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Freshmen Spring Parent Night Counseling Department Class of 2018 February 2015 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL.

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1 Freshmen Spring Parent Night Counseling Department Class of 2018 February 2015 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL

2 2 nd Semester SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Greater levels of adjustment with a semester under their belt: Academics, Athletics, Personal/Social-Balance-Evaluate and set goals with your son. Greater comprehension of what it takes to study for a final Understanding what needs to be done in order to get the grades they want: Communication with teachers, time management, organization Starting to show interest in wanting to be involved in clubs and other activities Taking advantage of SHOP, extra help from teachers

3 Grades SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Ways to monitor academics: Aeries Teachers update each week Track current grades Moodle Parent access is available Can see current and upcoming assignments If you have questions regarding technology: IT page on Servite website Or by email

4 SHOP- Student Homework Opportunity Program SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL WHEN:Monday-Friday 3-5pm WHERE:Library SHOP is a free homework assistance program that takes place in the library after school Monday through Thursday from 3-5:00 p.m. Servite students who come to SHOP may choose to either get their homework done on their own or to pair up with a teacher, California Scholastic Federation (CSF) Member, or National Honor Society (NHS) Member for FREE homework assistance and tutoring. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays an English and Math Teacher are also available to assist students. Mr. Johnny Mollindo is the new Servite Library Aide and SHOP Supervisor.

5 Freshman Year Finals SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Must be here, unless it is an emergency!! Dates: June 1 st – June 4 th Finals 20% of 2 nd semester grade (each marking period is 40%)

6 Summer SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Attend summer school (if applicable) All information will be on Servite website after spring break Summer Reading-REQUIRED Posted on Servite website in June Christian Service hours Must have 30 hours completed in order to have grades released in June Summer is a good time to get a head start on Sophomore year hours (30) Forms Available under Campus Ministry-Christian Service *Contact Campus Ministry with any questions

7 Leadership Opportunities SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Priory Leadership: Apply this Spring (March/April)-watch for announcements If selected-Leadership Summit, June 7 th -June 11 th Positions available to Sophomores (Moderators): Campus Activities Committee (Jeannie Nelleson) Campus Academics Committee (Regina Powers) Campus Life Committee (Bill Brundige & Michelle Thomas) –includes Communications/Servite TV, Admissions, Spirit Campus Ministry Committee (Pasquale Talarico) PAL (Debbie Blashaw) Her Servants’ Kitchen (Jim Carter) Trinity Corp. (Sue Hamrock & Robyn Foersch)

8 Servite Summer School SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL ADVANCEMENT @ Servite Possibility for double math students only (CP or HP Geometry offered) Students must receive recommendation to take double math in order to enroll in summer Geometry advancement Dates: June 15 th -July 23 rd ; Monday-Friday 8am-1pm CP Geometry HP Geometry

9 Servite Summer School SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL REMEDIATION All semester “F” grades must be remediated during Servite summer school 2 nd semester “D” grades in Foreign Language and Math must be remediated during Servite summer school All Semester “D” grades are recommended to be redeemed for college admissions 2 sessions: 1 st Semester classes June 15 th -July 2 nd 2 nd Semester classes July 6 th –July 23 rd Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm

10 Sophomore Year Schedule SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL 7 classes are required: 1. English 2 2. Theology 2 3. Science 4. Foreign Language 5. Math 6. Fine Art/Elective 7. 7 th period Athletics/Elective Level Placement (CP/HP) and course options may be based on: Grades in current class Teacher recommendation Placement Test (MDPT-Math)

11 HP & AP Sign Ups SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL March 9th (during late start) Students must visit designated teachers between 8:00 am and 8:50 am Even if student is currently in an HP class, must still sign up/ visit those teachers on March 9 th Detailed list of assigned classrooms will be sent to students via email and will also be on Servite website

12 HP & AP Sign Ups SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Theology & Foreign Language will be determined by current grades & performance in the classroom; current teachers will place students in class (no sign-ups necessary) Subjects to visit for Sophomores on March 9 th : Science (HP Biology or HP Chemistry), HP English, and History (only if interested in AP World or European as an elective) Math, whether honors or double math, will be based on score received on MDTP exam given in the classroom in April. All students take this; does not require any prep. Math placement exam

13 2015-2016 Registration SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Registration/Schedule packets for next year will be sent home on Friday, March 20 th. Students are to circle the classes they will be taking next year, obtain a parent signature, and return it to their Theology teacher by Monday, March 30 th. May not know math placement yet, if looking to take double math or move to HP…students may circle math classes they are intending to take and then we get the final list of placement.

14 Tests Taken Sophomore Year SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL PSAT will be taken fall of Sophomore year What to expect: Students will experience conditions of test Students are not 100% prepared for sophomore year PSAT, so scores may be low; they do not get reported to colleges for admission PSAT English scores are looked at for HP English 3 (junior year)

15 Accomodations? SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL If students need accommodations for the PSAT (i.e. extra time) you must begin the process this spring. Contact Ms. Blashaw at: Or 714-774-7575 x1146 *In order for a student to get accommodations for SAT, he must take them for the PSAT

16 Clubs SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL NHS Fall of Sophomore year, using cumulative grades Email will be sent to qualifying students (min. of 3.3 GPA) Must meet all other requirements (CS Hours, essay, teacher rec., etc.) See Ms. Valenzuela in the counseling office for an application CSF 2 nd semester of Sophomore year Email will be sent to qualifying students (min. 3.5 GPA) Students must meet the minimum course points requirement set by CSF Club rush in August It is extremely important to be involved and engaged in school environment * Contact Mrs. Nellesen (Director of Activities) if you have any questions:

17 Naviance SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Search for Colleges Explore Majors Sign up for a College Rep Visit Build a Resume Career Interest Inventory Communicate with Counselor

18 Naviance SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Freshman Tasks- Username: Servite E-mail address Password: Birthdate (m/d/yyyy)-No zeros before m & d Ex: 9/3/2000 *Register Naviance Account *Personality Type Assessment *Learning Styles Inventory *Completed through Computer App. Class

19 Contact Information SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Servite High School714-774-7575 Ms. Hilary RecknorA-D*1156 Mrs. Doreen MooreE-K*1133 Mrs. Megen AnspachL-Q*1457 Mrs. Sara WilliamsR-Z*1174 Mrs. Deborah Blashaw, Support Services *1146 Contact your son’s Counselor with any questions. Thank you for your attendance!

20 Freshmen Spring Parent Night Counseling Department Class of 2018 February 2015 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL

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