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Charles F. Brush High School Library Orientation Welcome!!!

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1 Charles F. Brush High School Library Orientation Welcome!!!

2 Library Staff Mrs. McNally Mrs. Haffey Library Aides

3 Availability of Library Opens 7:15 AM Closes 3:45 PM Listen to announcements/read the sign on the door STUDYHALLS = days rotate for students with last names that begin A-L or M-Z. CLASS = see posted schedule.

4 Courtesy and Respect Our job is to help you learn how to find what you’re looking for and to assist you when you need help. We can help you with books, research resources, internet resources, computer applications, citing sources, and more Respect yourself, others, and property.

5 Common Sense Rules Leave food and drink outside the library (not inside)!!! Help maintain a level of quietness. Exhibit otherwise appropriate behavior. Using the library is a privilege!

6 Collections Within the Library Magazines (periodicals) Books Career and College Books Fiction Nonfiction Reference Short Stories, Poems, Plays Keep the books in order. If you’re not sure where to put a book, please bring it to the circulation desk or leave it on a table

7 Loaning Materials Books and magazines - 2 weeks. You MUST have your planner with you to checkout materials! We do NOT charge overdue fines. Overdue notices are sent to Homeroom teachers.

8 Responsibility for Materials YOU are responsible for any loss or damage to materials YOU check out. If you lose a book, you are responsible for paying ($$$) to replace it. Do not check out materials and give them to another student to use. YOU are still responsible.

9 Coming From Studyhall Get to the library before the tardy bell. Make sure you tell the library staff your name or scan your card for attendance – attendance is taken every period and sent to studyhall monitors. If you’re not coming from studyhall, you must have a pass from a teacher.

10 Computers Important! If you bring USB flash drive from home and expect to be able to print or access the files, you must use the same programs we have here. Never share your password. Never log in as someone else. Always log off when you’re done.

11 Printing and Copying “Educational” printing for projects only! Save the trees and the toner! Some databases allow you to email articles to your home email address or to save pages in a file on the server. You can usually save regular internet pages as a file on the server, too. Ask for help if you need assistance.

12 How Info Literate R U? 14 questions What 9 th grade students are expected to know as outlined in Ohio’s Academic Content Standards. “Information and communication literacy is redefining what we mean by basic literacy beyond reading and math skills to include critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.” Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO of Dell

13 10 Things 1 st Year College Students Should Know See handout from KSU. Research process – The Big6 can help! Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages.

14 Copyright & Plagiarism A Harvard University student is embroiled in controversy when it is discovered that she plagiarized passages of her previously lauded novel. She lost her book deal and her possible movie deal with DreamWorks (Poniewozik and Sachs 184). Workforce Management magazine describes that a corporate CEO received substantial financial penalties after he was caught plagiarizing materials in a management handbook (Marquez 8). An August 4, 2006, article in The Chronicle of Higher Education cites the dismissal of a university professor due to plagiarism (Bartlett 10). Learn to avoid plagiarism

15 Start your search with subscription databases, then move on to Google or Yahoo!

16 Fact or Fiction? The Big 6 – Step #5 Evaluation is Key!

17 WOW!

18 Too much! Did you read the article about wikipedia?


20 Over 6,000 magazines!!!

21 Newspapers, primary sources, audio and video clips, plus great reference resources!

22 Get Carded If you don’t have a GreaterAccess card, fill out an application for a borrower card. Questions? See Mrs. McNally or Mrs. Haffey

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