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August 20, 2014 “Welcome to School Year 2014-2015” Excellence is Expected.

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1 August 20, 2014 “Welcome to School Year 2014-2015” Excellence is Expected

2 Administration MAJ Steven Rouse Academy Superintendent Mr. Joseph MitacekAssistant Principal CPT Michael Rover (Ret) Commandant MSG (Ret) Cornell DavisSenior Army Instructor

3 Carver Staff Mrs. Kathryn Alderson – Freshman Counselor Ms. Darneshia Houser – School Operations Manager Ms. Taska Malone – Main Office Staff Mrs. Mary Martin – Main Office Staff Ms. Sylvie Holt - Librarian Mr. Fred Ward – Security and Head Football Coach Mr. Johnail Evans – Security and Softball Coach Ms. Tasha Johnson – Security Mr. Ted Jones - Security

4 Carver Military Academy Mission Carver Military Academy provides all Cadets with a rigorous, inquiry-based, college preparatory curriculum that creates life-long learners. The school environment provides personalized academic support. The military model fosters leadership and empowers all cadets to be independent and active citizens.

5 1. The Work you are doing is Important 2. You Can Do it! 3. I won’t give up on you, even if you give up on yourself

6 Academic Highlights Former students are currently attending University of Illinois at Urbana, NIU, SIU, WIU and other colleges and universities 94.3% overall attendance rate Gates Scholar Seniors were awarded 3 million dollars in scholarships last school year 90% of students at Carver Military Academy indicated they feel the school is safe during Student Connection survey

7 Freshman Year Academics JROTC and Health I Algebra 1 Reading 1 English 1 World Studies Biology Music, French/Spanish or Art Lunch

8 School Start Time School Start Time = 7:50am School End Time = 3:26pm Wednesday End Time = 2:26pm

9 Student Fees for Freshmen Student Activity Fee (annual)$95.00 Military Photo/Command Board $15.00 Carver Correspondence & Publications $ 5.00 Carver Physical Training Uniform $35.00 Military Ball $45.00 Clear Book bag $ 17.00 Calculator $13.00 Total $225 Possible Additional Fees Black Winter wool coat $85.00/95.00 Ventra Student Card$3.00 Temp ID Card$2.00

10 Parents – Please Get Involved! Board of Governors (Local School Council)- Once per month Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) – Once per month Grade book Account – This is Critical!

11 Yellow Bus Transportation EAST BUS ROUTE NAMEAM PICK-UPAM DROP-OFFPM PICK-UP Gallistel6:25AM6:55AM3:00PM Taylor6:28AM6:55AM3:40PM Jane Addams7:10AM7:40AM3:40PM Grissom7:23AM7:40AM3:00PM WEST BUS ROUTE NAMEAM PICK-UPAM DROP-OFFPM PICK-UP O.T. Bright6:40AM Gillespie7:00AM White7:15AM Johnnie Coleman7:20AM Metcalfe7:25AM

12 Activities Today Station 1 – Take Student ID picture – Tech Office Room 220 Station 2 – Turn in Forms, Pay Fees (No Checks) and Receive program- North Lunchroom Station 3 – Supply Room Station 4 – Book Room (World Studies) Station 5 – Receive Locker Assignment and Clear Book Bag Station 6 – Health Clinic to schedule physicals (Optional) Station 7 – Students taking GRIT Test – Room 107 Notes: Please be patient, there could be a wait time at each station Prior to departure, turn in check-list to Mr. Mitacek Waiver form is for lunch, not Student Fees for Uniforms See Mr. Mitacek for Ventra Cards Self – guided tour are encouraged after completing all sll stations

13 Visit our Website for additional information


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