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Independence HS Home of the Knights Welcome Class of 2019 Students & Parents!

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1 Independence HS Home of the Knights Welcome Class of 2019 Students & Parents!

2 Agenda for Tonight Welcome to Independence! The “Focus” at Independence Getting Involved Words from Counseling PAP/AP Class Information Touring the Campus Note: Please hold all questions for the meet and greet portion of the evening. Thanks!

3 An Exciting Time Tonight! Visiting with Our Amazing Staff Hearing about the Firsts Students will Experience Helping Develop New Traditions Signing Up for Clubs & Organizations

4 Smooth Transition from 8 th Grade Building Healthy Relationships Building a Safe and Spirit-Filled Climate Striving for Academic Excellence Meeting Students Where They Are! Setting High Expectations in Everything Preparing Students for Life After High School Independence Focus “Inspire to Learn, Empower to Excel”

5 The Knight’s Code Integrity Unity Loyalty Courage Perseverance Service

6 The “We Share” Philosophy Athletics Fine Arts Academic Decathlon Clubs & Organizations And many more We encourage students to join multiple organizations!

7 Watch for Newsletter Updates Athletic Camps Band Camps Cheer Camps Drill Team Camps Updates can also be found on the IHS website!

8 IHS Administrative Team Eric Green A-D Hector Garcia E-K Stephany Sipes L-Q Katey Gray R-Z

9 Graduation Plans (HB 5) Foundation plus Endorsement Plan (Distinguished Level of Achievement Plan) SubjectCreditsRequired Courses English4English 1, 2, 3, 4 Math4Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, 4 th math Science4Biology, Chemistry, Physics, 4 th science OR Biology, IPC, Chemistry, Physics Social Studies4World Geo, World History, U.S. History, Government & Economics Foreign Language2Spanish, French, Chinese, ASL* 1 & 2 P.E.1P.E., Athletics/Training, Fall Band, Fall Color Guard, Drill Team, Cheer, Dance (not an option for athletes) Health.5Health, Health Science (Pre-req: Medical Terminology) Speech.5Professional Communications Fine Arts1Art, Theater Arts, Choir, Band, Dance, Orchestra, DGA, Elements of Floral Design (grade 10+) Technology1BIM, Digital Interactive Media, DGA, Computer Science, Web Technologies, Computer Maintenance, Yearbook, Video Technology, Broadcast, IED, + possible additions Electives (Endorsements) 4 Total26 * ASL does not meet all college admissions requirements.

10 Endorsement Pathways & CTE Center Arts & Humanities Art Dance Music Theatre Language Business & Industry Advanced Journalism Ag, Food & Natural Resources-Animal Science Ag, Food & Natural Resources-Horticulture/Landscape Ag, Food & Natural Resources-Ag Mechanics Architecture & Construction

11 Endorsement Pathways & CTE Center Business & Industry continued Arts, AV Technology & Communication Business Management & Administration Financial Systems Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology Marketing, Sales & Service Sports & Entertainment Management Multidisciplinary Public Service Education & Training Government & Public Administration Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

12 Endorsement Pathways & CTE Center STEM Computer Science Health Science Math Science More information regarding Career & Technology pathways can be found online at

13 Academic Catalog You can find the 2015-2016 Course Catalog online soon at All course offerings are subject to change! Funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

14 Prerequisites Prerequisite—required or necessary as a prior condition. In order to take the classes below, a prerequisite class is required first. Examples: Spanish II Prereq: Spanish I Health Science (10 th Grade Course) Prereq: Medical Terminology (9 th Grade) The 2015-2016 Course Catalog will outline the Prerequisites and the Grade Restrictions

15 What is a Credit? A student needs 26 credits in order to graduate. A half-credit is earned each semester for each class passed with a 70 or above average. All 9 th grade students must be enrolled in eight class periods.

16 High School Schedule Known as an A-B block schedule 8 total classes A Day = 4 classes; B Day = the other 4 classes 30-minute lunch is based on student’s 3 rd period class School begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:10 p.m. Each class is 90 minutes with 5 minutes between each class

17 Block Schedule SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday A Day Periods 1-4 B Day Periods1-4 A Day Periods 1-4 B Day Periods 1-4 A Day Periods 1-4 B Day Periods 1-4 A Day Periods 1-4 B Day Periods 1-4 A Day Periods 1-4 B Day Periods 1-4

18 Rank and GPA Rank in class, honor graduate status, valedictorian and salutatorian determination shall be based on a weighted grade point average (GPA) system. Grades will be weighted according to the level of the course. AP/PAPDual Credit On-LevelGrade Point 951005.5 94995.4 93985.3 92975.2 91965.1 90951005.0 8994994.9 8893984.8 8792974.7 8691964.6 8590954.5 8489944.4 Freshman grades count! “Start strong and do your best from your first day of high school.” For admissions purposes, rank at the close of junior year dictates the top 10% of the class.

19 Top 10% Rule Class Rank and GPA are used to determine if you are in the “Top 10%” of your class. Students who are in the top 10% of their class (at the end of junior year) are automatically accepted into Texas public colleges. (UT Austin is now top 8%).

20 State Assessments 5 STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) Exams −English I −English II −Algebra I −Biology −US History

21 Athletic Try-Outs All students are free to sign up for any athletic class they wish, but they must make the team in order to stay in the class. PE teaches how to play various sports, but the athletic teams in high school are competitive and require you to already know how to play. Try-outs are typically made the first two weeks of each semester. Those not making the team will be moved to P.E. and to elective classes that are STILL OPEN.

22 BAND Band is typically a double-blocked class; band director must approve a student wanting to single- block. All band classes are determined by auditions. Fall band is marching band. The band director and athletic coach must be contacted if a student wants to participate in both band and a sport.

23 DGA – Fine Arts & Technology One year of DGA fulfills Fine Arts requirement for 1 credit AND Technology requirement for 1 credit

24 Dance – Fine Arts & PE One year of Dance fulfills Fine Arts requirement for 1 credit AND PE requirement for 1 credit Athletes cannot sign up for Dance 1

25 Foreign Language We encourage all freshman to start their foreign language in 9 th grade! Frisco ISD currently offers Spanish, French, American Sign Language, and Chinese.

26 Thinking of Summer School??? The following courses will be offered in summer school for advancement: Business Information Mgmt (1 credit/2 terms) Digital Interactive Media (1 credit/2 terms Health (.5 credit/one term) Professional Communications (.5 credit/1 term) IPC (Integrated Physics & Chemistry) (1 credit/2 terms) Medical Terminology (.5 credit/1 term) **Can take up to 1 full credit in summer school. Does not count in GPA calculation**

27 Credit By Exams for Acceleration Current 8 th graders may be able to test at the end of school this year to ensure that grades are received in time for an accurate schedule at schedule pickup. A student’s schedule will not change until grades have been received. Grade does not count in GPA.

28 Dates to Remember Wednesday, January 21 st - Vandeventer Monday, January 26 th - Wester Tuesday, January 27 th – Scoggins Wednesday, January 28 th - Roach Thursday, January 29 th - Maus ***All course verification forms due back to the middle school counselors the following week April 17 th, 2015– Last Day for Elective Changes (Home Access open to view course requests- course request change form with middle school counselors) August 2015 - Schedule Pickup/9 th Orientation

29 Making a Schedule Change Your last opportunity to change an elective is on or before: April 17th, 2015 Only approved program changes (in or out of athletics, band, etc.) can be made the first two weeks of the new semester. PAP/AP students must complete the first six-weeks grade cycle before a change to on-level will be considered. Don’t forget to list alternate choices! Your student’s schedule may not work out as planned, and we prefer not to make that choice!

30 Balance – There are only 24 hours in a day! Balance – There are only 24 hours in a day! Try not to overload yourself. We do not recommend that a student take all advanced-level classes, join numerous activities (band, athletics, student council…), and expect to be successful in EVERYTHING. We all need some down time. Consider your well-being and choose carefully.

31 IHS Counselors Heather Holmes Lead (A-B) Rosalyn Greer (C-L) Jason Wooden (M-Z)

32 Pre-AP and Advanced Placement Program What is the Pre-AP/AP program? Allows students to participate in college preparatory courses and college level courses while still in high school Who can enroll in a Pre-AP/AP course? Any student can enroll Better preparation for college What are the advantages of Pre-AP/AP courses? Students committed to completing the course they sign up to take Changes will be allowed at the 1 st six-week point and at semester Students may receive college credit in high school, saving both time and money Colleges and universities look favorably on students who have completed this course work

33 PAP/AP Six-Weeks Commitment Students who sign up for a PAP/AP class will be required to stay the entire first six weeks. Following the close of the first six weeks, students will not be allowed to drop the course until second semester begins. We encourage AP Human Geography for experienced PAP students and students new to PAP!

34 Daily Grades (20%) Measures Behaviors Graded through rubric IHS Grading Philosophy Minor Grades (30%) Major Grades (50%) Graded on the academic merit of work

35 Opportunities to Participate/School Tour Dr. Katey Gray  Athletics  Fine Arts  Academic Decathlon  Clubs & Organizations  And many more We Share! We encourage students to join multiple organizations.

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