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Welcome to Welcome to Santa Ana College Last updated 5/1/14 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION

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1 Welcome to Welcome to Santa Ana College Last updated 5/1/14 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION

2 EOPS Extended Opportunities Program & Services Program Benefits Priority registration Easy access to academic counselors FREE tutoring: English/Math/Biology Help with $chool-related cost$: Books & Supplies Transportation: Parking permit or bus pass And more to help you successfully graduate & transfer COMPLETE AN EASY HALF-PAGE APPLICATION AT THE EOPS TABLE TODAY!

3 SSSP Student Support Services Program Program Benefits Summer Bridge Program SSSP Grant – $1,000 Academic Advising Program Requirements Placed into English 060/061 Have Transfer as a Goal Valid Social Security # NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for SSSP’s 2014 SUMMER BRIDGE PROGRAM

4 Puente Program Paired Classes (Counseling + English) Writing support Academic Counseling and Mentoring College Success and Career Planning Help U-LINK (University-LINK) Guaranteed Admission to UCI from SAC SAC enrollment priority through EOPS & Freshman Exp. UCI transfer hours and library privileges FRESHMAN EXPERIENCE & Learning Communities (Paired Classes)

5 FAST TRACK Program Program Requirements: • Be placed into Math N60 and English N60 Minimum 2.3 - High School GPA • Not be employed over 20 hours per week while in program • Commit to both the Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 semesters Fall 2014: Math 060 & 080 – 8 week courses Spring 2015: English N60 & 061 – 8 week courses

6 Honors Program Program Benefits Priority admissions for some universities Designation as a president’s scholar Scholarship eligibility Letters of recommend from faculty coordinator of the honors program Program Requirements 3.0 GPA or higher Two references Must complete 15 units of honors courses

7 Center for Teacher Education - Academic Counseling - Book Loan Program - Teacher Education Workshops - Classroom Fieldwork Opportunities - Scholarship Workshop & Assistance - APPLE Courses University Transfer Center - Academic Counseling - CSU & UC Application Workshops - College Fairs & University Tours - Appointments with University Reps. - Transfer Mentor Program

8 MESA Program Benefits: - Academic and Career Advisement - Student Study Center & Textbook Loans - Professional Development Workshops ENGAGE in STEM Program: - STEM Academic Counseling and Career Advisement - Internships & Fieldwork Experience - Professional Development Workshops Bridges to Engineering: - Academic and Career Advisement - Student Study Center & Textbook Loans - Professional Development Workshops

9 Want to Transfer? Guaranteed Admission into Cal State Fullerton or UC Irvine to all S.A.U.S.D. students. To be eligible: Have transfer as an academic goal Maintain a minimum of12 units each semester. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships Sign up for the Adelante transfer orientation on Aug. 12 th or 14 th

10 Program Orientations Program Orientations (See handout and pick one) Tuesday, Aug. 12 th Career Technical EducationSection #87748 Center for Teacher EducationSection #86674 Fast Track Program Section #86675 Puente Program** Section #86677 U-LINK Program**Section #86678 & 86680 University Transfer Orientation Section #86681 Adelante Program Only (2 Sections)Section #86673 & 86672 ** Automatic registration if students sign up for the Puente or U-LINK cohorts. Thursday, Aug. 14 th Adelante Program Only (7 Sections)Sections #86659, #86660 #86661, #86664 #86665, #86656 & #87747 Circle One

11 AGENDA AGENDA Last updated 5/1/2014 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION 1.Orientation -- PowerPoint 2.Building your class schedule 3.Register for your classes 4.Take Survey: 5.Pay for your classes – June 30 th Note: Follow along on your agenda & student planning guide!

12 Weekly Study Requirement... 12 Units = 12 hrs. of class Studying = 24 - 30 hrs. Working = 20 hrs. (part-time) Total = 56 – 60 hours Full-time students Part-time students 7 Units = 7 hrs. of class Studying = 14 hrs. Working = 40 hours (full-time) Total = 61 hours Student Planning Guide, Page 2

13 How many classes should I take? Full-time student.......... take at least 12 units Athletic eligibility.......... take at least 12 units If you work… Consider enrolling in… 40 hrs. a week6 unit(typically 2 classes) 30 hrs. a week9 units (typically 3 classes) 20 hrs. a week12 units (typically 4 classes) 5-15 hrs. a week14-16 units (4 or more classes) Note: The majority of A.A/G.E./Transfer courses are 3 units. Student Planning Guide, Page 3

14 What General Ed. plan is best for me? PLAN A PLAN A - Associate Degree Only (60 Units Total, 24 GE Units) PLAN B PLAN B - AA Degree & Transfer to the CSU (60-70 Units Total, 41-45 GE Units) PLAN C PLAN C - AA Degree & Transfer to the UC or CSU & Some Private Univ.’s (60-70 Units Total, 36-45 Units) Student Planning Guide, Page 3 & Page 8-13

15 AA-T and AS-T Degrees Highlights of the AA-T/AS-T Degrees:  AA and transfer degrees for CSU’s  Provides common major preparation courses for CSU’s  Provides slight GPA bump for CSU admissions Example: CSU Fullerton  2.7 GPA for Fall 2014 transfer admissions Student has 2.6 GPA +.1 bump = 2.7 GPA for admissions Student has 2.6 GPA +.1 bump = 2.7 GPA for admissions

16 Vocational Certificate MAJOR COURSES ONLY A series of special major courses, all related to a particular occupational skill. Can be helpful in obtaining or upgrading employment Requirements: Examples: Business Applications, Electronics, Auto Tech, CIS Total Units: (Varies) Min. 12 units

17 Associate Degree Usually referred to as AA or AS (Assoc. of Arts or Sciences) Offered by community colleges Major Courses General Education Courses Plan A (24 units) Elective Courses + + Requirements: Total Units: Min. 60 units Examples: Business Admin., Liberal Arts, Nursing, Paralegal Student Planning Guide, Page 8

18 Student Planning Guide Page 16 Certificate Info. AA/AS Info. AA-T/AS-T Info.

19 Transfer Programs UNIVERSITY Lead to TRANSFER to a UNIVERSITY (UC / CSU / Private / Out-of-State) Classes count toward completion of a Bachelor’s Degree Major Courses General Education Courses Plan B or C (36-45 units) Elective Courses + + Requirements: Total Units: 60-70 units Examples: Engineering, Teacher Education, Business Admin. Student Planning Guide, Page 10-11 & 12-13

20 What’s your goal at @ SAC? 1) Transfer to University  Would like to attend a 4-year institution such as a UC, CSU or Private and earn a B.A. or B.S.  You can obtain an A.A./A.S./A.A.-T or A.S.-T while getting units toward transfer, 2-4 years  Examples: Biology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Psychology, etc… 2) Associates Degree  Earn an A.A. or A.S by graduating from a community college.  Not planning to transfer at this time, timeline: 2-4 years  Examples: Fire Technology, RN Nursing, Speech Pathology Assistant, etc… 3) Technical Certificates  A series of special major courses, all related to a particular occupational skill.  Timeline: 1-2 semesters  Examples: Medical Assistant, Welding, Entrepreneurship, etc… Student Planning Guide, Pages 2-3


22 Courses that improve basic skills English / ESL, Math, Reading & Study Skills Counseling classes General education classes Intro. classes in a career/area of interest Courses of personal interest to you Courses for Your First Semester @ SAC


24 / 081 New Math Courses Math 083 Beginning & Intermediate Algebra for Liberal Arts & Social Science Majors Math 084 Beginning & Intermediate Algebra for STEM & Business Majors

25 Did you place into MATH 060 in the level II math test ? Would you like to complete two MATH courses in one semester?  MATH 083 (6 units) Elementary & Intermediate Algebra for Liberal Arts Majors –M/W 8:00 am – 11:10 am –M/W 1:15 pm – 4:25 pm  MATH 084 (6 units) Elementary and Intermediate Algebra for Math, Science and Business majors –M/W 7:30 am – 10:40 am –Tu/Th 11:30 am – 2:40 pm –Tu/Th 6:00 pm – 9:10 pm

26 Math/Science/Engineering Business / Social Science Liberal Arts Psychology 210 Statistics for Social & Behavioral Sciences New Approved Math Courses

27 SAC English Course Sequence English N50 (3 units) Intro. to Written Communication English N60 (3 units) Basics of Effective Writing English 061 (3 units) Introduction to Composition English 101 or 101H (4 units) Freshman Composition English 102 or 102H (3 units) Literature and Composition English 103 or 103H (4 units) Critical Thinking and Writing Student Planning Guide, Page 5

28 English as a Second Language (ESL) Program ClassRec’d Speech ClassRec’d Reading Class EMLS 055 (4 units) Writing, Grammar & Reading I Com. N52A (3 units)Reading N50 or N80 EMLS 107 (4 units) Writing, Grammar & Reading II Com. N52AB (3 units)Reading N80 EMLS 109 (4 units) Writing, Grammar & Reading III Com. 096, 097 (3 units) Com. N53 (3 units) Reading N90 EMLS 110 (3 units) Intro. To the Essay Com. 096, 097 (3 units) Com. N53 (3 units) Reading N90 or 102 EMLS 112 (3 units) Advanced Composition Com. N50 (3 units)Reading 102 English 101 or 101H (4 units) Freshman Composition Com. 101 (3 units) Interpersonal Com. Com. 102 (3 units) Public Speaking Reading 150 Student Planning Guide, Page 5

29 Freshman Experience Program (Fresh X Program) Paired Classes Coordinated workload College Success and Career Planning Help Close Connection with College Instructors Typical Format of Most Fresh X courses: English Course + Counseling Course Math Course + Counseling Course

30 Puente Program Paired Classes (English 061+ Cnsl. 107) Writing support Academic Counseling and Mentoring U-Link Program (English 101 & Math 81 Eligible) U-Link Program (English 101 & Math 81 Eligible) Transfer Program to UC, CSU, and Privates Univ. Guaranteed Admission to UC Irvine from SAC UCI library Privileges & Faculty Presentations Service Learning (100 hrs. fieldwork)

31 To put a class schedule together: When to take classes… How many classes to take… What classes to take… How to schedule your classes… Also need  Your test scores & the class schedule You need to know:

32 Freshman Experience: U-LINK Sample Plan COURSE TITLE &UNITSSection #TIMEDAYINSTRUCTORROOM NUMBER Music 1033618899:30 – 10:55 AMT THSanchez, G.N-114 Counseling 10735946112:45 – 3:55 PMWStaffA-130 English Math MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY 8:00-8:30 8:30-9:00 Math 9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00 Music 103 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:30 11:30-12:00 English 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:00 Counseling 107 1:00-1:30 1:30-2:00 2:00-2:30 2:30-3:00 1.Pick up Fresh X cohort sheet from a Counselor 2. Add an English and Math course to your schedule

33 Sample Class Schedule COURSE TITLE &UNITSSection #TIMEDAYINSTRUCTORROOM NUMBER Math 081412:15-2:45 PMMW English N6037:35 – 9:35 AMTTH Reading N90A38:00 – 9:25 AMMW Art 100311:00 -12:25 PMTTH MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY 8:00-8:30 ReadingEnglish N60 ReadingEnglish N60 8:30-9:00 9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:30Art 100 11:30-12:00 12:00-12:30Math 081 12:30-1:00 1:00-1:30 1:30-2:00 2:00-2:30 2:30-3:00

34 College Information How does college work?

35 Academic Calendar 2014-2015 Fall 2014 August 25 Instruction Begins September 7 Last day to add and to drop full-term classes without “W” grade with enrollment fee refund for full semester. November 16 Last Day to Drop with “W” for full semester. December 14 Instruction Ends


37 Adding a full class Option 1: WAIT LIST Note: There is no wait list option for students during the Early Registration process. Option 2: ADD CODE

38 Dropping a class It’s your RESPONSIBILITY Drop your course on-line (Web Advisor) Last day to drop: without a “W” – Sept. 7 th with a “W” - Nov. 16 th Note: You do not need instructor’s signature to drop a course “F” Grade

39 How much will it cost to attend SAC?

40 College Tuition and Fees CA Resident Students (Per Semester) Enrollment$46 per unit Health Fees$19 per semester Student Services Fees$7.50 (optional) Parking Fees$30 per semester $20 if you are qualified for fee waiver. Part-time student (6 units) $276 Full-time student (12-15 units)$552 - $690 AB540 Students Same as above if your CA residency paperwork has been processed. International & Out of State $220 per unit plus all the above enrollment fees. Note: All fees and tuition are subject to changes based on State Legislator or Community College Governing Board. Student Planning Guide, Page 14

41 Other Costs? BOOKS ! $60.00 X 4 CLASSES = $240.00 $80.00 X 4 CLASSES = $320.00 Math & Science Textbooks $100 to $175 each

42 It consists of grants, work study, and loans. To apply, you must complete the FAFSA. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Who can apply for Financial Aid? Students must be legal U.S. residents to apply for FAFSA. AB540 (undocumented) students are only eligible for state financial aid (California Dream Act Application) and can apply @ Financial Aid Basics Student Planning Guide, Page 15

43 Free Gift Aid: – BOGW – Grants Federal State Institutional/Private – Scholarships Institutional Private Self-Help Aid: –Loans Federal Private –Work Study Federal Institutional Financial Aid Apply for the: FAFSA & Cal Grants

44 Other Sources of Assistance to Pay for College EOPS Book Services Buy a Book Society -$100 scholarship for FEP and honors students Teacher Ed. and MESA Textbook Loan Programs Outreach Lending Library ASG “Work for Your Book” Program Rolling Scholarships – Esp. AB540 Students

45 Fees/Payment Policy (Payment & ID cards: Cashiers Office, Admissions Building) Payment Deadline: Early Decision Students: Pay tuition/fees by June 30 th ! Note: You will be dropped from classes if you do not pay by August 6 th Returning Students & Other New Students: Fees must be paid within 3 calendar days of registering for courses or you will be dropped for non-payment. Payment Options: Online: In Person: or By Mail: WWW.SAC.EDU Cashier’s Office S-104 SAC Address There is no plan for partial payment and no exceptions to this policy. Questions? Call 714-564-6965.

46 Registration Steps

47 Click Here


49 User Name Example: JB15482 (Initials + 5 digits) Password: Rocky01 (Birthday)

50 Steps to Change Password New Password: Part Number + Part Letter Example: Rocky01

51 Click Student

52 Pay your fees & tuition View your financial aid award CLICK HERE to begin registering for your classes Grades Class Schedule Transcripts

53 Term – Fall 2014 Location – Santa Ana College Select Subject & Course Number LEAVE Bottom Fields Blank! Click Submit

54 1. Click to select course 2. Click submit after you select your course

55 1. Select Register 2. Click Submit

56 Please remember to take the EARLY DECISION survey after you register for your classes!





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