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Edmond North Pom Try-Out Meeting

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1 Edmond North Pom 2015-2016 Try-Out Meeting
Make sure BOTH participant and parent or guardian signed in when you got here!

2 Edmond North Pom 2015-2016 Try-Out Meeting
The purpose of the Pom squads at Edmond North High School is to promote school spirit, support various organized activities, represent the school, and provide positive leadership in all aspects of school life. These squads will promote and encourage student body involvement and will exemplify loyalty, cooperation, and positive attitudes. Try-Out Applications are due by 3:15pm on March 31st to the Finance Office of Edmond North High School (No Exceptions)

3 Please make sure you have the following items: (1 per family)
Edmond Public Schools Cheer & Pom District Contract Edmond North Pom Athlete/Parent Handbook What’s the difference between the two!?!

4 introductions Pom Sponsors- Cheer Sponsors-
Varsity- Haley Sherrard Freshman- Rachel Tilley Cheer Sponsors- Varsity & State- Erikka Ault Freshman- TBA Principal & Athletic Director Edmond North Principal- Jason Pittenger Edmond North Athletic Director- Tom Snider Principal over Pom & Cheer- Ellen Vannoy

5 Purpose of this Meeting
The purpose of this meeting is to make sure all interested participants and their parent /guardian fully understand the commitment they are making when trying out for Edmond North Pom. We try our best to let everyone know up front what our expectations are, the time commitment, and the financial commitment they will be making. We don’t want you to have any surprises. This can be a truly rewarding experience for everyone, but it also requires a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment from all participants and parents! It truly is a year round sport! Please take a look at p. 12 of the Edmond North Pom Packet…There is a tentative monthly timeline, so you can see what to expect throughout the year!

6 Outline of Meeting Overview of the meeting is as followed:
We will be covering a lot of information tonight but not everything. It is your responsibility to read through both contracts to make sure you know all material inside. Overview of the meeting is as followed: Squad Breakdowns & Requirements Clinic & Tryout Dates, Times, Requirements, and Information Tryout Process Tryout Score Sheet Breakdown & Judging Summer Camp Information Key Points from District Contract & Edmond North Pom Handbook Important Dates after Tryouts Communication Tryout Application Information & Contracts Conclusion

7 squad information p. 1 of the EPS District Contract
Varsity Pom- 24 members (sophomores through seniors) Freshman Pom- 12 members (freshman only) Spirit Squads Selection: Based on participant’s tryout score

8 squad information cont.
Varsity Squad Members attend: All home and away football and basketball games Home wrestling events and some tournaments Some home JV football and basketball games Freshman Squad Members Attend: All home football and basketball games Some wrestling events Other events as determined by the coach will be added to the attendance requirements

9 clinic & try-out dates p. 5 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
4:00-5:30 each day in the Siberian Gym Tuesday, April 7th- Learn Tryout Routine & Chant Thursday, April 9th- Master routine and chant, work on specific skills Mock Try-Outs: Friday, April 10th at 6:00-7:30 pm in the Siberian Gym Try-Outs: Saturday, April 11th at 9:00 Am Check-in begins at 8:30 am outside the Siberian Gym All Candidates must attend every session of the clinic, mock tryouts, and tryouts. Those failing to attend all clinic days and mock tryouts may not be permitted to try out. If a participant has another school activity during clinic, a written request must be submitted to the school coach and approved prior to the start of clinic. It is that person’s responsibility to learn the material covered in clinic on their own time.

10 try-out requirements p. 2 of the EPS District Contract
Each participant must be “academically eligible” the week of clinic and tryouts. Grades will be pulled on Wednesday, April 1st. Students who tryout must be currently enrolled at the school or feeder school they are trying out for. No member will be allowed to tryout who has previously quit a squad during the past year. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to tryout at more than one Edmond school in any school year. Each squad member will be required to sign a drug testing consent form and will be subject to monthly random drug testing. Must have a completed physical BEFORE clinic begins (needs to be dated between May 1st, 2014 & the 1st day of Clinic). Must attend every session of the clinic, mock tryouts, and tryouts.

11 try-out requirements p. 6 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
All candidates and a parent/guardian must attend the mandatory try-out meeting. The following items must be completed and turned into the Edmond North Finance Office by 3:15pm on Tuesday, March 31st in order to be eligible to try-out: EPS District Contract Signature Page (p. 5) Edmond North Pom Tryout Application & Contract Agreement Signature Page (p ) $25 Tryout Fee (checks payable to ENHS Pep Club)

12 try-out process p. 5 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
Clinic & Tryout Location: Siberian Gym Clinic: 3 days long (closed to the public) Day 1: Learn tryout routine and chant Day 2: Master routine and chant and work on specific skills (turns, leaps, kicks, etc.) Day 3: Mock Tryouts - Each participant will go through the tryout process in front of the other girls and seniors. Select tryout skills and routine will be done full out and run just like try-outs.

13 try-out process continued… p. 5 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
What to wear & Bring to clinic: Modest shorts, t-shirt, and jazz shoes. Hair must be secured back and out of the face. No jewelry and no gum allowed. No cell phones should be out during clinic. Physicals must be turned in prior to the start of clinic for candidates to participate. If we do not have your physical in our possession, the candidates may only watch clinic and can not participate.

14 try-out process continued… p. 5 & 6 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
Tryouts: 1 day only (closed to public) Check-In & Draw Numbers at 8:30 AM outside the Siberian Gym. Actual Tryout Process - Each contestant will draw a number and be paired by consecutive numbers (1 & 2, 3 & 4, etc). The person you are paired with will be the person that you do your chant with at tryouts. The dance and all other skills will be done one at a time for each individual. All participants in your group will be in the gym at the same time during the tryout process. You will do your dance and skills one at a time in numerical order. Each participant will be seated in rows. As one row finishes a skill, that entire row will move to the back. We will repeat this process for each skill required at tryouts until all participants have gone. Freshman will tryout together in Group A. Next, all members trying out for Varsity will tryout together in Group B. All participants must remain in the gym until everyone has finished trying out in their group. No one can leave until Mrs. Sherrard gives you the okay to leave.

15 try-out process continued… p. 5 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
What to wear & Bring to try-outs: Wear the 2015 tryout shirt, modest black or navy athletic shorts, jazz shoes, and the tryout bow. Hair and bangs should be secured back and out of the face. No jewelry or gum! Phones must be put away and kept out of sight for the entire process. *Your appearance is your first impression… make it a good one!

16 try-out process continued…
Tryout Scoring Breakdown: Skills and point breakdown can be found on p. 7 of the North Pom Handbook. Judging: Five certified judges will be scoring the participants. The highest score and the lowest score of each participant will be thrown out leaving only the three middle scores to be totaled. In case of a tie, all five scores will be totaled with none being thrown out. Tryout results will be posted on the Edmond North Pom website ONLY. Results will be posted ASAP after try-outs.

17 Mandatory Practices & Camps for ALL Squad Members
first practices & summer camp p. 3 of the EPS District Contract p. 5 & 16 of the North Pom Handbook All members are expected to attend summer camp with their team. The purpose of camp is to create unity and to learn material for the upcoming year. The coach will determine the campsite and dates. Summer camp dates will be announced at the mandatory parent meeting. Families are expected to work around camp when planning summer activities. A squad member can be removed from candidacy if he/she cannot attend summer camp. If a squad attends a summer camp, squad members are expected to pay their own camp costs, as well as the coaches camp cost. Mandatory Practices & Camps for ALL Squad Members Chants & Drumlines Practice – May 5th & 7th NDA Team Camp- August 6th-8th

18 EPS district cheer & pom contract and Edmond North Pom Handbook
Anyone involved in our program needs to read, understand, and be willing to follow all rules and regulations stated in both contracts before submitting their paperwork for tryouts. We hold all members of our program to high standards and strive for them to be the best person they can be. We hope to help our members learn to have strong character, make good choices, be good leaders and role models to all. It is the responsibility of all participants interested in trying out for Edmond North Pom and their parent/guardian, to read both EPS Contract & North Pom Handbook thoroughly on their own time and be familiar with the rules and regulations that govern Edmond North Pom.

19 key points from both contracts p. 3 of the EPS District Contract p
key points from both contracts p. 3 of the EPS District Contract p. 15 of the North Pom Handbook Eligibility Squad members are expected to stay eligible throughout the year and must comply with the most current rules on eligibility as published by the OSSAA, except as otherwise modified by the school district. If a Pom member is ineligible for 4 consecutive weeks, he/she will be dismissed from the squad. Each squad member receives a grade and a physical education credit for completing a semester. Grades will be determined by participation in practices, games, and events. The Pom grade will be figured in with the student’s overall GPA. Grading will be done by the coaches. GAME/EVENTS- 60 % DAILY PARTICIPATION- 40%

20 key points from both contracts p. 3 of the EPS District Contract p
key points from both contracts p. 3 of the EPS District Contract p. 10 of the North Pom Handbook Attendance Understand when trying out that Pom truly is a year round sport. So it requires a huge time commitment on your part. Edmond Public Schools attendance policy will be followed. As with all classes, a tenth absence from Pom will result in a “no credit” and loss of Pom team membership. An absence is defined as missing more than fifteen (15) minutes of any part of class time. Three (3) tardies equal one (1) absence. What is considered a practice? The “class” period you have Pom Vertical Practices Chant & Drumline Practices Camp Practices Assembly Practices Any other practice deemed necessary by the sponsor

21 key points from both contracts
What is considered a game or event? Any activity that is assigned by the coach/sponsor that you “cheer”at, participate in, or perform at (games, pep assemblies, competitions, spirit clinics, etc.) Can you miss a game or event? Each member will receive 1 “free miss” pass per semester (taken from p.10 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook). What do you do if you have to miss a game, event, or practice? You are required to fill out a miss form online anytime you will arrive late, leave early, or miss an event, game, practice, or your class time for any reason!

22 key points from both contracts p. 13 of the Edmond North PomHandbook
Actions & Consequences At school events, including Pom class, practices, and Pom related school activities, all school policies will be followed regarding student behavior and attendance. Any violation to the Edmond Public Schools District Cheer & Pom Contract or the Edmond North Pom Athlete/Parent Handbook may be handled accordingly: Benching or suspension for a period of time to be determined by the coach. Loss of points on the academic grade for the physical education credit squad members receive for being on a Pom squad. Demerits. – A squad member who accumulates twelve (12) demerits will result in suspension from the squad for the remainder of the year. Please note that the members facing suspension from the squad have had adequate opportunities to earn merits that would offset demerits.

23 key points from both contracts p. 13-14 of the North Pom Handbook
Demerit & Merit System: This system is in place to keep all girls accountable throughout the year. We will use an electronic app to keep record of all merits and demerits. Merit/Demerit status updates will be given to members in class periodically. When an athlete accumulates a large number of demerits, the parent/guardian will be notified.

24 key points from both contracts p
key points from both contracts p of the Edmond North Pom Handbook Estimated Cost to Participate Please read through p. 17 & 18 to see the estimated expenses that will be involved when your child makes a Pom squad. We understand it is not a cheap sport to participate in, but we never want that to be the reason someone does not tryout. Please talk to us if you have any concerns. Within the first 2-3 weeks after your child makes a squad, numerous expenses will be needed to cover camp clothes, shoes, bows, bags, summer camp fees, etc. If you know that financially you will need assistance in helping pay for some of these costs, please start organizing and running fundraisers with your squads as soon as tryouts are over. Since money is due so soon after tryouts, have the fundraisers planned and ready to go the week after tryouts if need be. The earlier the better.

25 important dates after try-outs p. 16 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
If a candidate makes a Pom squad for , they will be comitted to attending the following events the week directly after tryouts: Uniform Check-Out is Wednesday, April 15th for Varsity, and Thursday, April 16th for Freshman. Please see page 16 for times. First Pom Parent Club Meeting- Monday, April 20th at 7:00 pm in the Media Center Camp money (amount TBA) is due at this time, as well as $50 donation to start the Pom Parent Club account. Essential Items Fittings and ordering of essential items in the Cheer room on Tuesday, April 21st. Please see p.16 of North Pom Handbook for times.

26 important dates after try-outs p. 16 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
May 5th & 7th in Pom Room Chant & Drumline Practice for all Pom memebers (Freshman 3:45-4:45 and Varsity 4:45-5:45) May 11th at 7:00 in the Media Center Second Pom Parent Club Meeting- All Essential Items & Camp Clothes money due at this time (anywhere from $100-$450.00), as well as $35 donation to Edmond North Booster Club, and $20 cash for Camp Lunch.

27 Communication p. 11 of the Edmond North Pom Handbook
Here are the various ways to stay connected with North Pom. - (Mrs. Sherrard) (Mrs. Tilley) Website- Calendar- always up to date on our website Follow Us- Instagram- edmondnorthspirit Twitter- @ENHS_Spirit

28 try-out application All of the following items to be turned in should be on pink colored paper: Signed EPS Cheer & Pom District Contract (pink paper) Try-Out Checklist & Application (p ) Parent/Guardian & Participant Handbook Contract Agreement & Signatures (p. 21) Permission to Participate & Medical Release Form (p. 22) $25 Try-out Fee (checks payable to “ENHS Pep Club”) The items listed above are due to the FINANCE OFFICE at Edmond North High School by 3:15pm on March 31st. There are no exceptions on this deadline!

29 conclusion Must have Physical & Medical Release form on file prior to the first day of clinic in order to participate. Your tryout application (all pink colored sheets from both contracts) must be turned in by 3:15pm on March 31st to Edmond North’s Finance Office! Make sure to sign the Sign-In/Sign-Out sheet for this meeting tonight – both parent/guardian & participant need to sign in and initial out)

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