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Mountain View High School Career Academies At Work.

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2 Mountain View High School Career Academies At Work

3 Academy Team Claire Barrett SEITH Shauna Murray BTHS Terra Frei A & C Angela Edde FRESHMAN

4 How It Works  ALL INCOMING FRESHMAN automatically enter the Freshman Academy  Option to join a “themed team” or “traditional team”  In “FRESHMAN CORNERSTONE” students learn about the Academies and explore personal interests & aspirations  When registering for the SOPHOMORE year, students select an ACADEMY and a MAJOR  Arts and Communication  Business, Technology and Human Services  Science, Engineering, Industrial Tech and Health


6  Formation of Majors/Minors  12 credit Major  6 credit Minor  Block Scheduling  A/B Block with 64 possible credits  Credit Breakdown  Core classes = 32  50 Required for graduation  Goal Continuum  Student Choice Equitable and Inclusive SLCs

7 Majors/Minors Key Players  Academy Leads, Teachers, Administrators, Related Business and Community members) All Majors equally rigorous  equal credits Take into account  ELL classes, Special Ed. Study Center, Athletics, Religious Release, Off Campus classes

8 The additional classes allowed through block scheduling support and promote students earning majors and minors in their academies Currently: 50 credits to graduate Block Scheduling 64 possible with the block - 32core required 32 -12 electives for a major 20 credits may be used for additional majors and/or minors, off-site classes, release time, or any other electives A / B Block

9 Every Maverick should strive to achieve the highest level possible. Majors/Minors

10 Student Choice FRESHMAN CORNERSTONE CLASS Orientation to TEAMS and ACADEMIES Careers and decision making  Career Information Systems (CIS)  Academies / Majors / Minors  Major Checklist & High School Plan  Career Center tour  Transcript Review with Freshman Counselor

11 Evaluate Where is your school in terms of EQUITY?  What are your special populations?  Can ANY student belong to ANY academy?  Can ANY student SUCCEED in ANY academy?  What are areas that need improvement?

12 Where would you like your school in terms of EQUITY?  Dreams  Realistic Goals  Action Plan – List the STEPS and Key players to accomplish your goal Evaluate

13 Random selection vs. Choosing students 1)Questions predetermined and visible 2)2 adults 3)Anonymity 4)Audio taping 5)Possible Uses:  Decision Making  Professional Development The Student Focus Group

14 Thank You

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