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Aloha Class of 2016 Welcome to Freshman Guidance Cycle 1.

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1 Aloha Class of 2016 Welcome to Freshman Guidance Cycle 1

2 Guidance  Student Expectations Expectations  Purpose  Introductions  Schedule & Locations Huh? What is guidance?

3 Student Expectations  Be on time.  Attendance is MANDATORY.  Come in quietly if you are late. Make sure you check in with your counselor at the end of class.  Be attentive. Plan to complete homework before you come to guidance.

4 Student Expectations  Absence will be unexcused unless it is cleared with the office or with your counselor PRIOR to your guidance period. An unexcused absence will result in DETENTION.

5 Purpose of Guidance  Personal & Social Skills  Decision Making  Communication  Study/Success Skills  Special Topics  Support Services

6 Introductions  Grade Level Counselors  Ms. Shelby (A-Ki) ext. 28432  Mrs. Chernisky (KL-Z) ext. 33492  Outreach Counselor  Mr. Lapsley ext. 28335  Secretary (Counseling Center)  Mrs. Cadell ext. 28585

7 Counseling  We’re with you for 4 years!!  Come and get to know your counselor.  Ms. Shelby, Mrs. Chernisky, and Mr. Lapsley are located in Kekuanao`a Counseling Center – ROOM KU 206  Visit our office during study hall, free periods, lunch or after school. 4 YEARS!?!?! AUURITE!!

8 Your counselor can help you with:  Class Schedules  Academic Concerns  Guidance  Counseling  Career Information  Strengths  Areas of Improvement  Personal Issues  Helping you understand yourself  Monitor progress  Confidentiality

9 Your counselor can also help you with:  Getting along with:  Teachers  Parents  Friends  Boyfriend / Girlfriend  Family Members  College Prep  College Requirements  Applications  Financial Aid

10 A note about confidentiality… Everything that is said in a counseling session is CONFIDENTIAL. There are, however, 3 exceptions to this:  If you say that someone is hurting you.  If you say that you are going to hurt someone else.  If you say that you will hurt yourself. In these cases, the counselor will need to break confidentiality in order to get help.

11 Other Support & Encouragement  Standardized Testing  Parent, Teacher, and/or Student Conferences  Founder’s Day  Song Contest  Athletics & Other Extra Curricular Activities Curricular Activities  Registration for Sophomore Year During 2 nd Semester Year During 2 nd Semester

12  Work on getting/staying organized.  Be a good listener.  Be on time for class.  Use class time wisely.  Complete assignments/projects on time.  Meet new people and try new things!

13  Study hard for quizzes/tests/exams.  Establish a positive relationship with your teachers.  If absent, find out what you missed.  Be consistent in your positive efforts.

14  Schedules Grades Progress Reports School Calendar Daily Bulletin 4 year plan Registration/Teacher recommendation s

15 Guidance material Handouts Announcements Information and Resources


17 All About Me  We want to get to know you.  Complete form and turn in before leaving class today.

18 Any Questions?  How’s High School so far?  Any concerns?  Need help?

19 Have a Great Day!

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