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The mission of the Freshman Academy is to educate and prepare incoming freshman for a successful and smooth transition into high school. It provides a.

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1 The mission of the Freshman Academy is to educate and prepare incoming freshman for a successful and smooth transition into high school. It provides a personalized environment, enhances self-esteem, promotes responsible citizenship, fosters desires for life long learning and develops skills necessary for future success in life.

2 RHS Administration Dr. Garcia Mr. Mitchell Principal Assistant Principal

3 House Vice Principals Ms. Theriault - Blue House (Freshman Academy) Mr. Magno Mr. Pechinsky Ms. Meier Green House (A-F) Brown House (G-N) Red House (O-Z)

4 Freshman Academy Office Ms. Chamberlin (A-K) Ms. Pettie-Simpkins (L-Z) Guidance Counselors Ms. Theriault - Vice Principal Ms. Richardson - Secretary

5 School Hours Mondays and Tuesdays: 8:18 – 2:20 Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: 7:50-2:20 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Period 1: 8:18 Dismissal: 2:20 Period 1: 8:18 Dismissal: 2:20 Advisory: 7:50 Dismissal: 2:20 Advisory: 7:50 Dismissal: 2:20 Advisory: 7:50 Dismissal: 2:20

6 Attendance Attendance is determined based on the number of points a student accrues in a quarter. For each 80-minute class missed, a student will accrue two (2) attendance points. Students accruing seven (7) or more attendance points for each class per quarter will receive an FA. Term failure due EXCLUSIVELY to absence MUST be recorded as a 59 average for that term. If the earned grade is lower than a 59, the lower grade prevails. For a 2-quarter class, students will be allowed to accrue twelve (12) attendance points. Students accruing thirteen (13) or more attendance points for a 2-quarter class, will receive an FA for the final grade. DEFINITION OF EXCUSED ABSENCES: Excused Absences include the following supported with proper documentation: Documented senior college visits (maximum of 2 days). Documented student illness (students who are seriously or chronically ill or are ill for an extended period should be seen by a physician). * Funeral/bereavement in the family. DESE approved religious holidays. Documented court appearance.

7 Tardiness The warning bell will sound at 8:14 a.m. and first period begins promptly at 8:18 a.m. Students need to be in the room before the bell rings. Late arriving students will be admitted to class and will be issued sessions by their teachers. Students arriving 1 - 20 minutes late to a class will be marked “Tardy – T0.” Students arriving 21 – 40 minutes late to a class will be marked “Tardy – T1” and accumulate one (1) attendance point. Students arriving 41 - 80 minutes late to a class will be marked “Tardy - T2” and will accumulate two (2) attendance points.

8 Dismissals Dismissal notes from parents must be presented to the Freshman Academy Office before school on the day of dismissal for verification by parents/guardians. If parents cannot be contacted for verification, the student will not be dismissed. Dismissals requested by telephone will be allowed only if the parent or guardian agrees to pick up the student at school. Dismissals due to illness will be allowed only if we are able to contact a parent or guardian who must come to the school and pick up the student. Ill students whose parents cannot be reached will remain in the Nurse's Office until the end of the day. Any dismissal for the remainder of the school day prior to 10:30 a.m. will be recorded as an absence for the day. Students will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular events that day. Any dismissal from school will result in an absence from classes missed regardless of the time of dismissal.

9 Freshman Academy Schedule - Ms. Lenihan

10 Advisory - Ms. Lenihan Advisory is designed to build community, find a sense of belonging, learn helpful life skills, receive academic advising and coaching, and build relationships with a supportive adult in school who will monitor student academics, attitude and behavior, and overall well-being throughout four years of study at RHS. Students will remain with their advisors during their four years at Revere High School. Advisory is considered a quarter-class and a graduation requirement. Students must complete at least twelve (12) (1.2 credits) out of the sixteen (16) (1.6 credits) quarter course opportunities throughout their four years of study at Revere High School.

11 Advisory Policies - Ms. Lenihan ATTENDANCE DURING ADVISORY: Attendance during Advisory is determined by the number of missed advisory periods a student has accumulated in a quarter. Advisory will be held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7:50 a.m. - 8:14 a.m. Cutting Advisory is equivalent to cutting a class. Students who have accumulated five (5) or more absences (7.5 points or more) for Advisory during a quarter will receive an F and/or FA grade and lose the corresponding credit for Advisory needed for graduation. TARDINESS TO ADVISORY: The warning bell will sound at 7:45 a.m. and Advisory begins promptly at 7:50 a.m. Late arriving students will be admitted to Advisory. Students arriving between 7:51 a.m. and 7:54 a.m. will be marked Tardy to Advisory (AT.75 points). Students arriving 7:55 or later will be marked Absent (AA 1.5 points). Disciplinary actions resulting from infractions associated with Advisory may include parental notification, detention, or any other actions determined by the school administrators.

12 Academy Policies - Ms. Theriault BehaviorConsequence for 1 st offense Consequence for 2 nd offense Consequence for 3 rd offense Dress Code Violation  Referral to VP  Parent notification by student  Change of clothes (clothes provided if unable to reach parent)  Referral to VP  Change of clothes (clothes provided if unable to reach parent)  30-minute Office Session  Parent notification by student  Referral to VP  Change of clothes (clothes provided if unable to reach parent)  Parent notification by VP  In House Suspension Hat in Building  VP notification for entry into discipline record  Student must store hat in locker  20-minute Teacher Session  Referral to VP  Student must store hat in locker  30-minute Office Session  Parent notification by student  Referral to VP  Student must store hat in locker  Parent notification by VP  In House Suspension Food or Drink in Class (other than water)  Verbal Warning  Confiscation or disposal  20-minute Teacher Session  Confiscation or disposal  Referral to VP  Confiscation or disposal  30-minute Office Session Electronic Device (visible without permission)  Confiscation  Locked in VP ’ s Office  Parent notification by student  Returned to student at the end of the school day.  Confiscation  Locked in VP ’ s Office  Parent notification by student  Returned only to parent  30-minute Office Session  Confiscation  Locked in VP ’ s Office  Parent notification by VP  Returned only to parent  Office Sessions, In House, or Out of School Suspension

13 Dress Code The following are NOT considered appropriate dress: All pants, shorts, and skirts worn below waist level and/or which allow under-garments to be visible at any time Pajamas or sleepwear; slippers Under-garments worn as outer garments Athletic and workout clothes worn unnecessarily outside of the gym/field house, including spandex, Lycra, and yoga pants Jackets or other outdoor wear, including gloves, as indoor dress Headgear of any sort, including hats, sweatbands, bandanas, kerchiefs, hoods, headphones/radios, etc. Shirts with obscene, distracting/inappropriate (as deemed by administration) symbols or language Bare-midriff shirts, strapless shirts, low-cut blouses, backless dresses, tank tops, and other shirts deemed by the administration to be too revealing Mini-skirts, bikini shorts, short-shorts Any garment or ornament determined or perceived by an administrator to be gang-related in nature Footwear that can be considered a safety hazard to the student or students in general (e.g. flip flops, slides) Shoes/sneakers that have laces that are neither tied nor tucked in. Articles of clothing that cause excessive maintenance problems, such as cleats on boots, shoes that scratch floors, and trousers with metal rivets that scratch furniture.

14 iPads - Student Activities Strictly Prohibited: Illegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials. Taking any action that violates existing school policy or public law. Sending, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials. Using chat rooms, sites selling term papers, book reports, and other forms of student work. Messaging services, for example: MSN Messenger, ICQ, and playing internet/computer games Using outside data disks or external attachments without prior approval from the administration. Change iPad settings (exceptions include personal settings, such as font size, brightness, etc.) Spamming-Sending mass or inappropriate emails. Gaining access to other students’ accounts, files, and/or data.

15 iPads - Student Activities Strictly Prohibited: Using the school’s Internet/email accounts for financial or commercial gain or for any illegal activity. Using of anonymous and/or false communications, such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger. Giving out personal information, for any reason, over the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to setting up Internet accounts including those necessary for chat rooms, Ebay, email, etc. Participating in credit card fraud, electronic forgery, or other forms of illegal behavior. Vandalizing (any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software, or data including, but not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses or computer programs that can infiltrate computer systems and/or damage software components) school equipment. Transmitting or accessing materials that are obscene, offensive, threatening, or otherwise intended to harass or demean recipients. Bypassing the RHS Web filter through a Web proxy.

16 iPad Care Students will be held responsible for maintaining their individual iPads and keeping them in good working order. iPad batteries must be charged and ready for school each day. Only labels or stickers approved by RHS may be applied to the computer. IPad sleeves furnished by the school district must be returned with only normal wear and no alterations to avoid paying a sleeve replacement fee. iPads that malfunction or are damaged must be reported to the Learning Commons. The school district will be responsible for repairing iPads that malfunction. iPads that have been damaged from student misuse, neglect, or are accidentally damaged will be repaired with cost being borne by the student. Students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs to iPads that are damaged intentionally. Students are responsible for any and all damage. iPads that are stolen must be reported immediately to the Office and the Police Department.

17 iPad – Student Discipline If a student violates any part of the policy, he/she will be put on the following disciplinary steps: First offense -- Student(s) will check in/check out their iPads from the Help Desk daily for 3 weeks. Second offense --Students will incur three (3) weeks of iPad privilege suspension and be responsible for all required work. Third Offense -- Loss of iPad privileges for a length of time determined by the administration and the Help Desk.

18 iPad Distribution The final iPad distribution will occur this Thursday, 8/23/12 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. A parent/guardian will need to be present, sign all appropriate paperwork, and will have to show a form of identification.

19 Lunch – 1 st lunch Freshman only Students are to remain in the cafeteria area during their entire lunch period. Students are expected to clean their table area before leaving the cafeteria; dropping or throwing food in the cafeteria is not permitted. Due to high level of allergies, trading or giving any food away in cafeteria is not permitted. Students may use the lavatories outside the cafeteria area near the Red House Office (first floor). No loitering will be allowed in the area and students will return directly to the cafeteria afterward. All other areas of the school are off limits during lunchtime. Students are not allowed to use lockers during lunch. They must plan ahead! Gambling games, including role playing dice and playing cards will not be permitted during lunch. Students will be allowed to use cellular phones during lunch period but must do so responsibly. Students must carry their IDs in order to purchase lunch in the cafeteria. Students must treat all cafeteria personnel with courtesy and respect.

20 Portfolio/Community Service Students will be required to submit the following: A minimum of one artifact that exemplifies each of the core expectations, for a total of nine artifacts, each with self-scored rubric and reflection. Students may submit, at any time throughout the year, additional artifacts that were found to be personally meaningful; A brief reflection on the artifacts submitted throughout the year, identifying those that were most meaningful. This will be submitted at the conclusion of the school year. Students must have completed a minimum of five (5) community service hours toward their twenty-six (26) hour graduation requirement by the end of their freshman year. Students who do not complete these requirements by the end of their freshman year will be placed on social probation until they do so.

21 Clubs/Activities Book Club Dance Club Drama Club Ell/Foreign Language Future Teachers Gay Straight Alliance Green Team Key Club Interact Club Health and Fitness National Honor Society Speech and Debate Team Power of Know RHS Newspaper Robotics Club Rock Ensemble Technology Club Yearbook RHS Connect

22 JROTC - Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Major Bowker Command Sergeant Major Callender Course Objectives/Goals: The objectives and goals of this course focus on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, geography, cultural awareness, wellness, and fitness in a structured interactive environment. * If you are not in JROTC this year there's always next year.

23 RHS Athletics - Mr. Hart

24 First Day - Ms. Theriault Date: August 28, 2012 Start Time: 8:18 a.m. Location: Auditorium Please report to the auditorium by 8:18 a.m. You will then be escorted to homeroom by your teacher. * Students may come to school earlier to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

25 Save the Date Meet the Teacher Night September 10, 2012 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Parent Teacher Conferences November 8, 2012

26 Scavenger Hunt/Tour - Ms. DeRuosi Thank you to Ms. DeRuosi for creating and organizing the scavenger hunt/tour for the orientation. Parents/Guardians have the option of joining the hunt/tour or staying behind to view The Academy Club. e_academy_club.html e_academy_club.html

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