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Ryan Dunphy Health & Exercise Science Health Promotion & Fitness Management Audience: The general population of individuals both about to enter, & in college.

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1 Ryan Dunphy Health & Exercise Science Health Promotion & Fitness Management Audience: The general population of individuals both about to enter, & in college.

2 You Only Have 1 Human Body… Take care of it!!! PowerPoint Project Tech & Assess of HES Fall 2008

3  Okay, so you are either about to attend college as a freshmen, or you are in college looking for some healthy tips, well this presentation is for you!! We realize that you will be making some serious life changes, but you cannot let your health lower in the chain of importance of your needs!

4  Yes, we realize that you (like many other people your age) will be probably going out and getting drunk on the weekend, eating pizza and other terrible things at all hours of the night, and barely sleeping some nights. But you need to balance out your life to lean more on the positive side. This is a realistic PowerPoint for you to learn from to help you have a healthier and happier college life.

5  At college, expect the unexpected, and be open to new experiences!!  Expect to be introduced to new people, information, lifestyles, beliefs, attitudes, and locations.  DO NOT expect college life to be easy, it will one of the most challenging times of your life. But…it will be the most influential years of your life, transforming you from a child into an adult.

6  We are realistic with our ideals, while striving for optimal health at the same time. We hope to give you some positive information and ideas to keep you healthy during college. The lifestyle habits you take on for these four years (or more) will be a serious indication and setup of your lifelong approach to your health and well being.

7  weight-gain-101-beating-the-freshman-15/ weight-gain-101-beating-the-freshman-15/  Food is a comfort, which is acceptable SOMETIMES, but not all the time!!

8  Nothing in your life thusfar could have prepared you for the stress you are about to encounter at college. TimeMoneyRelationships ClassesHomeworkFitness FamilyFriendsCleaning Make sure to balance yourself in as many areas as required, but know your limits.

9  Write on index cards, get it out of your head!!  Calendars are your new best friend!  Palm pilots, cell phones, e-mail  Make sure you have time for yourself too, planning leisure time will help you stay sane!!

10  Many college cafeterias have the reputation of serving low quality, terrible tasting food. BUT…  Taking an extra few minutes you can create a healthy salad that tastes great!  The most important thing you can do is control your portions. “Portion distortion” is a huge problem, know what 1 serving is!  Being creative with your food will allow you to develop new tastes, and meet all your nutrient requirements.  Eat slow, enjoy your food!!

11 Stay Healthy = Not Missing Class  Confined space with tons of kids living together  Poor air circulation  Stress  Lack of sleep  Adjustment to new area  Environmental problems

12  Stay optimistic, you just have to adjust your lifestyle to the injury.  You may feel depressed and dependant on others, but this will pass.  Modify your caloric intake to match the activity deficit.  You will be out of that cast or off those crutches before you know it!!

13 MOST UNIVERSITIES HAVE AMAZING RECREATION CENTERS, YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT, USE IT!!! Ideas For Rec Center Activities: -Stationary Bikes / Elliptical Machines -Free Weights -Intramural Teams -Racquetball -Swimming -Spinning -Yoga -Group Exercise -Adventure Club Check out the Rowan Rec:

14 Move More + Eat Less = Loose Weight =A Healthier & Happier YOU!!

15 Planned Activity (Exercise) + A Well Balanced & Nutrient Dense Diet = Loose Weight =A Healthier & Happier YOU!! (This will require some knowledge acquisition)

16 Be Active + Eat Right = Live Well

17 Stay In A Regimented Exercise Program + Well Balanced Varied Diet = Maintain Health!!



20 Alcohol is a poison to the human body, but in small amounts it will make you feel “buzzed” and after more, you become intoxicated to the point of being drunk. Alcohol is the “publicly accepted” drug, even though it is hard on the body. Alcohol use is something most college students experience, but abusing alcohol will create problems.

21  A hangover is the headache and overall soreness you feel the next morning after a night of drinking. This is due to dehydration, because alcohol is a diuretic.


23  Use the stairs not the elevator  Walk from class to class don’t drive  Do you really need dessert?  Cut back on soda  Keep hydrated!  Get enough sleep  Limit television time  Do not eat in bed  If it is nice outside, go play!

24  Before you know it, college will be over and you will be thrust into the real world..  Adopt healthy living habits now if you don’t already, and if you do, don’t loose them!!  How you treat your body at 20 is how your body will treat you at 60!!

25 I came to Rowan University in the fall of 2005 as a freshman right out of high school from 100 miles away. I had never been this far away from everything I had known for 18 years for a week, let alone completely moving out. I moved into dorm style living with 11 other male students. Over the course of freshmen year, I took my knowledge from my health classes, and opportunities on campus, and lost 15lbs. Most students put on 15lbs, but I lost it and kept it off. Racquetball, combined with eating healthy in the cafeteria, helped in my active life to help me attain better health. I want to pass this knowledge on to a younger generation to help them live a long, healthy, and happy life…

26 I hope you learned something from this, so best of luck to you, and help someone else by passing along this health knowledge The glass is half full…

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