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Welcome Cowboys & Cowgirls!

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1 Welcome Cowboys & Cowgirls!
Chino High School Class of 2018

2 Our Goals Today Introduce students to Chino High School
Complete course selection for freshman year Inform students about high school graduation and college admission requirements Familiarize students with opportunities available and set academic goals Involve parents in the process

3 Chino High School Counselors
Mrs. Annette Allen: A-Cr Mrs. Lucia Gibbs: Cu-Hen Ms. Gail Heisel: Her-Mk Mrs. Dorie Prieto: Ru-Z Ms. Sandy Gonzales (for Mrs. Krista Borgogno) Mo-Ro Mrs. Sharon Buckner: Intervention Counselor

4 Counseling Office Administration, Staff & Community Resources
Dr. Kimberly Cabrera: Assistant Principal Ms. Nereyda Raygoza: Assistant Principal Secretary Mrs. Yeni Cordero: Counseling Office Clerk/Receptionist Mrs. Maria Rodriguez: Counseling Technician Mrs. Renay Prescott: Career Center/ROP Technician Mrs. Lorena Coronado: Community Liaison Officer Bird: School Resource Officer Ms. Angela Chavez: Educational Talent Search Representative

5 (every Friday except Rally Fridays)
School Hours Regular Bell Schedule MONDAY - THURSDAY Collaboration Friday (every Friday except Rally Fridays) Minimum Day Schedule Period 0   6:28 - 7:24 Period 0     6:28 - 7:24 Period 1   7:30 - 8:27 Period 1     8:10 - 9:01 Period 1   7:30 - 8:12 Period 2   8:33 - 9:34 Period 2     9:07 - 9:58 Period 2   8:18 - 9:03 Period 3   9: :37 Period : :55 Period 3   9:09 - 9:51 Period 4  10: :40 Period 4   11: :52 Period 4  9: :39 LUNCH 11: :10 LUNCH    11: :22 Period 6  10: :27 Period 6  12:16 - 1:13 Period 6    12:28 - 1:19 Period 7 11: :15 Period 7   1:19 - 2:16 Period :25 – 2:16

6 Grading The school year is divided into two semesters:
Students receive two progress reports, at 6-week intervals, each semester. Students receive final grades at the end of each semester. GPA starts to be calculated in 9th grade: Cumulative GPA is calculated at the end of each semester. Students generally take 6 classes each year: Each class is worth 5 credits per semester, so students can earn 30 credits per semester.

7 Chino High School Counseling Website
Write this down! 1. Click on “Academics” (top, left side of screen) 2. Click on “Counseling” (from the drop down menu) Click on “Join this Fusion Page” (top, right side of screen) We’re on Facebook, too! "Chino High School Counseling"

8 Why See Your School Counselor?
Academic questions or problems College information Career questions Scheduling questions or problems Help with personal or social issues Outside Referrals

9 How To See Your Counselor or the Intervention Counselor
Make an appointment. Mrs. Cordero will schedule appointments for you before school, during lunch or after school. (You can also drop-in at these times, but your counselor may not be available to see you…) Leave a note explaining your questions/concerns for your counselor with Mrs. Cordero if your counselor is unavailable. Parents can call Mrs. Cordero or the counselor directly to make sure counselors are available and to schedule an appointment. If you have an emergency and your counselor is not available, tell Mrs. Cordero and she will find someone to assist you.

10 Important Chino High School Counseling Policies
Chino High School does not honor requests for specific teachers or teacher changes. Counselors do not make period changes. Counselors may not change electives once the courses have begun. The only appropriate request for a schedule change is due to a level change.

11 Stay on Track… It is essential that students remain “on track” through high school. Failure to pass required classes not only puts the student at risk of not graduating on time, but it also limits the variety of electives available to that student. Summer school opportunities are extremely limited.

12 Graduation Requirements: Everything you do freshman year MATTERS, so pay close attention!
Minimum 2.0 GPA Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) English Language Arts (ELA) – includes essay Math – covers material through Algebra 1 If you have not passed both portions by the end of senior year (including summer school), you will not earn a high school diploma. 225 Credits Total: English 4 years 40 credits Math 3 years 30 credits World History 1 year 10 credits U.S. History 1 year 10 credits U.S. Government ½ year 5 credits Economics ½ year 5 credits Biological Science 1 year 10 credits Physical Science 1 year 10 credits Physical Education 2 years 20 credits Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language 2 years 20 credits Health ½ year 5 credits Electives credits

13 University of California (UC) & California State University (CSU) A-G Minimum Admission Requirements
ENGLISH 4 Years College Preparatory B MATHEMATICS 3 Years Required; 4 Years Recommended Minimum of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II C HISTORY 2 Years Required U.S. History or U.S. Government and World History D LABORATORY SCIENCE 2 Years Required; 3 Years Recommended Biology CP, Chemistry, Physics E FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 Years Same Language Required; 3 Years Recommended F VISUAL and PERFORMING ARTS 1 Year Required; Refer to Chino High School’s UC approved course list G COLLEGE PREP ELECTIVE Refer to Chino High School’s UC approved course list

Academic Letter California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Chino High School Silver Spur Award Graduate with Honors/Distinguished Scholar National Honor Society Renaissance Program Mt. Baldy Athletic Recognition Sports Booster Athletic Recognition

15 Sample Freshman Schedule
A typical 9th grade schedule consists of six classes: English Math Science PE Freshman Transition/Health Elective

16 ENGLISH English 9 CP English 9 Honors
For all students English 9 Honors For the student with an “A” or “B+” in 8th grade language arts class and/or in the GATE program English 9 Intensive (two period block) For the student who scores “Far Below Basic” on the 8th Grade L/A CST

17 MATH Algebra B Second part of a two year course. Student must have previously been enrolled in and passed Algebra A. Algebra 1 For the student with a score of basic on the math CST. Algebra 1 with Algebra Intervention course Any student enrolled in Algebra 1. Geometry For the student who scores “proficient” on the math CST and has earned an “A” or “B+” in 8th grade Algebra 1. Algebra 2 Honors For the student who scores “advanced” on the math CST and has earned an “A” in 8th grade Geometry. Teacher recommendation required. **Final placement is based on counselor’s discretion after reviewing final grades and CST test scores**

18 SCIENCE Earth Science Biology CP Biology Honors Chemistry Honors
For all students with less than a “C” in 8th grade science. Biology CP For the student with an 8th grade science grade of “B” or better. Biology Honors For the student with an “A” in 8th grade science and an “advanced” English CST and/or in the GATE program. Chemistry Honors For the student with an “A” in 8th grade honors science, an “advanced” English CST, enrolled concurrently in Algebra 2H and/or in the GATE program.

19 P.E. P.E. 9 Modified P.E. Band P.E. Pageantry P.E.
Required for all 9th grade students (exceptions below). Modified P.E. Appropriate for students currently under medical care requiring accommodations. Doctor recommendation required. Band P.E. 7th period (after school) practice. Pageantry P.E. 6th period practice.

The CVUSD School Board passed a policy that states that all freshmen must take Health as part of their high school graduation requirements. The Freshman Transition class is paired with Health.

21 ELECTIVES You will enroll in ONE elective only.
Electives are year-long. If you are a selecting a Foreign Language, please note the following: Due to limited availability, freshman may not receive Spanish. Generally, there is availability in Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Portuguese and French. We suggest selecting a college-prep Visual/Performing Art course because it fulfills the 4-year college Visual/Performing Art requirement.

Foreign Language College Prep Electives: Spanish Spanish for Spanish Speakers Portuguese French Visual and/or Performing Art College Prep Electives: Art Fundamentals Intro to Theater Choir Requires attending performances Band Digital Video

Other Electives: Stagecraft Yearbook (Publication) Separate application required Keyboarding/Computer Applications Computer Technology 1 Law and You (Academy only) Food Technology (Academy only) Clothing 1\Clothing 2 Leadership (ASB/Renaissance) separate application required AVID Requires: GPA, first in family to attend college, application and interview, year-long commitment

24 Group Fusion How to Create a Parent Login
Go to Click on Create Parent Login (upper right corner). Enter all 9 digits of the student’s permanent ID# and birth date (you can include up to 4 students). Complete your information, Click to Register. You will receive an once your account is confirmed. Any problems, please

The Law, Justice & Public Service Career Pathway *exclusively* at Chino High School! Courses offered in this pathway include: Law & You Forensic Science Criminal Justice Emergency Medical Response I and II Law Enforcement & Fire Academy (off site) Mock Trial

The Food Service & Hospitality Management Career Pathway *exclusively* at Chino High School! Courses offered in this pathway include: Food Tech & Nutrition Culinary I Culinary II Hospitality Management Includes Industry Required Certifications and opportunities to compete at the regional and State levels.

27 BE CONNECTED! Sports Cheer/Song Leading Clubs
There are many different ways for you to HAVE A VOICE and BE ACTIVE on campus! Sports After school practice (does not replace 9th grade P.E. course) Football, Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, Golf, Swimming, Track, Softball Cheer/Song Leading Clubs Recommended for ALL students Art Club, Animal Rights Club, Journalism Club, International Thespian Society, Key Club, Physics Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Christian Club, Spanish Club, Club HOPE, Folkloric Club, Travel Club, and much more!

Come on down and learn all about clubs, activities, and performing arts; meet teachers; visit classrooms; have a campus tour, and purchase spirit wear! Coming soon at Chino High! Date and Time to be Announced!

29 Thank you for listening!

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