11 Personal Project pg. 12 Creativity, Action, Service pg. 14 Academic Honesty pg. 34



13 IB ASSESSMENTS Criterion-based Assessments and criteria are different in each course No attachment to your grade Posted on HCPSlink Practice in 9 th grade, earn points toward your MYP certificate in 10 th grade

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