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2 Agenda Types of Scholarships Tips to apply Resources Matched College Savings Program Navigating the BHS website (very little about) FAFSA And more Questions??

3 Higher Education Costs Community Colleges $4,000 tuition Public Colleges and Universities $8,000 tuition, $24,405 total cost Private Colleges and Universities $30,000 (and higher) tuition, $40,000 (and higher) total cost

4 Net Price Calculator College pricing and financial aid a complicated process Estimate the net price to attend a particular college Every college/university must now include a Net Price Calculator on their website Simple process: go to site, enter name of the college, click on NPC link, fill out questionnaire

5 Institutional Scholarships Sometimes students are automatically considered for an award at a college to which they have applied (sometimes, however, there is a separate application/test for scholarships; check websites!). Examples of auto awarded $$ from the U of O: Stamps, Summit, Apex, Freshman General, PathwayOregon, Solari

6 Stamps=5 awards at $110,000 to cover tuition, fees, r/b, etc. 3.85 GPA or better, 1240 Rdg/Math on SAT or 28 on ACT Demonstrated leadership, perseverance, service and innovation. Summit =$5000 renewable 3.80 GPA, minimum score of 1200 SAT or 26 ACT Apex=$3000 renewable 3.65 GPA, min. score of 1150 SAT/25 ACT Freshman General University = $1500 - $2000/one-year “Select outstanding freshman” Based on admission application and h.s. academic achievement  PathwayOregon = variable $$ 3.40 GPA, Pell Grant eligible Solari = $5000 renewable “High achieving freshmen” from middle-income households. FAFSA required!/Check school websites! Specifics…

7 Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Scholarships for non-residents at tuition and a half WUE states: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY Each college sets their WUE policies

8 Each College Sets WUE Policies Such as… How to apply for WUE Application deadlines Which majors eligible for WUE Required academic qualifications #of WUE awards offered Requirements to retain WUE WUE FAQs at Check college websites

9 WUE Savings Scenarios California Maritime Academy Resident tuition: $5,600 Non-resident: $18,864 WUE tuition: $8,400 Savings: $10,464 Montana State University Resident tuition: $5,470 Non-resident: $15,961 WUE tuition: $8,205 Savings: $7,756

10 Unclaimed WUE $$ University of Idaho 30 WUE scholarships targeted to minorities Separate from “regular” WUE Only 8 claimed last year!!

11 State Administered Scholarships OREGON STUDENT ACCESS & COMPLETION (OSAC) FAFSA application required One application/many scholarships! Apply online after Nov. 3 at: Workshops in the CCC Early Bird deadline: Feb. 15 ($500) Regular deadline: March 1

12 OSAC personal statements Each statement is limited to about 150 words 1. Explain your career aspirations and your educational plan to meet these goals. 2. Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Please provide specific examples. 3. Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it. 4. Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself?

13 Activities Chart OSAC requires an awards/activities chart to see evidence of: leadership, decision-making, organizational skills, special recognition, volunteer service, and work history

14 Apply through OSAC Why Not?- Obstacles overcome Moore - High achievers Ford - Financial need/3.0 gpa (100 in OR)90% of need met/must attend OR school Wood - “Well-rounded” kids. Priority given to work with animals Why Not?, J & D Moore, Ford Scholars, Amie Wood Memorial

15 LOCO FOR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS Rossi Scholarship Susie Laughlin Scholarship DREAM Scholarship JJH 2010, ’12 & ‘14 World Champions/SF Giants!

16 Local Scholarships (con’t) Careers That Work! Scholarship Vose, McKay, Chehalem Scholarships Highland Neighborhood Association Scott Rutherford Memorial And more!

17 FUTURE CONNECT @ PCC Scholarship money $600 - $3000 based on EFC College success coach Career guidance Enrichment activities/Carpe Mundi 1 st gen/low income

18 Navigating the BHS Scholarship website Academics link Counseling College and Career Center Scholarships Updated Weekly (name/link, field, criteria, award) erton/

19 Tips for Applying Read ALL directions Make sure you are totally qualified Assess the competition Write a compelling essay – have it proofread and critiqued Fill out FAFSA as soon after Jan. 1 as possible MEET THE DEADLINE!

20 Remember: It isn’t necessary to pay anyone for scholarship searches Check the CCC, BHS website, OSAC, student’s or parent’s place of employment, organizations, and the colleges to which student is applying! Examples: Burger King, WalMart, Kohl’s, Rotary, NHS, Beaverton Business, Health Careers…

21 Matched College Savings Program Enroll at a member college (Concordia, Corban Univ., G. Fox, L&C, Linfield, Marylhurst, Pacific U, Reed, UPortland, WPacific, Willamette) Begin an Individual Development Account (IDA) Match savings 5:1. Save at least $25/month each month i.e. $25 a month = $125 in match, a total of $150 Earn up to $8000 total For more information, please visit or contact one of the colleges/universities listed above.

22 Scholarship Resources beaverton/home.html

23 Through B & M Gates foundation Opportunity for any student 100 participating colleges Students earn micro-scholarships e.g. $600 for a B in 9 th grade English, $400 for volunteering, $750 for playing a sport

24 Financial Aid Application Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students and parents can request Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) now at Students can also go to and get an early estimate of your eligibility for financial aid. As soon as possible after January 1 students and parents should complete the FAFSA at

25 Financial Aid Application College Scholarship Services PROFILE – is required my some private schools who want additional financial information that the FAFSA doesn ’ t provide.

26 Financial Aid Night December of your senior year. Next year: 12/2015 details to follow….

27 Financial Aid Day/PCC Monday, Jan. 12: Cascade Campus Tuesday, Jan. 13: Sylvania Campus Wednesday, Jan. 14: Rock Creek Campus Thursday, Jan. 15: Southeast Campus 5:30 pm Check-in and light refreshments 6-8pm Information sessions  Spanish language advisors available at all locations  For more information contact

28 Undocumented Students Cannot apply for FAFSA money Scholarships available (i.e. Future/Connect, as well as MCSP, the BHS website, and more) Resources:,,, Tuition equity: Undoc students who earn a high school diploma or GED are now allowed to pay resident tuition rates instead of nonresident tuition rates. See your counselor. We are here to help you.

29 ARMY SCHOLARSHIPS Post 9/11 GI Bill ACTIVE DUTY *Tuition and fees paid to your college of choice (up to $19,198 p/yr) *Monthly housing allowance (i.e. Portland = $1,620) *Book allowance of $1,000 p/yr *Total 4-year scholarship is $139,112 (for 3 yrs minimum of military service) RESERVES Enlistment GI Bill Payment (monthly) 6-years $13,032 $362  TUITION ASSISTANCE $4000 p/year * both active and reserve POC: SFC Bivins (503)381-1357, SSG Bobian (503)449-1070


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