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Presenters: Carly J. Kestner, Director of Financial Aid and Mark L. Hipes, Director of Traditional Admissions.

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1 Presenters: Carly J. Kestner, Director of Financial Aid and Mark L. Hipes, Director of Traditional Admissions

2  What is financial aid?  What aid is available?  Where does it come from?  How is financial aid calculated?  How do I apply?

3  Scholarships  Grants  Loans  Work-Study

4  Gift aid (free money) : Grants and scholarships (need-based or merit-based)  Self-help aid: Loans and employment (need- based or non-need-based)

5  Federal Government ◦ Pell Grant – Max for 2013-14 is $5,550 ◦ SEOG – Up to $800 at Bluefield College ◦ Stafford Loans - $5,500 for most Freshmen ◦ Work-Study – Up to $1,000 -$1,200 at Bluefield College  State Government ◦ TAG Grant for full-time Virginia Residents- Award for 2012-13 is $2,800, potential increase $3,100 ◦ 2 Year Transfer Grant for qualifying VA residents - $1,000

6  PELL- the EFC range to receive Federal Pell Grant funding is 0-4995. Awards range from $577 to $5,550. Student who qualify are limited to 6 years of full-time enrollment funding.  SEOG- limited funding awarded to students with “high need” as calculated by federal government.  FWS (Workstudy)- limited funding awarded to students with need. Offered first to students who meet our priority deadline of March 15.  Interest-Subsidized Direct Loan- students with need after all other aid has been applied, up to $3,500 can be awarded to a freshman.  Unsubsidized Direct Loan- student does not have to demonstrate need to qualify. Up to $2,000 for freshmen qualifying for the full subsidized loan.

7 – Bluefield College (Freshman) Merit Scholarships are determined by an equal evaluation of test scores (SAT and ACT) and GPA, and determined at admittance. Annual award of: LANSDELL SCHOLARSHIP – $8,000 HARMAN SCHOLARSHIP– $6,000 TRUSTEES’ SCHOLARSHIP- $4,000 DEANS’ SCHOLARSHIP- $2,000 ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP- $1,000

8 PRESIDENTIAL & SPIRE SCHOLARSHIPS – Students will be asked to come to campus for an interview and to compete by writing an essay. Minimum GPA of 3.75 and 1100 SAT or 25 ACT to participate in the competition. The Presidential is a full tuition scholarship. 2 will be awarded. The Spire is an additional $2,000 scholarship in addition to the merit awards.

9 – Bluefield College (Transfer) Merit Scholarships are determined by the transfer GPA. Annual award of: LANSDELL SCHOLARSHIP – (3.25 GPA and above)$5,000 HARMAN SCHOLARSHIP– (2.75-3.24 GPA) $3,000 TRUSTEES’ SCHOLARSHIP- (2.25-2.74 GPA) $2,000

10 Bluefield College Resources (All New Students) – Bluefield College Access Grant –students not receiving athletic talent money and who demonstrate financial need qualify. Amounts vary based on academic ranking and need. – Athletic Scholarships – NAIA, Division I – Fine Arts Scholarships

11 Other Sources of Assistance − Church − Place of Employment − Civic Organizations − Local Banks − Veterans Administration- Montgomery G.I. Bill, Post 9-11, Yellow Ribbon − Virginia Baptist Foundation − Baptist General Association of Virginia − Rehabilitative Services − SCHEV

12 FREE Internet scholarship search engines  FinAid on the Web:  The College Board:  FastWeb:  GoCollege: (The Collegiate Websource)

13  Get a PIN # (to electronically sign your federal application) at  Complete the FAFSA online at Applications for 2013-14 can be completed as early as January 1, Our School Code is 003703  Virginia residents complete the 2013-14 Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) application Form available on our website at

14  Social Security Card & Driver’s License  2012 Federal Tax Return information, which can be accessed at the time you file the FAFSA by selecting “IRS data retrieval” ◦ Allow 2-3 weeks for a tax return submitted electronically ◦ Allow 4-6 weeks if you filed a paper tax return It is best to file your tax return early, and prior to submitting the FAFSA! But do not wait to file if this causes you to miss our March 15 priority FAFSA filing date.

15  Statements or Summary of Assets as of the date you file the FAFSA  Untaxed Income Sources- Worker’s Compensation, Settlements, Child Support, Deferred Pension Plans

16  Parent and student Social Security Numbers  Divorced/remarried parental information  Income earned by parents/stepparents  U.S. income taxes paid  Household size  Number of household members in college  Real estate and investment net worth  Untaxed income

17 Criteria to qualify as Independent include:  At least 24 years old by December 31 of award year covered by the FAFSA  Graduate or professional student  Married  Has children or dependents (other than a spouse) for whom the student provides more than half of support  Orphan or ward/dependent of the court  Veteran of U.S. Armed Forces  Determined to be “independent” by financial aid administrator based on unusual circumstances

18  Our priority filing date for the FAFSA on the Web is March 15, 2013.  Our priority deadline for submitting all remaining financial aid documents and forms is June 1, 2013.  The state on-time cutoff to file the Virginia TAG application is July 31, 2013.

19  Read all materials and instructions carefully. Most correspondence will come via to you email. Contact us if there is anything you don’t understand.  Keep a copy of all of the forms that you complete, including the FAFSA on the Web, the VTAG application, and any other scholarships for which you apply.  Get your student involved in the process.  Utilize MyBC.

20  Don’t get caught up in scams  Meet the deadlines  Information Release Form  Find all of BC’s forms and quicklinks at

21  Call or email the Financial Aid Office if you have questions! 1-800-872-0175

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