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Charles F. Brush High School Library Orientation Welcome to your library! The mission of the Brush Library is to “ensure that students and staff are effective.

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1 Charles F. Brush High School Library Orientation Welcome to your library! The mission of the Brush Library is to “ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.”

2 Library staff & involvement  Mrs. McNally  Mrs. Charnock  Student Library Aides  Student Library Advisory Club (SLACkers) – next meeting = this Wednesday after school  Book Club – first meeting = next Tuesday after school

3 When may you use the library?  Before school – we open at 7:15 AM CyberCafe is available through 2 nd period.  After school – we close at 3:45 PM CyberCafe is available after school.  With a class – check the sign for the daily schedule of classes. The library may close and/or have limited attendance when a class or special event is scheduled.  During your study hall – follow study hall procedures for admittance.

4 CyberCafe library grant  $110K to renovate library  50 new computers  50 new desks & chairs  New magazine area  New circulation area  New shelving  New lounge seating  Beverage/food availability  Televisions connected  WiFi – coming soon

5 Introducing CyberCafe  Cost of one 10 oz cup: $0.50  Reading a magazine or using library resources: $0  Enjoying a newly renovated library: priceless  Your choice of the following: Black coffee Decaf coffee Coffee light Cappuccino Café mocha Hot chocolate French vanilla Hot water

6 Supply store  #2 pencils - $0.25  Mechanical pencils - $0.50  Pens - $0.50  Mini-highlighters - $0.50  1 subject notebooks - $1.50  4x6 index cards - $1.00  Pocket folders - $0.75  USB jump/flash drives – check for current pricing  And more – just ask!

7 Attendance procedures  Get to the library before the tardy bell.  Students must check in at the circulation desk with library staff!  If not with a class or study hall, you must have a pass to come to the library.

8 Study hall procedures  Students must obtain a pass in advance!  One pass per student.  Stop in before/after school or between classes to get your pass.  A set number of honor passes will be available to well behaved students. These students will be able to utilize the library every day during their study hall (unless otherwise notified). Honor passes are issued at the discretion of library staff and can be revoked at any time.

9 Study hall procedures cont’d.  Each period, library attendance is taken electronically – make sure to present your pass and ID upon entry in the library to library staff. Be sure you make your presence known to library staff when you enter!  Daily attendance is emailed to study hall monitors every period. If technology fails, we will use a sign-in sheet.  Did you have your picture taken this year? Once student IDs are issued, you MUST present your student ID. No ID, no entry!

10 Common sense rules  Students are expected to arrive on time and remain in the Library for the entire period.  Students are required to remain seated until the end of the period.  Students are required to conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner.  Students must cooperate with all Library staff and use appropriate language.  Each student must sign out materials before leaving the Library.  Keep the library clean – recycle and throw away your trash!  No cell phones – see student handbook.  Push in chairs at the end of the period.  When others are waiting for computers, limit your time online. Using the library is a privilege!

11 Courtesy and respect  Our job is to help you learn how to find what you’re looking for and to assist you when you need help.  We can help you with books, research resources, internet resources, computer applications, citing sources, and more Respect yourself, others, and property. Disrespect Profanity Rudeness Vandalism …will not be tolerated! Be good or be gone!

12 Whatever you need to know… The place to go for homework help, information, and research is @ your library save the Library brochure in a handy location!

13 Collections within the library  Magazines – 26 available for check-out  Books Biographies & Collective Biographies Fiction, Graphic Novels, & Short Stories Literature (Authors, Plays, Poems, etc.) Nonfiction, Career/College & Reference Please help keep the books in order. If you’re not sure where to put a book, please bring it to the circulation desk or leave it on a table

14 Due dates and renewals  Books circulate for 2 weeks.  Magazines circulate for 1 week.  Reference materials circulate on an overnight basis only.  Although we do NOT charge overdue fines, overdue notice reminders are sent to Homeroom teachers on a weekly basis.  Renewals are possible on most materials. Coming soon – you will be able to renew online

15 Checking materials in and out  To check out any library materials, please have your student ID with barcode or know your name!  All materials must be checked out and should be returned in a timely manner.  When you walk in, you can leave your book(s) at the book return.  Have your planner with you to checkout materials – so you remember when they’re due to be returned

16 Responsibility for materials  YOU are responsible for any loss or damage to materials YOU check out.  Report any library materials that you may have lost right away.  You will have to pay for any items you lose or damage.  Do not check out materials and give them to another student to use. YOU are still responsible.

17 Computers  Computers are for school related projects only.  The Internet is for school research only – the acceptable use policy is in force.  Important! If you bring an USB flash drive from home and expect to be able to print or access its files, you must use the same programs we have here.  Save word processing files in Rich Text Format (RTF) when you bring them from home.  Never log in as someone else and always log off when you’re done.

18 Printing and copying  Educational printing for projects only – please limit print-outs for school assignments (save the trees and toner)!  Some research databases allow you to email articles to your home email in a file on the server.  You can usually save regular internet pages as a file, too.  Ask for help if you need assistance.  A copier is available at no cost.

19 Brush library web site  Connect to the best sources of information!  Available from school and home – 24/7


21 Start your search with research databases, then move on to a search engine!


23 Information literacy  Information literacy is a critical skill-set required to be a competent consumer of information in the classroom and workplace as well as in the community in which we live.  Without these skills, students cannot effectively identify, locate, organize, evaluate, manage, or use needed information.  Information literacy contributes to a life-long learning process and has been recognized as one of the 21 st century skills needed to be successful in a global economy.

24 Information literacy  The Department of Labor report of the Secretary’s Commission in Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) identified information and technology as 2 of the 5 competencies essential for employment.  It is projected that more than 80% of tomorrow’s jobs will require skills in effectively using information; yet currently, only 20% of the high school graduates in the Ohio workforce have the necessary information literacy skills to fill these new jobs.

25 TRAILS9  TRAILS (Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) is used by teacher- librarians to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses of information literacy skills.  Information literacy is a component of critical thinking and requires processing of 5 key categories: Developing a topic Identifying potential sources Developing, using and revising search strategies Evaluating sources and information Recognizing how to use information responsibly, ethically, and legally.

26 Avoid plagiarism The library can help with citations! Copyright = the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc.: works granted such right by law on or after January 1, 1978, are protected for the lifetime of the author or creator and for a period of 50 years after his or her death. Plagiarism = the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

27 The best resource…  …a library card (it’s free!)  Use the Brush library online catalog!  If you don’t have a GreaterAccess card, fill out an application for a borrower card. Questions? See Mrs. McNally Mrs. Charnock

28 Charles F. Brush High School We look forward to helping you remember: libraries are for life long learning! Thank you!

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