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1 Rise and Shine Corp. College Students & Breakfast.

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1 1 Rise and Shine Corp. College Students & Breakfast

2 2 Background of the Study Reasons for conducting this study: –Nutrition & health –Breakfast & school performance –Student’s breakfast preference

3 3 Problem Statement The problem of this study is to determine college students’ attitude and behavior with regards to breakfast eating.

4 4 Research Objectives Research Objectives To determine college students’ behaviors and attitudes toward breakfast eating by compare… –Freshmen v.s Seniors –Female v.s Male –Athletes v.s Non-athletes –High GPA v.s Average GPA –Early classes v.s Later classes

5 5 Hypotheses No significant difference exists between… Males and Females Freshmen and Seniors Higher GPA and Average GPA Athletes and Non-athletes Early classes and Later Classes

6 6 Operational Definitions High GPA would be defined as anyone who has a GPA 3.0 or higher. GPA below 3.0 will be defined as having an average GPA. Athlete would be defined as anyone who plays one or more sport in college. Early Class would be defined as any class starting at 8:00 or 9:00am.

7 7 Secondary Data Findings… Overall health & eating habits are in decline among student. Eating breakfast effect all other aspects of life. Source: Miller, R. Michael. “Health School Nutrition Environments.” USDA. June, 2000. P6.

8 8 Secondary Data Findings… Personalized breakfast would improve overall nutrition and well-being. Source: Schibsted, Evantheia. “The sizzle.” March 20, 2001.

9 9 Secondary Data Findings… The study conducted on the relationship between breakfast and school performance proved that breakfast influences memory capability, but not other aspects of school performance. Source: Bhalla, Mukul. “Relationship Between Breakfast & School Performance.” Retrieved on Sep. 30 th from WWW:

10 10 In-Depth Interviews (1) Diane Duddle “Most college students don’t eat breakfast and the ones that do are taking too much high fat and high sodium food.” The most important thing to remember is to eat healthy at each meal including breakfast.

11 11 In-Depth Interviews (2) Bill Reich He sees more serious students eating breakfast. “Breakfast will keep you at your peak mentally.” The cafeteria hands out Treat Yourself Right fliers.

12 12 In-Depth Interviews (3) Karen Hermann She sees athletes or serious students eating breakfast. Eating breakfast will improve your academic performance.

13 13 Focus Group Innovative Projective Techniques A new twist on the photo interpretation technique. –Passed around diverse pictures from magazines and had students write down what he/she thought that person ate for breakfast. –Proving that there is a connection between breakfast foods and personality. –We recommend researching this subject further in the future.

14 14 Focus Group: Major Findings Sleep is more important than eating breakfast. Athletes feel the need to eat breakfast before the competition. On exam day, students tend to meet other students and eat breakfast.

15 15 Focus Group Recommendations If the cafeteria served breakfast later and longer, students would be more likely to eat breakfast.

16 16 Sampling Procedures 1. Three In-depth interviews with experts in the field were conducted, concerning nutrition and food services. 2. Focus group consisted of four Lake Forest College seniors and two Lake Forest College freshmen. 3. Created survey by combining focus group information and in-depth interview results, then reviewed by an expert (Professor Dlabay). 4. Surveys were handed out to students during the lunch and dinner times in the Lake Forest College cafeteria.

17 17 Sample Survey Questions 1. Are you a Freshman or Senior? 2. Do you participate in any varsity sports team? 3. How many times do you eat breakfast during the week? 4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. SA – A – N – D -- SD

18 18 Survey Findings (Females VS. Males) Survey results found Lake Forest College female students tend to eat breakfast more frequently than males. Females 10 – 33% Males 5 – 17%

19 19 Survey Findings (Freshmen VS. Seniors) Survey results for this study revealed that more freshmen would eat breakfast during a typical week. Seniors 4 – 13% Freshmen 11 – 38%

20 20 Survey Findings ( High GPA VS.Average GPA ) Survey of breakfast eating frequency during a typical week indicates that students who ate breakfast four times or more tended to have a high GPA. High GPA 10 – 33% Average GPA 5 – 17%

21 21 Survey Findings (Athletes VS. Non-Athletes) Results found non-athletes tended to consider eating breakfast more important than athletes. Athletes X(observed mean)=2.3 Non-athletes X(observed mean)=2.825

22 22 Possible Uses of Information Aramark staff College Students Government Health Organizations Breakfast Food Companies Other universities

23 23 Recommendations College can use various media to send out messages to students. A Poster Example: (next slide)

24 24 Poster Example: Want to have a slim looking body and a genius brain? Pick one of the combinations for your balanced breakfast basket: Bran Muffin with Peanut Butter Bagel with Cream Cheese or Low Fat Cream Cheese Sliced Cheese on Wheat Bread and banana Two Fried eggs and a bowl of cereal Sliced Turkey or Chicken on Croissant English Tea Biscuit and Fruit If you picked one out for your breakfast, you were already one step closer to being a genius.

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