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The MBTI & YOU! The Promises and Pitfalls of Applying Type.

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2 The MBTI & YOU! The Promises and Pitfalls of Applying Type

3 Today’s Topics What is the MBTI? What is psychological type? What are preferences? Exercises in type Discovering your type? Type dynamics in group projects Constructive use of differences

4 What is the MBTI? Self-report questionnaire Identify strengths Appreciate different types

5 What Is Psychological Type? Explanation of differences in behavior Predictable & differing patterns (types) Two mental processes Judging Perceiving Sensing IntuitionThinking Feeling

6 What Is Psychological Type? External world Internal world Extraversion Introversion

7 What are Preferences? Exercise Theory of preferences

8 Preferences Focus of attention Take in information Make decisions Orientation to external world Misconceptions

9 Exercise Describe your perfect day



12 Focus of Attention: EI Extraversion - outer world of people & events - energy source & attention outward Introversion - inner world of ideas & experiences - energy source & attention inward

13 Exercise


15 Take in Information: SN Sensing - use senses - observant of surroundings Intuition - BIG picture - new possibilities, visionaries

16 Exercise YOU must make the decision regarding a kidney transplant - father-in-law of the hospital chief of staff (2) - single mother of three (4) - wealthy research scientist (3) - school teacher (1)


18 Making Decisions: TF Thinking - logical, impersonal - objective analysis Feeling - person-centered values - place themselves in the situation - subjective

19 Exercise How do you plan a vacation? How do you plan/organize your time?


21 Orientation: JP Judging - planned, orderly - structured & organized Perceiving - flexible, spontaneous - open to experience & options


23 What is your type? Question your type? Type influences

24 Constructive Use of Differences Benefit in understanding the strengths & weaknesses of different preferences Move from irritation to acceptance What are the misconceptions that typically occur?

25 Conclusions Each type is special Each person is unique Type does not explain everything Use type to understand self & enhance relationships Gain insight into strengths & application to academic & career counseling

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