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What is One Stop? A convenient student service center that provides assistance with the most common financial aid, bursar, and registrar services.

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2 What is One Stop? A convenient student service center that provides assistance with the most common financial aid, bursar, and registrar services.

3 Connect With One Stop  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  Access account information in MyUTKMyUTK  Visit with a One Stop Counselor – In person – By phone – By email – Online chat

4 We Connect With You  Communication from us… – Is sent to the student’s UT email – Is critical – Is time-sensitive – Requires action

5 Meet MyUTK A student’s virtual One Stop for most enrollment service needs.

6 Bursar Registration Financial Aid Class Schedule Academic Links

7 Oh, the Things You Can Do!  Authorization for FERPA  View statement and account activity  Pay bill and see payment due dates  Enroll in a deferred payment plan  Set up account to receive eRefund  View financial aid award  Accept financial aid  View outstanding documents  View holds on account  Register for classes  Search for classes  Order transcripts  Verify enrollment  And more!!

8 Bursar Services Tuition & Fees Account Statements Discounts & Waivers Payments to Student Accounts Deferred Payment Plans Excess Financial Aid Third Party Billing

9 Tuition & Fees  Board of Trustees determines tuition and fees each year at June meeting  Charges based on student’s residency classification  Charges assessed based on number of credit hours

10 Tuition & Fees (cont.)  Changes to hours registered may impact charges  Departments may charge additional fees (e.g., Chemistry, Art, etc.)  Rates and refunds schedule available online Ratesrefunds

11 Account Statement  Statements available in MyUTK approximately 3 weeks before start of semester  Students receive an email when the statement is available to view  Students are responsible to activate their UT email account  UT does not mail paper statements

12 Discounts & Waivers  Dependents of Tennessee Public School Teachers (25%)  Dependents of State of Tennessee Employees (25%)  Each semester submit completed forms prior to the payment due date. – In person: One Stop – By mail: Bursar’s Office – Forms found with organization – Some forms onlineonline

13 Payments: Where to pay?  Online in MyUTK (in person assistance available at One Stop)  Drop box at One Stop  International Wires (International Students Only)  By mail The University of Tennessee Office of the Bursar 211 Student Services Building 1331 Circle Park Drive Knoxville, TN 37996-0225

14 Payments: How to Pay?  Credit/Debit Card – Available Online Only – Visa, MC, DISC – Convenience fees apply  Check – Personal, Money Order, Cashier’s, or Traveler’s  E-Check – Available Online Only  International Wires – PeerTransfer (online service) – International students only

15 Payments: Notes and Tips For your safety UT no longer accepts cash payments. Avoid convenience fees!! Use an e-check instead of a debit card. Checks must be payable in US dollars and drawn on a US bank. All payments paid by check will be converted to an ACH transaction and be sent directly to the bank for settlement.

16 Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)  Allows student to make 3 installment payments on account – 1 st payment= 50% due on payment due date – 2 nd payment= 25% due 45 days later – 3 rd payment= 25% due 15 days later  Calculates financial aid into plan  Plan recalculates payments based on charges

17 DPP Enrollment  Enroll online in MyUTKMyUTK  Fee to enroll is $30  Plan Agreement shows due dates and amounts due  Enrollment required if unable to pay 100% due in order to avoid schedule cancellation

18 Payment: When to Pay?  Payment Due Date before classes begin each semester Fall 2013: AUGUST 19  100% of charges due – (Unless enrolled in Deferred Payment Plan)  Payments must be received by UT no later than 4:30 PM – (Postmark date not considered)

19 Impact of Missed Payment  Schedule cancelled for no payment on payment due date (August 19)  Late charges ($35) assessed for each missed installment payment on the deferred payment plan

20 Third Party Billing Examples are Vocational Rehab, BEST, ROTC, etc.  Student must provide a letter of authorization to UT including: – Where to bill – Contact person – Phone number of contact person – Amount to be paid by Third Party – Contract period – $20 billing fee

21 Financial Aid Services Apply for Financial Aid Scholarship Eligibility Accept Aid/Awards Offered Check Status of Aid Cost of Attendance Estimates Federal Work Study inquiries

22 General Overview  Federal Student Aid video Federal Student Aid video

23 Applying for Financial Aid  FAFSA = FREE!! – Free Application for Federal Student Aid  Complete FAFSA each year onlineonline  Priority Date: February 15 each year  Students and parents obtain a PINobtain a PIN

24 Applying for Financial Aid  FAFSA required for: – Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (HOPE) – Tennessee Pledge – Tennessee Promise  Common need-based aid: – Direct Loan (Subsidized) – Pell Grant – Federal Work Study

25 Financial Aid  Awarding – Notices sent to student late spring – Awards based on grades added later – Carefully read award letters – Accept online in MyUTK any loans offeredMyUTK  New Borrowers – 2 additional steps on – Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN) – Complete Entrance Loan Counseling

26 Non-Need Based Aid  Unsubsidized Direct Loan – Interest payments are the responsibility of the student while enrolled  Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) – Payment begins immediately after final disbursement of the loan

27 UT Scholarships  Most University and Academic College Scholarship recipients have been selected and notified  Approximately 40% of entering freshmen have received a scholarship

28 UT Scholarships (cont.)  Institutional Scholarships – Volunteer – University – TN Pledge – TN Promise – Achieve the Dream  Students were permitted to submit additional ACT or SAT scores until May 1 to improve their academic standing for Institutional Scholarship consideration

29 External Scholarships  Student should notify One Stop  Submit to UT as soon as possible – In person at One Stop or mail to: The University of Tennessee Office of the Bursar 211 Student Services Building 1331 Circle Park Drive Knoxville, TN 37996-0225  Check may require endorsement if written to UT and student

30 Funds for Fee Payment  Funds Available for Fee Payment – Pell Grant – SEOG – TSAA – UT Scholarships – HOPE Scholarships – Perkins Loan – Direct Loan – PLUS Loan  Funds NOT Available for Fee Payment – Federal Work Study – External scholarships not received at UT by August 1

31 Excess Financial Aid  E-Refunds – Set up Refund Profile in MyUTK – Deposit funds into designated bank account – Processed by UT August 27  Volcard Account – Transfer excess aid in MyUTK – Maximum amount is $1000 – Available August 18  Parent Permission for PLUS Loan

32 Registrar Services Request Transcripts Enrollment Verification Registration Assistance Degree Audits & Tracking Residency Requirements Graduation & Commencement Veterans Affairs

33 Enrollment Verification  Primarily for insurance purposes  Certificates obtained by the student through MyUTK  Verification for each semester begins after add/drop period

34 Request a Transcript  Official Transcripts – Request online in MyUTK – $10 per transcript – Fast electronic delivery – Mail and pick-up available  Academic History (unofficial) – Available to print in MyUTK – FREE!!

35 Your Degree Progress  DARS – Online system compares your completed coursework with the requirements for your degree, creating a progress report.

36 Registering for Classes  Register online in MyUTK Register MyUTK

37 Dropping a Class  Day 1-10: Drop = no transcript record  Day 11 - 84: Drop = “W” on transcript  Individual drops allowed through specific dates each semester specific dates  Maximum of 4 drops allowed  Dropping a class may have financial implications

38 Withdrawing from the University  What does this entail? – Dropping of all classes and leaving UT – Student receives W grades  How to complete? – Student initiates request online in MyUTK – Student should contact One Stop  Impact of Total Withdrawal – Maximum of 3 total withdrawals allowed – Total withdrawals do not count against individual Ws – Total withdrawals may have financial implications

39 FERPA – 1974  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  The primary rights afforded to the student: – The right to inspect and review their education records. – The right to have some control over the disclosure of information from the records. – The right for the student to retain control of access to education to records.

40 FERPA: What Does It Mean?  Educational record is protected by law  Only the student has access unless the student gives UT authorization – Academic Authorization – Financial Authorization  UT can provide general non-specific information without authorization

41 FERPA: Financial Authorization  MyUTK  View/Pay Fees  Authorized Users

42 FERPA: Academic Authorization  MyUTK  FERPA Academic Record Release Form

43 Things to Remember  Be aware of the academic calendar.academic calendar  Students should check UT email.  Students responsible for their own business learn important skills.  UT is a great place for students to learn and grow!

44 Presentation Takeaways 1.Got questions? Contact One Stop. – 865.974.1111 – – Hodges Library, ground floor 2.We want to partner with you! – Parents must have authorization (FERPA) 3.Students activate and check UT email 4.Payment Due Date: August 19, 2013

45 Questions???

46 Welcome to UT!

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