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Freshman Course Selection Shawnee High School 2015-2016.

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1 Freshman Course Selection Shawnee High School 2015-2016

2 Shawnee Counselors Counselor Last Names Room Mrs. Michelle SchefferA-B D113 Mr. Kevin LooneyC-D D114 Mr. Gary HillE-Ha LGI Mrs. Janae ZechmanHe-Man D116 Ms. Julie McGroryMar-Pi D117 Mr. Darren WelshPl-So D122 Mrs. Erin O’NeillSp-Z D123

3 This presentation will help guide 8 th grade parents/guardians through the course selection process. It may also be helpful to access the 2015-2016 Program2015-2016 Program of Studies of Studies for complete descriptions of all courses referenced in this presentation. Itinerary for Tonight 1.Power Point Presentation 2.Curriculum/Course Information in the Cafeteria

4 Graduation Requirements English – 4 years Math – 3 years Science – 3 years World Language- 2 years History– US 1, US 2, World Cultures PE and Health – 4 years Visual Performing Art – 1 year Century Life & Careers, Career-Tech Education– 1 year Financial, Economic Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy- ½ year All Students must complete 130 Credits

5 Grade Promotion o 10 th Grade-29 credits o 11 th grade-58 credits o 12 th grade-91 credits 130 credits to graduate Full year Academic & Elective classes are 5 credits each PE & Health are half year classes and are 2.5 credits each Lab sciences are 6 credits Failure to adhere to the Attendance Policy may also prohibit promotion. See the 2015-2016 Program of Studies for complete details.2015-2016 Program of Studies

6 Levels of Instruction HONHonors -Requires a strong command of basic skills and is extremely rigorous. This is equivalent to the demands of a college level course. By invitation only; not on selection sheet because you need to be Invited from middle school. Select Accelerated level and it will be changed after honors letter is returned. ACC Accelerated-Requires a good command of basic skills and the ability to perform in a rigorous program at a rapid pace. This is a college prep course. CPCollege Prep-Requires a command of basic skills and is moderately paced. This is a college prep course. MODModified-Reinforces and builds upon basic skills. PRPullout Replacement -Special Education

7 Shawnee High School Freshman Course Offerings Code Course Level EnglishMathematics 102 English 1 ACC 319 Algebra 1 ACC 104 English 2 CP320 Algebra 1** CP 974 English 1 PR363 Geometry ACC 970 Math 1 PR 347 Comp Prog 1 ACC Language **If you select 320 (Alg 1 CP), you 206 French 1 ACC must also select : 966-Alg 1 Support Lab 230 German 1 ACC 251 Italian 1 ACC Science 255 Latin 1 HON 422 Envir Science ACC 272 Spanish 1 ACC 423 Envir Science CP 273 Spanish 1 CP 424 Envir Science MOD 282 Spanish Comm MOD 410 Biology /Lab ACC 278 Spanish 2 ACC 994 Envir Science PR 005 Spanish PR

8 Shawnee High School Freshman Course Offerings Code Course Level Code Course Code Course Level Social Studies Music PE/Health 590 World Civ ACC 724 Chorus 910 PE 1 596 World Geo ACC 730 Concert Band 912 Health 1 731 Beginner Band Business 734 Music App Special Education 601Accounting 1 738 Music Theory 1988 Ind St PR 621Study Skills/Career Awareness 762 Tech in Music 983 Health 1 PR 624Intro to Business 770 Piano Lab 625Exp Intro to Business 680Computer Apps Technology Education 681Exp Comp Apps 832 Drafting & Design 697Web Design834 TV Broadcasting Tech 1 839 Photography 1 Art 842 Exploring Photography 1 706Foundations of Art 713Exploring Art 1 Family & Consumer Science 859 Fashion & Clothing 1 868 Foods 1 873 Intro to Family/Consumer Science

9 LRHSD 9 th Grade Schedule Sample 1.English 1 – Choose a level 2.Math – Algebra 1 or Geometry (only if had Algebra 1 in middle school). Option at end of 8 th grade to take high school credit for Algebra 1. If students sign up for Algebra 1 CP and/or do not pass Math section of PARCC testing, he/she will be placed in Algebra support class in addition to Algebra 1 class. This is a P/F class and does not count as a required math course. 3.Science –Environmental Science or Biology-pair with Math; successful completion of Algebra 1 is recommended for Biology 4.Physical Education/ Health 1 5.World Language – Usually same level chosen as English. Only students who had a full year of Spanish 1 in middle school can pick Spanish 2. Option at end of 8 th grade to take high school credit for Spanish 1. 6.Elective 7.Elective 8.Elective or Study Hall Must pick at least 7 classes. It is possible to take one study hall each year and fulfill the 130 Credit Graduation Requirement.



12 Course Changes o July 30, 2015 is the last day to request a schedule change. This must be done by parent in writing or by phone. o Once school starts ONLY errors will be corrected. o There are timelines to drop levels and/or drop a course to a study hall. o Only 1 study hall per year is allowed (so a class cannot be dropped if you already have a study hall). o If you drop a course, WP (Withdraw Passing) or WF (Withdraw Failing) will appear on transcript. o CHOOSE WISELY!! See the 2015-2016 Program of Studies for details about2015-2016 Program of Studies Course/Level Changes.

13 Option Two Option Two serves as an alternative to traditional high school courses for credit in the following categories: College/Vocational Courses Distance Learning Courses Work/Internship Community Service Proof of Proficiency-Written request by 6/1; Test completed by 7/15 Credit for Courses Completed Prior to Grade 9 Summer School/Tutoring for Original Credit Independent Study EMT/Firefighter LDTV ** 8 th grade courses (Algebra 1, Spanish 1) being accepted for high school credit will appear on the transcript as an Accelerated course and will NOT be calcuated in GPA and rank. ** Please visit the district website for more information-

14 Athletics Shawnee Sports Fall/Winter Sports: All Freshman are eligible. Spring Sports: All Freshman must pass 15 credits at the end of the first semester to be eligible. College Sports- NCAA- Division I & II sports require 16 core courses GPA & SAT requirements See the 2015-2016 Program of Studies for NCAA Eligibility Requirements2015-2016 Program of Studies

15 Attendance Students are allowed 4 unexcused absences per semester Semester 1- Marking periods 1 & 2 Semester 2- Marking periods 3 & 4 The following will excuse an absence: Doctor’s note Funeral/death in family Court Written parental permission-Limited to one parent note per semester (note may excuse a series of consecutive days absent) No credit status-Requires a student to attend the LRHSD Credit Completion program to be awarded high school credit for completed courses. Any pupil who exceeds 4 unexcused absences will be on No Credit for single semester courses and any pupil who exceeds 8 unexcused absences will be on No Credit for full year courses. Visit for detailed attendance

16 Due Date Review course selection with middle school teachers. Parent must sign course selection sheet. Due to middle school by 1/26

17 COUNSELOR CONTACT INFORMATION COUNSELOR CONTACT INFORMATION Counselor Last NamesPhone Email Mrs. Michelle Scheffer A-B x4416 Mr. Kevin Looney C-D x4408 Mr. Gary Hill E-Ha x4419 Mrs. Janae Zechman He-Man x4411 Ms. Julie McGrory Mar-Pi x4417 Mr. Darren Welsh Pl-So x4451 Mrs. Erin O’Neill Sp-Z x4402 Mrs. Heidi Krihak SAC x4413 Shawnee-609-654-7544

18 Questions ??? The evening will conclude in the cafeteria with Curriculum/Course Information Your students will meet you in the cafeteria Thank you for coming!!



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